10 Bridal Entrance Ideas For Making A Stylish Statement

Author: Nidhi Sood on Aug 03,2022
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Thinking about your wedding day, you probably picture it as a moment about you. After all, it's the biggest day of your life so far. Of course, you want to look and feel the center of attention! There are many ideas on how to do that – but what if we told you there is a way to take things up a notch? Bridal entrances are a fantastic opportunity to achieve just that.

Rather than blend into the background with your usual entrance, these ideas will turn heads and make people remember who you are. It doesn't matter whether or not people know who you are beforehand; with one of these fantastic bridal entrances, they won't forget you in ages!


1. Surprise Entrance

You're probably thinking, "Surprise entrances are for those who are about to tie the knot!". Wrong. Surprise entrances are an excellent option for those who want to do something different from the norm. A surprise wedding entrance is something you and your spouse, whether you've been together for weeks or years, will always remember.

Different variations on this subject might be used in various parts of the ceremony. If your wedding is taking place in a religious building, such as a church wedding, you may choose to time your entry to coincide with the beginning of the ceremony. There's the possibility that you want your guests to participate in a secret activity that won't be revealed to the rest of the wedding. Indeed, that is a distinct possibility as well. In this way, your arrival will be memorable without disrupting anybody else's day.


2. Flash Mob Entrance

Let's be honest; most of us have seen a flash mob. But have you ever thought about doing one at your wedding? If you're unfamiliar with a flash mob, it's a group of people who assemble at one place and perform an unusual and unexpected act for a brief period. A lot of times, flash mobs are dance routines or songs. What are the best ways to incorporate flash mobs into your wedding? The obvious choice would be to have the dancers perform an exercise for you and your partner – but that's not the only option.

If you're lucky enough to have a bridal party with a wide range of ages and interests, you could have them perform a routine for you. Perhaps you'd like to do something more exciting, like have the dancers catch confetti in their hands or make bubbles. The possibilities are endless. You may want to consider exploring the idea further online so you can decide whether or not it's right for you and your partner.


3. Fireworks Show Entrance

Speaking of special entrances, what could be more special than having fireworks explode as you walk toward your guests? There are a variety of fireworks exhibitions, both aerial and ground-based, that would provide spectacular focal points for a bridal entry. It's important to note that fireworks aren't exactly safe; you should discuss them with your venue before booking.

If you're set on having fireworks as part of your entrance, you can get a firework show company to accompany your wedding planners and set everything up at the venue for you. It's an excellent way for your guests to know that the wedding is beginning – and a fantastic way to get your entrance off to a memorable start.


4. Limousine Veil Entry

If you've ever wanted to be like a celebrity and make your guests gasp with excitement when you walk toward them, a limousine veil entrance is a perfect idea for you! Tell your driver to stop at a spot away from your venue and get out of the vehicle. You can walk towards the platform with your veil covering your face (make sure to let your driver know that you want to keep it down).

Once you're at the venue, you can lift your veil and walk the rest of the way to your guests with your head high. It's an excellent way for your guests to know who you are before you walk toward them, and it's a perfect way to make a statement at your wedding.

Make advantage of the stairwell available in the guest waiting area. Add a bunch of flowers, or leave them as is. If you and your date decide to enter the event together, you'll want to do it at a place that stands out.


5. Sparklers for a celebration

Sparklers are often used as a symbol of a celebratory farewell, but the tradition may also work in the opposite direction. Get this set up by assigning a responsible party. Hand out sparklers to your guests as they enter the reception area for a great touch.


6. Take a peek behind the curtains

You must consider arranging for a particular entry to your reception location. The thought of draped draperies with plants and elegant lighting is quite appealing to us. It will be a beautiful moment for the two of you to enter this room hand in hand.


7. Get on the golf cart

Make a grand entrance! Those who are having their wedding in a resort or country club will find this to be an ideal choice. You and your date should take a golf cart to the party.


8. Helicopter Entry

If you want to make an extraordinary entrance at your wedding, why not do it in a helicopter? From above, you'll see your guests and the venue below. It's the perfect way to descend and make your entrance slowly. You can choose to land anywhere you like and walk the rest of the way to your guests while they follow you.

It's a great way to get the attention of everyone at your wedding, and it's sure to be remembered for years to come. If you're set on doing a helicopter entrance, you'll first need to get permission from the authorities and make sure your venue is suitable for such a landing. Many of these suggestions for making a grand entrance as the bride would need coordination with your wedding coordinator.


9. Confetti entrance

If you wish to walk down the aisle but don't want to be limited to the usual walking path, why not do it through a confetti entrance? You can walk from wherever you like and be showered in confetti as you walk towards the venue.

It's a cool entrance that will get guests talking about your big day for years. If you're set on doing a confetti entrance, you'll first need to find out whether or not it's allowed. Some venues do not let guests throw confetti inside; you'll want to make sure you know in advance before you go ahead and book. You'll also want to make sure you have a plan of action in case you're showered in confetti before you're at the venue.


10. Solo entrance

If you're a bride, you may wonder how you can make a statement with your entrance. Don't worry! You can make your entrance a solo entrance. All you need to do is wear something that makes you stand out and walk towards your guests solo. If you're wearing a dress that makes you look like the center of attention, that's a great place to start!

If you want to make your entrance a solo entrance but don't want to walk alone, there are various ways to go about it. You can walk with one other person, you can walk with a large group of people, or you can walk with a pet. You can also combine multiple things to create a great entrance that's all your own.



A bridal entrance is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day. Whether you decide to make a statement with your entrance or keep things simple, you can rest assured that it will be one of the parts of the day that people talk about for years to come. Bridal entrances are a great way to get creative and fun with your wedding!

Whenever you are looking for something unique, creative, and out of the box, remember, BridalFusion.com has got you covered. The ideas in this blog will ensure that your wedding is not only memorable and special for you and your better half but also leave a generous remembrance for your guests. Continue reading our blog to gain inspiration for everything wedding and more. 

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