8 Fun-Filled and Exciting Wedding Games for Kids

Author: Nidhi Sood on Sep 14,2022
bridalfusion Exciting Wedding Games for Kids


So you've booked the Church and the reception venue and ordered all those delicious canapés; but how do you keep your young guests entertained? Well, if they're young children or teenagers, it might be tricky. But don't worry! Instead, why not throw them fun and exciting games to liven up the party? That way, everyone will have a blast, even if they are young and less interested in drinking adult beverages or eating weird appetizers.

With these ideas for fun wedding games for kids, your wedding will be memorable for all the right reasons!


Dirty Footprints

This fun-filled game is an excellent way to get the kids busy and ensure they are having fun with their feet dirty. All you need is some paint in a color that will mark the ground and a paintbrush. The groom or the best man can stand at the venue's entrance with the paintbrush and paint each guest's footprint as they enter the venue. Kids love to paint, so they'll have great fun leaving their mark on your wedding day. And the bride and groom will love the laughs that come with seeing all the footprints! 

You can also ask the kids to follow and find a specific guest based on the color of the footprint. This is a perfect game for kids who are too old to carry around a toy all day but too young to drink. 


Ring Toss

Kids love games that involve trying to hit things and being able to keep score. If you have a wedding venue with a garden, you might be able to borrow some gardening tools to make this game even more fun. All you need is a target, some rings, and a basket or something to collect the rings in. You can use anything for the target, but an old CD or a Frisbee with a ring or ribbon tied to it would be perfect.

You can then collect the rings in a basket to keep score. This is the perfect game if you're looking for a really easy game to set up and put away quickly. It's also very cheap to set up and can be played by all ages. Kids will love this game, and the adults will have just as much fun.


Limbo Contest

If you're having a wedding during the summer, this is a great game to keep the kids entertained. You only need a bunch of kids, some ribbon or a pool noodle, and a lengthy stretch of both to play. First, you tie the ribbon to a pole or tree at a challenging height but not impossible for the kids to limbo under. You can then start a competition to see who can limbo the best.

You can have the girls go first and then the boys, or vice versa. The winner will get to keep the ribbon or noodle and can choose the next contestants. It is an efficient way to get the kids moving, burn energy, and have fun. It's also a really cheap game to set up, as you can just use ribbon or a pool noodle you have lying around the house.


Human Coin Toss

For this game, all you will need is a child to stand in as the coin toss. You can get the child's parent or guardian to stand next to them and hold them in place by the waist. You then have a friend or family member flip an actual coin, and the 'human coin toss' person has to guess if the coin will be heads or tails. If they guess correctly, the person who flipped the coin has to do a silly jig or dance. 

If they guess incorrectly, the 'human coin toss' person has to do the same. It's a low-cost method to liven up the event. You can also play this game at the reception if you're having a more conventional wedding. This is a fantastic game for a large group because it can be enjoyed by players of all ages.


The Coin Shower

It is a great game to get the kids involved in the wedding festivities without being near sharp objects. All you need is a bag with a couple of coins in it and any type of container that the guests can stand up straight and close to their heads without falling over. Once a guest has the container balanced on their head, they have to try and catch a coin in their container without using their hands.

If they drop their container, they lose and are out of the game. The coin purse goes to the person who is the last to remain in the game. This is an excellent game for all ages as everyone can play it, no matter how old or young. You can play it at the reception or even at the ceremony. 


Tic Tac Toe with a Twist

If you want to make an ordinary game into a wedding game, you can do that by adding a twist. For example, if you're going to play tic tac toe, you can add a twist by using bull's eyes as the 'x' and hearts as the 'o'. This adds a bit of a wedding theme to the game and is excellent for all ages. You can either play on a piece of paper, get a card or poster, and make a more giant tic tac toe board. It's a simple game but is great for passing the time, especially if younger guests are at the wedding.


Wedding Ball Game

 For this game, a few glass or plastic dishes will do. These bowls can be purchased or made at home; all you need is anything see-through. You can use the bowls to play various games, including 'pin the name on the bride,' 'guessing the bouquet weight,' 'guessing how many calories are in the canapés,' and 'guessing how long the bride and groom have been together. You can also write numbers on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into the bowls. 

When guests select a bowl, they must read the numbers on the pieces of paper. Whoever gets the highest number has to do a silly challenge. Whoever gets the lowest number has to do something too. This is a great game for all ages and is an excellent way for guests to get to know each other.


Don't-We-Look-Great game

It is an excellent game for wedding guests. All you need is a poster or card and colored markers. You can either buy a poster or card that says 'don't we look great?' or you can write it yourself. You can write the groom's name, the bride's, or whatever you prefer. Then, once you have the poster or card, you can write anything on it. 

It can be a funny quote, a message to the bride and groom, or even a love poem. Then you can ask people to write on the poster or card and put it on the wall. It is a beautiful way to have everyone chip in, celebrate, and give the happy couple a unique keepsake of their special day.


Summing up

These games are fun and exciting and great for kids and teens who are either too old to carry around a toy all day or too young to drink alcohol. With any of these wedding game ideas for kids shared by BridalFusion.com, your wedding will be memorable for all, including those with little feet. 

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