10 Useful Tips For Writing Wedding Invitation Words

Author: Nidhi Sood on Jan 19,2023
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Wedding invitation words are equally creative as paper patterns, calligraphy, and color palettes to consider in a wedding invite. The content on your wedding invitations should provide visitors with information about your big day while also providing a glimpse of your wedding aesthetic and style as a couple. It should include all essential wedding details, like, the name of the couple, who the host is, and the place and time of the reception. You should still feel free to stamp things and personalize them in your style, especially if your wedding style is more modern, easy-going, or unorthodox.

(Note: everything else, including your register and wedding party information, will appear on your wedding website.)

Here are the 10 helpful tips to remember while writing wedding invitation words.


1. Be succinct

Your guests must have all of the information they need to attend your wedding, but cluttering your invites with text may result in them missing something vital. Clarity is critical, so only include the necessary information and leave the rest for your insert cards or wedding website.


2. Consider who will be hosting

Wedding reception invitation words have always included the name of the person hosting (i.e., paying for) the wedding. Nowadays, it might be the couple, loved ones (such as parents), or a combination of the two. 


3. Reflect on the formality of your wedding

The wording of your wedding invitations reflects the overall formality of the occasion. If you want your guests to wear black ties, use conventional phrasing. If you wish to keep things informal on your wedding day, look into trendy and amusing language choices. Choosing the correct phrase is especially critical if you don't want to declare the dress code openly.


4. The host

The first line of a wedding invitation usually refers to the event's hosts. If numerous parties are hosting, just names are required if formal invites are desired. This sentence can be eliminated if the couple is hosting the wedding themselves. The format of the wedding invitations will be slightly different. The welcome will begin with the request line instead of the host line.


5. The invitation to attend

A specific invitation to attend informs people precisely what they are being asked to (cue the squeals of excitement). Depending on the amount of formality desired, there are several ways to phrase this request. For example:

We request your gracious presence on the occasion of


6. The names of the couple

The most vital information follows next: the couple's names. Typically, these are printed in a bigger typeface than the remainder of the wedding invitation text. Feel free to experiment with other typefaces as well.


7. The time and date

When specifying the wedding date and time, two considerations must be made: formality and clarity. Traditional wedding invitation language needs the date and time format to be stated completely, although numbers are sometimes used on modern invitations. If you're going to utilize figures, make sure the typeface you chose is legiblea "2" that's readily mistaken for a "5" might lead to a lot of misunderstanding.


8. The site of the event

When providing the name and complete street address of your wedding location, including the state and zip code, be as exact as possible. Include the map of the venue. Guests must know where they're supposed to be so they don't get lost and can plan travel and nearby lodgings if needed.


9. The specifics of the reception

Finally, inform guests whether or not the reception will be held at the same site as the ceremony. If this is the case, say, "Reception to follow." If it's at a different location, mention it on your invitations or a separate details card.


10. The required attire

Including dress code information isn't needed, but it may be beneficial for attendees. The dress code might be stated in the lower corner or centered at the bottom of the invitation. You can also add this information to your wedding website.



bridalfusion wedding invitation words


Bonus Tip

If you are looking for a more fun invite, you can use poetry or a quote to convey your message. 

For example:

There is love in the air, 

And because we make a good pair, 

You are invited to the wedding affair

Of Kimi & Jim Dyer

On Sat.

Time and Venue


Wedding Invitation Words FAQ

Are you still thinking about what to include in your wedding invitations? Below, we've answered some of the most often asked questions on putting appropriate wedding invitation words to make it easy for you.

Q. What are the wedding invitation words if a single set of parents is hosting?

Since the invitation includes the names of one side parent, in this scenario, you can remove the last name of one of the persons as their surnames are similar. Same-sex couples and gender-nonconforming individuals should follow the same rules. The name of the wedding host is given first, followed by the name of their son/daughter, followed by the name of their son/daughters partner.


Q. What is an insert card? 

An insert card is where most notably, your gift registry information; a link to your wedding website is present. You may also use an insert card to include information that does not fit on your wedding invitations, such as dress code guidelines or the location of a backup venue in case of inclement weather.


Q. What are the types of wedding invitations?

There is a formal wedding invite and a casual one. The wordings for both will differ accordingly. Below are samples:

Casual wedding invitation words:

Cristina and Jeremiah Smith

Invite you to join us in the wedding dinner of

(Name of the groom)


(Name of the bride)

Formal wedding invitation words:

Cristina and Jeremiah Smith

Your presence is humbly requested for the wedding ceremony 


(Name of the groom)


(Name of the bride)


Q. How to word the dress code for the wedding invitation?

The wedding dress code should be indicated at the bottom of your invites, on a separate insert card, or on your wedding website. This information can be stated in a variety of ways. Use one of these straightforward languages; here are suggestions for your wedding invitations:

  • Black tie optional 
  • Cocktail attire
  • Casual Attire


Q. Can we add multiple venues to the wedding invitation?

In some cases, it may be essential to include more than one address on your wedding invite, such as if the ceremony and reception are held at separate sites. It's alright to have additional information about the event on your wedding invitations if it takes place the same day as your ceremony. If you have multiple events, such as in the case of an elaborated wedding weekend, providing a separate information card explaining the schedule of activities is the best way to keep your guests up to date without overwhelming your invitations.


Q. On wedding invitations, who gets to put their name at the top?

Traditional etiquette dictates that the bride's name should always appear first on the invites. When there are two brides, the names are usually listed alphabetically. Whether you want to follow the traditional ways or carve a new path, the choice is always yours.  


Q. What should the wording be on an invitation to reception only?

When inviting guests to a reception-only event, utilize suitable words like replacing "request the honor of your attendance at the wedding" with "request the honor of your presence to celebrate the reception ceremony."


Q. How to include words for a deceased parent?

It's OK to include the name of a departed family member in your wedding invitations. To accommodate the term "late" in front of the name of a family member, you can adjust the format somewhat. The wedding ceremony and reception are excellent for paying tribute to a departed parent.



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Wedding invitation words have become more creative and individualistic as time has progressed. There are no rules set in stone for phrasing a proper wedding invitation. What matters most is that it reflects your unique personality, love for one another, and the impending details (as well as conveying essential information about the event). Whether you want your words to be classic, amusing, simple, or sweet, you have the option to make them so. When it comes to wedding invitation words, BridalFusion.com brings you the right wording ideas and wedding invitation samples to help you make it official!

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