6 Ultimate Ideas for a Fun Bridal Shower Games

bf 6 Ultimate Ideas for a Fun Bridal Shower Games


While planning a bridal shower, games are an ideal as well as fun way to break the ice and stimulate mingling. There are plenty of games out there, so it can get difficult to line down the perfect ones for your party. That’s why we have created an interactive guide with some amazing bridal shower games with directions on how to play them that will make your event a memorable one.

The guide contains classic bridal shower games, trivia and also some games that you’ll remember from childhood, but all with a twist. So, check it out here and lit your bridal shower!


Bride and Groom Photo Challenge

Guests are surely going to love this fun wedding shower game that displays favorite photos of the bride and groom!

How To Play: Get some images of the bride and groom at their various ages printed. Also, print a guessing sheet for each guest. Attach the game title and each photo along with a number on a poster board or bulletin board. Hand over a pen/pencil and guessing sheet to each guest and let them guess the age of the bride and groom in the photo! Whoever guesses the most correct, wins the game.


Open Bar

Pick out a couple of mini chocolate bars from a large bar before the party and put a gold sticker on the bottom. Lay them all out in either a group or in line flat on a surface.

How To Play: Ask the players to pick one mini candy bar. If there’s not a gold sticker, they’ll have to eat it. Players have to continue picking up candy bars and eating them until they pick one with a gold star.

Desperate Housewives

Jot down the names of husbands of popular married couples on index cards such as Ryan Reynolds, Tim McGraw, Ryan Gosling, Keith Urban.

How To Play: Players will have to choose a card and then act out the WIFE (not the person on the card) in charade form (i.e. no words, just acting). Let them go through as many as they can in one minute and the person who gets the most in a minute wins the game.


Cake Topper

Hand out 10 plastic cups to each player as well as a cheap plastic cake topper. Ask them to put the items in front of them so that they know where they are. Then, blindfold each player.

How To Play: Each player has to create a “cake” out of plastic cups. They have to stack the cups in the order 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  and place the cake topper on top of the cups without tapping over their cake. Either the very first player who does it or the player who does it fastest wins the game!


Musical Matching

Play a music matching game that tugs wedding songs from the extended families of the couple. At the shower, feature wedding photos from the bride and groom's grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

How To Play: Ask guests to try matching the photo of each couple with their first-dance song. If you happen to pull it off, play a slideshow with the correct songs. The guest with the most matches wins!


Interactive Scavenger Hunt

An interactive scavenger hunt will get your guests up and on their feet while also getting to know one another better in a competitive yet relaxed setting. This idea works out amazingly if you're hosting a co-ed shower. You can up the fun factor of the game by booking limousines to take everyone around town and also having a cocktail waiting at each stop.

Even if some of these games look a little cliché, they are actually surprisingly fun when played in a group. As you plan to honor the bride, make sure to not forget finding a bridal shower invitation that will get your guests excited!

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