Questions to Ask when Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Nov 15,2017

BF Hiring a Wedding Caterer


If you are getting married in some days or more, let us help you in hiring the best caterer for your special day. In this article, get an idea of what to ask from a wedding caterer, in advance. This smart move can help you save money as well as the time that most of the couple waste when booking a caterer.


Can he match up to your budget?

You might have planned a budget for your wedding and you will try your best to adhere to it. Right? So, your search for a caterer should also start from this parameter. You should take care of your budget when contacting a wedding caterer. Scan down the list of caterers who fit your budget and contact them accordingly. When meeting the caterer for the first time, make sure you ask him whether he can match up to your budget line or not.

Experts say, most of the would-be couples start their search by contacting the caterers that are never going to fit within their budget. Because of this, they spend a significant time on just booking a right wedding caterer. Make sure, you do not repeat the same mistake.

So, the next time you plan to visit a caterer, be sure about his booking charges and overall costing.


2. What does your contract cover?

Booking a caterer is like signing a contract. The single piece of paper, outlining every small and big detail, is very important. Make sure you read every single line listed in the contract, carefully. Never hesitate to ask for clarification, if needed.

You should ask important details like deadlines for a final guest count, extra fees for last minute changes, cocktail hours, etc, in advance.


3. Is there any hidden cost?

If you do not want your caterer to gift you a shocking food bill, be careful of the hidden costs while reading the contract. Take time to read the entire contract and unfold every hidden cost that can add more dollars to your bill.

For example, if you are providing the wedding cake which is to be baked by the caterer, what would be the extra cost? Most of the caterer agree to negotiate in these scenarios but you never know about yours.

So, better would be beware of such smart tricks and keep a slot for contract reading and cost revealing.


4. Do you have a prior experience in catering at our wedding venue?

Well, this is not a deal-breaker question but yes, it would be awesome if the caterer has previously worked at your wedding venue. In that case, he will know the pros and cons of the site, might be familiar with the venue staff and corresponding rules and regulations.

This would be an added advantage for you as you won’t have to resolve such queries in person.


5. Do you have a license?

 Yes, you heard it right. Caterers do have a license and insurance service on their contract. This has dual benefits. As only professional catering service is licensed and insured, so, you will get an idea whether you are hiring a professional caterer or not.

Another benefit would be in terms of safety of you and your guests. If anything happens to your guests because of the food or any other catering service, the insurance will save you.


The conclusion

These are the few things that you should ask a caterer before the wedding. Tell us about your story. Did you ask these on your wedding? Or, did we miss an important point that should be there on the list, do let us know.

We would love to hear from you.

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