The Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 Is Happening This Week

BF The Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021


The Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 is a bridal show alternative, with an additional way to celebrate your love for your spouse with a fake yet meaningful vow renewal ceremony, light bites, and an almost authentic dance-party reception. 


The event is an experimental marketing method to connect local vendors with customers looking for wedding planning services, assistance, and inspiration. 


The event dates back to 2008 when such a display of vendor’s skills happened for the first time. Through an almost real vow renewal ceremony, wedding planning guides and vendors got a chance to showcase their wedding planning skills. So, if you are really considering coming down to the event, bring your dancing shoes as you are going to be attending a unique wedding party. Also, bring along a tissue or two, just in case! 


The Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 aims to promote several small businesses, inspire soon-to-be brides and grooms, and encourage solid matrimonial ties. The event platform helps wedding planning guides and vendors showcase their skills in the best way possible, with space for building authentic connections and relationships. The result of the network that is found because of such events is priceless!


How did it start?


In 2008, creative heads and vendors came together to host the first of a kind, Big Fake Wedding Denver event. At the event, for the very first time, many wedding vendors got to display their skills, products, and services. Fast forward to today, the Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 event will be attended by over 5,000 people and over a thousand vendors across more than 30 events. 


Engaged couples at the event also get a chance to experience and get to know their future wedding vendors like florists or local boutiques in their city, form connections with them, and invest in their security deposits. 


This event aims to be a source of inspiration, a resource to find trusted and great wedding vendors, and a constant reminder to plan ahead for what comes after the big wedding - a marriage! 


The participating wedding vendors get a chance to capture new audiences which they otherwise could not have, find new referral sources, and expose their wealth of inspiration to future husbands and wives. It is a win-win situation for both - engaged couples and the businesses to help them reach a newer level. 


About The Event

Here are some essential details about the Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021:


Day & Date 

Thursday, October 21st, 2021



7:00 PM

Entry begins at 6:30 PM



The Big Fake Wedding Denver

Space Gallery

400 Santa Fe Dr. 

Denver, CO 80204 

You can easily reach this location by following this Google Maps link



Ticket prices start at $14; VIP tickets can be purchased for $32.

To purchase tickets, you can visit the official website


When you purchase a ticket to the show, you get the following:


- Access to the Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 Inspiration Board 

- A Swag Bag with vendor’s guide

- A complimentary alcoholic beverage

- Cocktail style dinner 

- Access to over 30 best local wedding vendors in and around Denver 

- A chance to win a free honeymoon for you and the love of your life. 


NOTE: The event organizers do not offer any refunds for the tickets purchased. You are welcome to give away your tickets so someone else can attend all the fun in your place. 


Event FAQs 


What do you wear?

The event is built keeping in mind the hippest people. So, this is an incredible opportunity to dress up! You can safely keep your hands on a cocktail dress, and you will be good to go! 


Is there assigned seating?

There is no seating plan or allocated assigned seats for people. Most events at the Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 will be a mix of limited ceremonies, wedding receptions, cocktails, lounge areas, and standing rooms. If you are looking forward to a guaranteed seat together at the event, make sure you arrive well in time, 30 minutes before the ceremony starts at 7. 


Do you need to bring anything?

Just bring your ticket, either in the printed form or digitally on your phone. You will be given a real ticket when you arrive at the door. This will be your personalized wedding invitation. You can also bring along some cash to cover your parking and drinks. 


What should you expect?

At the event, you can expect to witness a ceremony, which is also going to be a vow renewal for already-married couples. You will also get access to food and a reception party, along with a chance of meeting the vendors behind the event. 


How can you renew your vows?

Nominations are accepted by local vendors, friends, family, and media partners to find relatable, fun, photogenic couples willing to participate for everyone to witness their love for each other. These nominated couples will serve as walking billboards for various vendors and a loving reminder for other people in love. 


If you are interested in nominating someone you know for the Big Fake Wedding Denver 2021 event, please visit the official website. 


How will you know which vendor did what?

The event organizers will share the names of the wedding vendors and their contact information with the people on their website under the city’s name. You will also get a detailed vendor guide that will outline every vendor’s work at the event. You will also get to meet with your favorite vendors in the tunnel of love, which is a meet and greet area during the reception party. There, vendors will hand out business cards and various freebies to the participants and guests. 


Can you bring your fiance?

You can bring along someone who will also accompany you in having fun. They should allow you the time, freedom, and the opportunity to take it all in. If you think your fiance is a great person to have with at such an elaborate event, bring them! If this does not sound like your fiance, just bring your bridesmaids or your mother/mother-in-law. 


Are cameras allowed?

The organizers request the attendees at the event to leave their cameras at home since the event will have some of the best wedding photographers to capture every little detail for you. You can also take photos with your phone if you feel like it, but it will be preferred to leave the heavy-duty stuff to the professionals at the event. 


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