Explore Stunning Jewelry Trends At The Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021

Author: Megha Published on : Oct 21,2021

The Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021, the longest-running jewelry show, is back again with a bang. The special exhibition is all set to bring designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers under one roof again. You can skip the middlemen and shop the diverse collection directly from the vendors at Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021. The exhibitors are ready to display their unique collection at the Cobb Galleria Center this year. 


No matter what kind of jewelry you are looking for, minimalistic, bridal jewelry, or just a pair of casual brunch earrings, the Intergem exhibition has everything set for you!  


For the fall 2021 event, the Atlanta Jewelry Show and the retail and exhibitors’ members of the Retail Jewelers Organization are collaborating and co-locating on one show floor at the Cobb Galleria Center. According to the organizations, teamwork ensures the combination of the two associations in a unified experience for both exhibitors and buyers. The common priorities for these groups are both success and safety. 


Event Details 


Day and Date 

Saturday and Sunday 

October 23rd, 2021 - October 24th, 2021



9:30 AM - 6:00 PM



Cobb Galleria Center 

2 Galleria Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 

You can reach the destination of this event by following this Google map link. 


Free WiFi 

Network - ajsrocks

Password - fallforatlanta



The Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021 is open to trade only. 


Buyers looking forward to attending the Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021 should pre-register on the official website in three easy steps. 


You will be required to simply read the terms and conditions available in step one carefully, a gist of which is also presented below. The next step is to fill the buyer’s registration form. The whole process will be completed by selecting the seminars you are interested in attending. 


Admission is granted to - 

- Retail jewelry stores listed in JBT with primary businesses in the purchase and resale of finished fine jewelry. 

- Retail members of the NAJA will qualify immediately 

- AGS members will also qualify immediately 

- Personal and business identifications will be required on-site for quick badge pick-up. 


If one does not meet the criteria mentioned above, they must provide the following to gain admission. 



- Copy of one’s store lease 

- Photo of the store (inside/outside)

- Copy of sales tax certificates 

- Copy of the company’s business license 

- Copy of fine jewelry purchase invoices, with a minimum purchase order of $15,000 in the past year. 

- A photo ID and employment verification for every attending employee

- Online businesses 

- A copy of your website information, with a valid website address

- A copy of the sales tax certificate 

- Multiple copies of fine jewelry purchases invoices with a minimum purchase of $30,000

- A photo ID and employment verification for every attending employee

- Independent Designers/Jewelry Related Artisans 

- Contact the SJTA office prior to the show for information 

- Non-traditional Jewelry Retailers (Boutiques/Galleries)

- Copy of the sales tax certificate 

- Copies of fine jewelry purchases invoices with a minimum purchase of $10,000

 - A photo ID and employment verification for every attending employee

- Admission shall not be granted to - 

- General public or guests 

- Individuals operating their jewelry businesses from home 

- Individuals under the age of 15 and infants (unless registered for the Kids Jewelry Camp)


List of exhibitors 

The following is the list of exhibitors who are presenting at the Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021


14k 18k Gold Earrings

Booth(S): 1142


A & D Gem / Dja Group

Booth(S): 318 Gallery


A J Wholesale / Bdh Enterprises, Llc.

Booth(S): 1122-1124


A. V. Diamonds, “The Ultimate Bridal Source”

Booth(S): 913-1016


Aiya Designs

Booth(S): 617-716



Booth(S): 728


American Ring Source

Booth(S): 849-948 Signature


Anna Zuckerman Luxury

Booth(S): 213-314 Gallery


Antwerp Diamonds

Booth(S): 921


Apollo Manufacturing

Booth(S): 629-631


Artistry, Ltd./ Graymoor Lane Designs

Booth(S): 418 Gallery


Asba Usa, Inc.

Booth(S): 928


Asher Jewelry

Booth(S): 407 Gallery


Ashi Diamonds, Llc

Booth(S): 523-525


Ask Gold Co., Inc.

Booth(S): 243-344


Atlanta Jewelry & Watches Wholesale

Booth(S): 348-350


Ava Couture

Booth(S): 520 Gallery


Axion Jewelry

Booth(S): 630


Belgium Webnet

Booth(S): 851 Signature


Best In Gems, Inc.

Booth(S): 443-447


Beverley K

Booth(S): 518 Gallery


Brenda Smith Jewelry

Booth(S): 319 Gallery


Brevani / Color Merchants

Booth(S): 829-831


Brilliant Elements

Booth(S): 930


Bulova Corp.

Booth(S): 623-724


C D Nelson Consulting & Company, Llc

Booth(S): 1046


Cargo Hold, Inc.

Booth(S): 515-618


Cb Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 949 Signature


Charles Frey & Co., Inc.

Booth(S): 635


Charles Hubert, Paris

Booth(S): 902



Booth(S): 606


Chelsea Taylor

Booth(S): 615


Chromia Collection

Booth(S): 624


Citizen Watch Company

Booth(S): 704


Classic Grown Diamonds

Booth(S): 1110


Classic Of New York

Booth(S): 1023



Booth(S): 651 Signature


Color Jewels / Cirari

Booth(S): 730


Concept Marketing, Inc.

Booth(S): 900


Connoisseurs Products Corp.

Booth(S): 901


Costar Imports, Inc.

Booth(S): 742 Signature


Created Brilliance

Booth(S): 1015



Darling Imports, Inc.

Booth(S): 1029-1031


Diamond Council Of America

Booth(S): Lobby 1


Diamond Traders International

Booth(S): 709-812


Diamond Universe

Booth(S): 636



Booth(S): 712-714


Don Conkey & Sons, Inc.

Booth(S): 622


E L Designs By Ed Levin Studio

Booth(S): 315 Gallery


Earth Pebbles Vintage & Estate Jewelry

Booth(S): 643-645 Signature


Edge By Abbott Jewelry Systems, Inc.

Booth(S): 648 Signature


Edgewater Jewelry

Booth(S): 904


Elle Jewelry / Charles Garnier

Booth(S): 217-219 Gallery


Elysium, Inc.

Booth(S): 429-431


Empire Corporation

Booth(S): 601-700


Equity Diamond, Llc

Booth(S): 1005-1104


Esme Gems Inc. / Taj Co.

Booth(S): 225-324



Booth(S): 419 Gallery


Excalibur Jewelry

Booth(S): 905


Findings Depot

Booth(S): 305 Gallery


First Class & Co.

Booth(S): 1025


Frank Reubel Designs

Booth(S): 306-308 Gallery


G B C, Inc.

Booth(S): 1101-1109


Geib Refining Corp.

Booth(S): 424


Gemstar Independent, Llc

Booth(S): 907-1006


General Refining Corp.

Booth(S): 1112


Global Liquidators

Booth(S): 705-804


Gogreen Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 1135


Hari Jewels

Booth(S): 316 Gallery


Heera Moti – New York

Booth(S): 835-936


Henderson Legacy / Luca By Lecil

Booth(S): 413 Gallery


Huang’s Trading Co.

Booth(S): 208


I D D Usa, Llc

Booth(S): 611-613, 710


Ib Goodman

Booth(S): 502



Booth(S): 343-345


Imperial Pearl

Booth(S): 415-417 Gallery


In Style By Rafael

Booth(S): 325


Incon Gems

Booth(S): 741-840 Signature


Inox Men’s Jewelry

Booth(S): 625


Izi Creations

Booth(S): 411 Gallery


J P Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 805-807


J S A Jewelry, Inc – Spitzer Designs

Booth(S): 1007


Jack Pritchard Antique & Estate Jewelry

Booth(S): 1133


Jewel-Craft, Inc

Booth(S): 1004


Jewelers Board Of Trade

Booth(S): 545


Jewelers For Children

Booth(S): Lobby 2


Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Booth(S): 604


Jewelry By Schreur, Llc.

Booth(S): 950 Signature


Jewelry Land

Booth(S): 435-536


Jewelry Land – Gold Factory

Booth(S): 528-530


Jewelry Store Marketers, Llc

Booth(S): 451


K Star Corp.

Booth(S): 205


Kc Jewelry

Booth(S): 542-544


Kelly Waters

Booth(S): 749-848 Signature


Kim International Mfg.

Booth(S): 719-721


Kimberly Collins Colored Gems

Booth(S): 405 Gallery


King Baby Studio

Booth(S): 637


Krainz Creations

Booth(S): 506 Gallery


L. A. J., Inc.

Booth(S): 335-339


Lab Grown Solitaire, Inc.

Booth(S): 1034


Lafonn, Llc

Booth(S): 739-838 Signature


Larry Johnson Consulting Services/My Store Monitor

Booth(S): 546


Laserstar Technologies

Booth(S): 442


Lasertech USA

Booth(S): 347


Lavish Jewelry Cleaner

Booth(S): 538


Lsm Distributors, Inc.

Booth(S): 748-750 Signature


M D I Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 607-706


M. K. Jewelry, Inc.

Booth(S): 942-944 Signature


M. S. Gems, Inc.

Booth(S): 634


Marathon Company / Kiddie Kraft/ Lestage

Booth(S): 1011-1013



Booth(S): 1020


Marque Luxury

Booth(S): 1140


Master Craft Jewelry Co., Inc.

Booth(S): 605


Mazza Company

Booth(S): 416 Gallery


Meico, Inc.

Booth(S): 212


Meraki Gemstones / Taj Co.

Booth(S): 300-301


Mercury Ring

Booth(S): 317 Gallery


Mewar Jewels

Booth(S): 229-328


Midas Chain, Inc.

Booth(S): 922-924


Midwest Closeouts

Booth(S): 923-925


Midwest Jewellery

Booth(S): 238


Mittal Brothers, Inc.

Booth(S): 1128-1130



Booth(S): Lobby 4


Montage Jewelry Care

Booth(S): 1017


Msg Payment Systems

Booth(S): 650 Signature


Namano / Southeastern Findings, Inc.

Booth(S): 1100


Nau-T-Girl Jewelry

Booth(S): 206


Nina Nguyen (Wynn)

Booth(S): 425


Oriental Arts Co.

Booth(S): 329-331


Oro International

Booth(S): 744 Signature


Oro Jewel Usa, Inc.

Booth(S): 404 Gallery


Palak Diam, Inc.

Booth(S): 214


Parcel Pro, A Ups Capital Company

Booth(S): 1136



Booth(S): 549 Signature



Booth(S): The Plaza


Prime Mountings, Inc.

Booth(S): 1137-1143


Priya Grown Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 240


Provenance Gems, Llc.

Booth(S): 1036



Booth(S): 649 Signature


Quality Color Design, Inc.

Booth(S): 1131


Quintessence Jewelry Corp.

Booth(S): 218-220


Radium Jewelry

Booth(S): 1114-1120


Raymond Mazza

Booth(S): 510-512 Gallery


Regal Pak

Booth(S): 351-450


Reko Settings

Booth(S): 818-820


Rembrandt Charms

Booth(S): 941-943 Signature


Roma Designs

Booth(S): 823-825


Roman And Jules

Booth(S): 1134


Royal Chain Group

Booth(S): 522-524


Royal Gems, Inc.

Booth(S): 1028-1030


Royal Jewelry & Watches

Booth(S): 244-246


Rta Creations, Inc

Booth(S): 935


Rubin’s Gem & Jewelry

Booth(S): 701-702


S Y K Gold, Inc.

Booth(S): 434-438


Samuel Spil Company

Booth(S): 1035-1037


Sara Jewelry

Booth(S): 231-330


Schandra’s, Inc.

Booth(S): 422 Gallery


Shah Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 500-501


Shefi Diamonds, Inc.

Booth(S): 505-507


Silverine, A Div Of Gnd, Inc.

Booth(S): 1115-1129


Simplex Diam, Inc.

Booth(S): 200-202


Simply Diamonds-Tr Jewelry Concepts

Booth(S): 951 Signature


Sjd Gold & Diamond

Booth(S): 235-338


Smiling Rocks, Inc.

Booth(S): 1019-1021


Sopraffino Jewelry, Inc.

Booth(S): 937


Southern Jewelry News

Booth(S): Lobby 3


Spb Creations, Llc

Booth(S): 541-640


Specialty Casting

Booth(S): 550


Star Gems, Inc.

Booth(S): 806


Start-To-Finish Diamond Link Bracelets

Booth(S): 707


Sterling Reputation

Booth(S): 715-814


Stuller, Inc.

Booth(S): 811-916


Tara Pearls

Booth(S): 1022


Teva Diamonds

Booth(S): 313 Gallery


The Luxury Bee

Booth(S): 307 Gallery


Thorsten Jewelry

Booth(S): 504 Gallery


Ti Sento-Milano

Booth(S): 406 Gallery


Tim Roark, Inc.

Booth(S): 628


Time Delay

Booth(S): 734-736


Tt Fine Jewelry

Booth(S): 444-446


Twinkles By Sevan

Booth(S): 414-414 Gallery


Twinkles By Sevan

Booth(S): 412-414 Gallery


Unified Laser Corporation

Booth(S): 1047


United Precious Metal Refining, Inc.

Booth(S): 906


United States Pearl Co., Inc.

Booth(S): 535-537


Vahan Jewelry

Booth(S): 516 Gallery



Booth(S): 929-931


Victor Corporation

Booth(S): 843-845 Signature


Virgo Star, Inc.

Booth(S): 529-531


Vista Gems

Booth(S): 249


Vpsons, Inc.

Booth(S): 209


Vsm Gems, Inc.

Booth(S): 304 Gallery


W. J. Hagerty & Sons, Ltd., Inc.

Booth(S): 1024


White Knights, Inc.

Booth(S): 1106



Booth(S): 743-842


Y. C. H., Inc.

Booth(S): 423 Gallery


Yehuda Diamond Co.

Booth(S): 439


Zafrani Gold

Booth(S): 428-430



Booth(S): 323 Gallery


A Note For First Time Buyers 

No matter what the size of your business is, the benefits of attending a trade show like this will outweigh all the reasons not to attend. The jewelry show is designed to offer buyers and exhibitors an opportunity to meet the existing suppliers, conduct business, network with other like-minded buyers, and discover the latest trends and products. 


Once you have decided the seminars and events you are going to attend, it is now time to plan ahead. You should know what needs to be accomplished before, during, and after the event to maximize the effectiveness of your time spent. If this is your first time attending the Atlanta Jewelry Show 2021, here are a few things you should know about. 



Avoid the hassle to pre-register on-site. Instead, opt for online buyer’s registration. 

Ensure you are making reservations for your accommodations in advance. You can check out transportation and lodging options that will help you out during the event. 

You should set your appointments with the vendors you look forward to meeting during the event. 

Ensure you know your inventory requirements beforehand. If you invest in efficient purchasing decisions, you will end up saving more than you think. Take advantage of various offers and discounts different vendors will be throwing your way. 

Pack a pair of comfortable shoes and clothing to attend the event. However, you should be presentable since you are going to be the representative of your business.

Ensure you are carrying water, snacks, your phone/iPad charger, a photo ID, business cards, and other necessary documentation. 



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