How To Make Wedding Shoe Game More Fun And Exciting?

Author: Nidhi Published on : May 31,2022

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Wedding shoe game questions have grown increasingly popular among millennials in recent years. Make it part of your pre-wedding festivities, and you'll have something to remember for years to come. It's an easy way to get everyone in the party atmosphere once the food and toasts are completed. You may also play the game between the band's final song and the DJ's first song. Pick a time that works best for the party's schedule. 

Here are a few tips to help you if you intend to host a wedding shoe game and a set of questions that will make it memorable.

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game?

Before starting, all you need to do is put on your wedding shoes. The bridal party can assist in setting up the dance floor when it's time.

Step 1: Getting it started

Put two chairs back-to-back in the middle of the dance floor to set up the Wedding Shoe Game. They should sit on the chairs so they cannot see one other. Take one of their shoes off and exchange it with the other. A pair of shoes belonging to each person will be provided for them to wear.

Step 2: Choosing a Host

Picking a host is the next step. Someone in the wedding party, such as the best man or maid of honor, might be best suited. Ensure that the speaker is comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and that their voice is audible (or have a microphone!).

Step 3: Start the Questions

The real fun begins now. The host should start reading out questions about the pair to begin the interview. For instance, 'who was the first to make a move?' The caller should ask between twenty and fifty questions during the game. There should be some gap between each call so that the couple and their guests have a chance to speak and respond to one another.


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Step 4: Finally, raise your shoes

Of course, the pair isn't just to give out their responses; instead of lowering their feet, they elevate their shoes in their palms. When someone asks a question, they are supposed to raise the person's shoe to which the question applies.

Step 5: Open mic

There are only four steps to the game, but if you and your spouse feel very bold, you could also include an open mic portion where attendees may ask you five questions.

List of wedding shoe game questions:

  1. Who is a morning person?
  2. How many times have you called them on the phone?
  3. Who typically prepares the morning meal?
  4. Who do you think is better dressed than the other?
  5. Who among your coworkers enjoys the company of the others the most?
  6. Who is the most active user on the social networking site?
  7. How much time do you guys spend on Instagram?
  8. Who watches Netflix the most?
  9. Who does the dishes regularly?
  10. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of responding sooner?
  11. Who are the dogs fonder of?
  12. Who is better at holding on to booze?
  13. Which among you can dance the best?
  14. Who always loses their things?
  15. How can you know who's in charge?
  16. In a jungle, who would fare better?
  17. Who among us dreads the unknown?
  18. Who initiates a debate?
  19. Who has the most footwear?
  20. Which one of the two is the most extravagant?
  21. What is the loudest snorer?
  22. Is there anyone with stinkier feet?
  23. Who's got the wackiest in-laws?
  24. Who would come out on top in a hotdog eating competition?
  25. Is there a clear winner?
  26. Who is more erratic while intoxicated?
  27. Who is the heaviest rom-com viewer?
  28. Who yells and screams when they're envious?
  29. Who has the highest chance of accidentally killing someone?
  30. Who's better at seeming to be interested?


BridalFusion wedding shoes games


Helpful tips for hosting the wedding shoe game

  1. The newlyweds should sit in front of the "head bridal table" or on the dance floor, where most guests can see them. You may move people about or ask the rear tables to cram together if you need to. Interaction is where the enjoyment is at.
  2. Encourage your loved ones to join in the fun. Your MC, DJ, or some of your buddies can serve as the host. There are times when the host can choose to ask the questions more formally, while some can take the high road and ask personal, funny, and naughtiest of all the questions. However, this may also be an excellent opportunity for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate (if you have faith in them!).
  3. Because they are familiar with your past, your loved ones tend to ask the most thought-provoking questions. Please do not enable attendees to ask questions without first informing the MC so that the MC can filter out queries that aren't acceptable. You don't have to tell your folks about the Thai lady or your Contiki vacation.
  4. The MC must be able to talk clearly and loudly. It ensures that all of the jokes are kept a secret from the attendees. The secret to success is to get others involved!
  5. Make a list of questions ahead of time and run the game for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. There are typically 20 questions in this set.
  6. Begin the questions with easy ones so that everyone can warm-up and get into the game's flow before moving on to the more wacky ones. Know when to cut questions when MCing the shoe game. It's best to prepare thirty questions and cut some of them based on how the crowd responds. Plan out the sequence you think will work, but keep an open mind if anything unexpected happens. Your intuition is your best guide.
  7. If your pals are running the game, it might be fun to have two MCs, one from your friends or family. When it comes to answering questions, they can get away with anything!
  8. Get your grandparents involved in questions if they want! They generally have the most exquisite sense of humor of anybody, and this is an excellent time to embarrass their grandchildren!
  9. In general, I advise that you progressively increase the intensity of your questions over time and then save your last Shoe Game Question immediately after you've achieved applause. Always keep in mind that the Shoe Game can go as quickly as five minutes or as slowly as fifteen minutes, depending entirely on the wedding guests and how much alcohol they've had beforehand.


  • Two seats placed connected by the back
  • One set of distinctive shoes, bears, or toys in the rear of the room
  • A group of questions for the MC on the shoe game


Playing the wedding shoe game is a sure way to add a little additional excitement to the celebration. This wildly popular wedding reception game will get the party started and get everyone in the mood to have a good time. brings you a list of 30 questions to ask or be prepared for, so let the fun wedding shoe game begin. 

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