Floral Wedding Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Unique

Author: Nidhi Published on : Sep 14,2022

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Flower arrangements are the undisputed show-stopper at any wedding. Seeing how something as delicate as flowers can completely transform the aesthetic of a wedding is both astounding and wonderfully pleasing. The beauty we see in flowers and gardens has been appreciated by humans for centuries. They make us feel better when we're sad and give us hope even on a bad day. We hope today's tour of beautiful floral wedding decorations will inspire you to turn your home into a garden oasis.

The use of naturalistic themes in home decor is experiencing a meteoric rise, if you haven't already noticed. From bringing the outdoors inside with lush plants and vines growing up walls to mixing neutral tones with wooden furniture and rustic accents, the natural world is significantly impacting how people choose to decorate their homes.


A Colorful Feast for your Eyes

Consider this: when you walk into a room, and your eyes are immediately drawn to one part of the room, we say it's a "feast for the eyes." This is a color scheme that is exciting and bold but not overwhelming. It is mainly dominated by shades of pink and blue. With pink as the primary color, there are hints of orange, yellow and green. This color scheme is perfect for a tropical or beach-themed wedding. You can also use this color scheme to brighten up an indoor space, like a living room or a child's bedroom, or if you wish to add a little pop of brightness to your day-to-day life.


Floral Installations

These days, floral installations are essential to any at-home nuptials. You could, for instance, have a pair of peacocks crafted from hydrangea flowers as a centerpiece installation; positioning them at the front door would give your home a sophisticated, wedding-like air.

Flowers can be used in many creative ways to make a room look completely different, such as in framed floral shadow boxes, trendy succulent wall art, floral monograms, and eye-catching floral chandeliers. When it comes to aesthetics, flowers simply cannot be surpassed.


Decorating with Vibrant Bouquets

Place a single beautiful bouquet to fill your home's center tables, side tables, and corners. Some people prefer to use only one type of flower. In contrast, others mix and match different flowers to create a unique presentation. If you're choosing one kind of flower, make it a rose. It's easy to find and available in a range of hues. However, if your idea is to mix and match different types of flowers, you can easily do so by visiting your local florist to pick out the flowers you want. They will help you pick a combination that goes well together and fits in with your budget. 


Fresh Floral Arrangements

Another way to use fresh flowers to decorate your home is to make a beautiful floral arrangement. It takes just a few minutes and supplies, and you can have an arrangement that will last for several weeks. You can make a large arrangement to fill a table or a more petite bouquet that can sit on a bookshelf or coffee table. To make a large arrangement:

  1. Start with a vase at least a foot tall. You can use any vase, but a plain glass vase works best because you can see the beautiful arrangement inside.
  2. Start by adding a few pieces of long-stemmed roses.
  3. Add some greenery or evergreen sprigs. You can add smaller flowers like carnations, tulips, or hydrangeas.
  4. Add smaller decorative items like ribbons, artificial butterflies, or hearts for the finishing touches. You can make a more petite bouquet for a bookshelf or table.

A fabulous basic bouquet is a combination of roses and carnations. Try mixing roses with smaller flowers like daisies or tulips for a pretty table bouquet.

Bonus tip: One trick to making your floral arrangement look more natural is to use more vines and foliage than flowers. Use flowers sparingly and only in areas where you need color. The rest of the arrangement can be vines, flowers, leaves, branches, and other natural elements. This table featuring stunning orchids is an excellent example of a gorgeous floral arrangement. The arrangement is incredible, but the flowers aren't overpowering.


Use Flowers as Props

Adding flowers and colorful home decor pieces is one of the simplest ways to spruce up your home for wedding celebrations. Incorporating flowers into a wedding's home decor is a great way to make it more personal and eye-catching. You can use them as accents to complement other pieces of furniture, such as the charming marigold poufs you already have, or you can make a statement with them by placing them in high-traffic areas. 

As such, they can be used to create visually arresting backdrops for photographs. Don't be afraid to mix textures and colors to create something that fits your personality and unique style, whether you're going for a boho-chic or timeless vintage look. You can't go wrong with dried flowers, colorful fresh flowers, props, and containers of varying sizes and shapes.

Using wire birdcages and flowers, you can create an inexpensive decorative piece. Plants like bougainvilleas and hydrangeas in earthen pots can give your home a more handmade, natural feel. Unconventional vases include wine glasses turned upside down for flower display or small glasses used to hold rose bouquets. With these, a more intimate and sensual atmosphere in your home can be achieved.


A Mix of Shapes and Sizes

You don't need to have flowers all the same size. Instead, mix it up and arrange the flowers so that you have some large and some smaller flowers. Try using a mix of flowers that are colorful and unique such as orchids, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, or roses.


A Rainbow of Flowers

Another way to use a variety of flowers in your floral decorations is to create a bold display with a rainbow of flowers. You can use a variety of flowers in different shades of the same color, like a bold mix of red or pink flowers. You can also mix and match other colored flowers for a unique and creative display. If you choose to use flowers in the same color family, try to avoid flowers that are too similar in shade. For example, a mix of red and pink flowers would work well together, but a combination of red, pink, and purple would not look balanced. To create a beautiful display with a rainbow of flowers:

  1. Try to keep the arrangement more simplified.
  2. Focus on using bold colors and let the flowers take center stage.
  3. Use bright and vibrant flowers, but don't use too many different types of flowers.


Summing Up

Floral patterns and motifs are a significant design trend this year. Whether it's incorporating small floral details or using bold floral prints, there are many ways you can add floral elements to your home decor. You can decorate with fresh flowers, faux flowers, or even bouquets that you purchased from a store. You can also use vines and greenery to bring a natural element to your design.

No matter what type of floral design you choose, it will add a touch of elegance and charm to your home decor. We are sure these tips from BridalFusion.com will have inspired you to deck your place with flowers already! Go ahead, and we assure you that you will love the outcome, no matter which combination you choose.

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