10 Perfect Wedding Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Author: Nidhi Sood on Jun 02,2022
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Having a summer wedding is an excellent idea, given the beautiful blue sky and vibrant colors. Your guests will be happy to learn that you have an outdoor wedding, whether it's in a picturesque garden or by the beautiful ocean, as long as it doesn't become too hot out there. It's not a good idea to have a party with guests sweltering in uncomfortably heated conditions. We know that the weather is beyond our control. Still, you can make your visitors feel comfortable by providing beverages, accessories, and frosty delicacies to help them stay cool. These brilliant suggestions will not only assist in lowering the temperature, but they will also leave a lasting impression on your visitors in terms of the level of creativity displayed.

So don't let the increasing temperatures put a damper on your preparations for a summer wedding party. If you're planning it indoors or an outdoor wedding, you'll want to check out these ten tips to keep your guests happy!

1. Ice-cream

Serve out scoops of black raspberry chip ice cream as an after-dinner treat and a way to cool down. Raspberry smells and tastes lovely during hot summer days and will also help beat the heat during an outdoor summer wedding.


2. Refreshing drinks

Provide your guests with readily available fruit-and-mint-infused water to keep them hydrated throughout the wedding. Have your guests in a fantastic mood when you say "I do" with this simple and tasty recipe.


You can have a dedicated beverage station that can give both style and utility. For a summer wedding, this is a must-have accessory. Monogrammed cups, floral arrangements, handcrafted posters, and quirky straws can all be used to jazz up your stand. While it's essential to provide enough cold water for visitors to stay hydrated, you can also offer them pleasant citrus and fruit-flavored drinks as an added bonus.


3. Sunglasses

Stock up welcome bags with trendy sunglasses for guests throughout the weekend. This can also be a return gift for your guests and leave everyone happy at the end.


4. Be Beach-Ready

We are exceptionally inspired by a wedding where the bride and groom welcomed their guests with a basket that included a beach towel, sunscreen, and drink to help them deal with the sweltering conditions.


5. Have a pool party

An excellent way to keep the wedding guests cool is in the pool! You can include full-blown swans and some flowers and a bucket of beer by the side.


bf summer wedding colors

6. Floral Parasols

Even the parasol-shaped flower arrangements that the bride's mother picked up might be included in your floral motif.


7. Paper fans

The key is to think out of the box. With a night sky artwork and a description of the celebration, you may give each two-sided paper fan details of your ceremony programs. Choose from a wide range of hues to match your wedding's color scheme.


As a reminder of your big day, personalized fans are an excellent choice. They might be treasured as a memento of the day you declared your undying love for one another. Your visitors will appreciate a hand fan, and you'll be glad you kept one ten years later.


8. Natural Shades

Your guests will undoubtedly require some downtime, and they will most likely seek refuge in the shade. If natural shade is available at your location, ensure that it is easily accessible to visitors and that seating is available for optimal comfort. Don't worry if there isn't a lot of natural shade available!

There are plenty of excellent possibilities for creating one. When couples set up tents at our Whitehall site, it offers a large covered area for the reception. With this kind of shade, you'll be able to dance all night, even if it's eighty degrees outside.


9. Indoor Venue

The reception is the longest and most anticipated part of the night. Having your reception in an indoor location will make it easier for everyone, including you, and ensure that everyone has a good time. It won't matter whether it's hot outside when visitors come. They can cool down with refreshing beverages and relax in the cold, comfortable air conditioning. Your guests won't have to worry about overheating during an indoor celebration. They can enjoy the food and cake you selected. They'll be able to party all night long with you.


10. Evian Spray Bottles

Evian mineral water spritzers can be distributed before or after the ceremony to help visitors cool down and rehydrate their skin. You can also spray it with a bit of water to avoid perspiration and keep the makeup in place.


bf summer cocktail dresses for weddings

Tips to keep the bride and groom cool during their summer wedding. 

  • You can never go wrong with a parasol as an addition to your ensemble. Summer evenings may be kept cool with summer-appropriate attire for wedding guests. Especially if you have an outdoor wedding, a vintage parasol or a royal-style hat may keep you cool and elegant at the same time.
  • To greet your guests and keep them cool and comfortable, place a water station near the ceremony entrance and serve cocktails and other refreshments. In any case, it's a good idea to hydrate yourself and your loved ones in advance of the long night.
  • Using swags, tents, and other overhanging decorations may assist you and your guests stay cool while enhancing your event design.
  • Plan frozen concoctions like popsicles, snow cones, and other frozen sweets to celebrate summer while keeping guests cool.
  • A fan is a creative way to tell details about the ceremony programs. Similarly, other outdoor-themed favors can be given to your guests to keep them cool throughout the day and night.
  • To prepare for the hot weather, visitors should be made aware that your ceremony or reception will take place outside so that they may dress accordingly. Dark colors and synthetic fibers, such as polyester, should be avoided.
  • According to the latest trends in wedding fashion, short gowns are also making a statement. Shorter wedding gowns are becoming more popular among brides-to-be. Opt for a short dress if you're concerned about overheating at the reception.


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You can find yourself dealing with sweltering conditions on your wedding day in July and August. Hot weather may be arduous for wedding guests, even if it's everyone's goal to have the sun beaming brightly on their big day. For this reason, BridalFusion.com has rounded up a list of creative ideas for you to keep your guests cool and happy on your big day so that you and your guests can chill together.

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