The Best House Bridal Shower Ideas You Should Try

Author: Nidhi Sood on Sep 13,2022
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House bridal showers are the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with your best friend, bride-to-be, and all other nearest and dearest friends. Even though it is tempting to go for the typical "mom-friendly" ideas like making a jam or organizing a get-together, you can take this opportunity to have fun and give your friend something your best friend will remember forever. House bridal showers are a great way of welcoming your friend into her new married life, and this article shares plenty of scopes to get creative and personalize the event, making it as casual or formal as you like. From cocktail party themes to DIY projects, plenty of ideas will help you throw an unforgettable house bridal shower for your friend.


Surprise-Inside Cake

While you might think that a surprise-inside cake is something you'd only serve at a kids' birthday party, the truth is that it's a great way to celebrate a bridal shower! You can make the cake in any flavor your guests would like, but you can also do something extra special, like adding a ring inside. So, when your friend cuts into her dessert, she'll find an engagement ring inside! It is not just a thoughtful gesture in honor of your friend's forthcoming nuptials but also a beautiful keepsake she may treasure always. If you're worried about your friend seeing the ring inside the cake, there are a few ways you can distract her. For example, you can turn on some music, have everyone clap, or make a loud noise to get her attention away from the cake. Whatever you do, make sure she doesn't suspect anything!


Casual Brunch

Brunch is one of the most laid-back meals, making it the perfect theme for a house bridal shower. Whether you serve a mix of savory and sweet brunch foods or keep it strictly sweet, incorporating a bride and groom theme can help you tie the theme together with style. You can use themed props such as decorated bridal bouquets and groom teddy bears, or you can use brunch foods to create a themed table. For example, you can make a bride and groom out of the waffle iron if you're serving waffles. Having a casual brunch will let your guests unwind and enjoy the day no matter what kind of decorations you choose to use.


Decide on Cooking Vs. Catering

Some people were indeed born with green fingers, while others were born with a knack for the kitchen. Prepare the cuisine for your wedding shower if you're feeling ambitious! In this way, the celebration will be even cozier and closer to the guests.

Or, you might have both cooking and catering as part of your business. Focus on making some delicious appetizers and nibbles, including stuffed mushrooms, Cuban sandwiches on a stick, Mexican seven-layer dip, and more, and let the pros handle the main courses. Beverages should not be forgotten.

You shouldn't have a huge, show-stopping cake at your wedding, but it doesn't mean you can't have something sweet for your guests to enjoy. It's okay to order a cake online and have it shipped to your house or picked up at a store if you don't feel comfortable preparing it yourself. Your wedding shower would be the perfect place for an open bar because adults of all ages will appreciate it. Find a friend who is well-versed in alcoholic beverages, or hire someone for the evening. Safeguard everyone's safety by placing a bowl for people to drop down their keys in case they've had too much to drink.


Games Day

You can still incorporate a games day if you have a more formal bridal shower. From bingo to trivia night, you can choose from plenty of games. You can even do a mix of games to help keep the mood light and get your guests involved. If you want to go the bingo route, you can tie in a bridal/wedding theme by creating custom bingo cards using silly or themed words. For example, you can make bingo cards that include "bridal shower elements," "wedding traditions," or "bridal shower gifts." A themed games day helps your guests feel welcomed and have fun, ensuring that the day is memorable for all the right reasons.


Photo Booth and Video Games

Renting a picture booth for your friend's house bridal shower is a terrific idea if you want to give her and her guests something to remember the event by. It's not only a fun method to have everyone in one spot but also a priceless memento they may laugh about in the future. Similarly, suppose you want to add a retro twist to your house bridal shower. In that case, you could incorporate a video game room. From classic arcade games to modern video game consoles, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fun into your house bridal shower.


DIY Projects

DIY crafts are a fun way to involve your guests in the celebration and send them home with a unique memento of your shower if you're planning a low-key, at-home celebration. Guests can bring something useful for the newlyweds or something that symbolizes their friendship with the bride, such as a particular recipe or handmade gift. You can also ask guests to bring themed items, such as items from their favorite book or movie series. Alternatively, you can create your keepsakes for your guests to take home. It can be as simple as making your photo strip as a gift for your friend or decorating mason jars with decorative items. The possibilities are endless for DIY projects at a house bridal shower, meaning you can get creative and have fun doing it!


Stylin' Guest Rooms

If you're throwing the bridal shower at your own home, you can create themed guest rooms to add fun to the event. Use themes related to the bride and groom or one which signifies their relationship.  You can also get creative with the guest room themes. For example, if the bride and groom met at a yoga class, you could decorate the yoga room with a yoga mat, flowers, and images of the couple. You could also use the theme to tie the wedding in subtle ways, like using yoga poses as decorations. The possibilities are endless for styling guest rooms at a house bridal shower, meaning you can get creative and have fun doing it!


Don't Forget the Guys!

Many bridal showers are focused on the brides and their guests but don't forget to include the groom and his friends in fun. You can do this by adding a few activities that are more geared towards the groom, such as a dartboard, table football, or a game involving beer (or anything, really). Alternatively, you can incorporate the groom into some bridal shower activities to make them more inclusive for him and his friends. For example, if you have a DIY project involving handmade gifts for the bride, you can also ask the groom and his friends to bring items for the gift table.



As you can see, there are plenty of ways has brought to make a house bridal shower memorable. Whether you stick to the typical themes or throw convention out the window, the best house bridal shower is the one that's memorable for all the right reasons. Now go out there and make sure your friend's special day is one they will never forget!

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