The Top Budget-Friendly Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Author: Nidhi Sood on Jun 30,2022
BF Rehearsal Dinner Ideas


I contacted a few seasoned pals for a low-cost rehearsal dinner etiquettes. Most of these ideas came from real-life rehearsal dinners, receptions, or similar events. These creative ideas are best suited for informal gatherings. Because the number one guideline of the rehearsal dinner is that it should never overshadow the wedding, a laid-back group is rarely a bad idea. I hope you find inspiration for your pocket-friendly rehearsal dinner among these ideas.

Coordinated Potluck

Choose a theme and menu, and then invite friends or visitors to provide complementing dishes. The ideal strategy is to have individuals sign up for different meals from a predetermined menu. You may, however, take a gamble with a "free for all" approach, allowing individuals to choose whatever they like. For millennia, it has (sort of) worked for churches. If you do that, at the very least, ask them what they're bringing. Decide what you can offer — meat? Paper goods? Décor for rehearsal dinner? — and let others help you with the rest.

A more particular potluck concept would be to have the gathering at a church and provide the meat, ideally fried chicken, for a Southern supper on the ground motif. Request that visitors bring sides. Serve sweet tea in a washtub while singing hymns. Of course, this function should take place in a church.

Soup Dinner

If it's chilly outside, various soups and stews are ideal. Finish with cobblers and cakes and complement with good bread and a green salad. The dinner looks great with table linens and candles or a rustic theme with chalk signs and string wrapped around pot handles. This works great in a community clubhouse.


BF decor for rehearsal dinner


Buffet Italiano

This is a low-cost dinner, whether at a restaurant or at home. This was one friend's choice for a post-honeymoon reception in their hometown. Choosing a lunchtime option reduced the cost even further. Another buddy recommends spaghetti, fettuccini alfredo, tossed or Caesar salad, garlic and cheese bread, and Italian Cream Cake for dessert. The red-checkered tablecloths make an attractive backdrop for this dinner.


Morning Rehearsal Dinner

Breakfast can be one of the best pocket-friendly options and is exceptionally acceptable if the wedding occurs the next day.


Fry Fish

This was inspired by a friend whose son's lakeside wedding was ideal for this laid-back motif. Aside from being low-cost, the handy location meant that no one had to drive from the rehearsal to supper. The menu included catfish, slaw, baked beans, and cake. Red checkered tablecloths and washtubs full of RC Colas and Moon Pies completed the rural Southern look.


Tex Mex / Fajita Night

A meal of fajita fixings, salsa, chips, rice, and beans is inexpensive and provides many decorating possibilities. This advice comes from a personal chef who is more knowledgeable about food expenditures than the typical mom bear. Another variant of this concept is a taco bar. Consider a plethora of low-cost toppings!



Several of my friends have hosted their rehearsal meals at Chinese restaurants. The proprietors were accommodating, allowing the hosts to bring a cake or other treats. Order takeaway and let the colorful containers serve as decoration.


Burgers & Hot Dogs

One friend catered the rehearsal dinner with burgers and hotdogs and the celebration with a barbecue supper. Family members made everything except the BBQ and wedding cake for this beautiful day.



This is a straightforward and cost-effective method to feed your guests without bringing in an outside caterer to cater or drop off prepared meals. Stock up on ribs, burger fixings, and grillable vegetables (corn, zucchini, bell peppers, or anything that can go on a skewer), and ask your mom to make her famous mashed potatoes. Maybe your sister-in-law prepares a large get the picture.


BF rehearsal dinner favors



Another easy way to feed a large group of people is to make your own taco station (which can satisfy meat-eaters and vegetarians). Chips and Guacamole are an apparent must-have in this circumstance and are always a crowd-pleaser. A taco cart vendor is a very reasonable and easy alternative for catering a small or large event if you want to spend a little extra and take out all the hassles.


Food truck

The food truck option is a relatively new addition to the scene. Select a food truck that hasn't exploded in popularity. They'll most likely be able to accommodate a smaller group. They may even be happy to pull right up to your backyard rehearsal. You may work with them ahead of time to create a personalized menu, or you can simply let them serve from their standard menu. You will most certainly be required to pay a minimum.


Backyard Picnic

What could be more welcoming or calm than a backyard picnic? The list of low-cost, excellent foods you might offer is enormous, whether you create them yourself or buy them—accent with borrowed picnic baskets and tablecloths. Hand-picked flowers in upcycled jars complete the look. This event travels nicely to local parks and other outdoor locations, which are frequently affordable to rent.

The joy of looking for cheap rehearsal dinner favors or ideas in the new millennium is that the internet, particularly Pinterest and social media, means assistance is only a few keystrokes away. Ask your Facebook friends for suggestions, or browse Pinterest for inspiration. There are more ideas and themes than you and your mother of the groom pals can employ. Find some inspiration and make it your own!


Free Rehearsal Venues

Finding an accessible location in your region is another cost-effective alternative for your rehearsal dinner. This might be anything from a neighborhood park or leisure area to a community center or even a church (if you or any of your closest peeps are members). Depending on where you arrive, this alternative presents similar logistical issues to the backyard rehearsal. Tables, chairs, and sometimes linens are frequently provided at community centers.


BF rehearsal dinner etiquette


You may utilize the existing picnic tables if you wind up at a park. Still, you may want to hire a few more tables for seating or get creative and bring some blankets to make seating places on the ground. Refer to the meal selections for a backyard rehearsal because they are roughly the same as an accessible venue option.



Wedding planning can be an emotionally and financially draining process. I don't believe anyone is disputing that. There have been several emails, phone conversations, talks, bills, contracts, etc. When you think you're bleeding money but can see the light at the end of the planning tunnel, you realize - we have to plan yet another party the night before our bigger party, and you go crazy!

But don't panic! Rehearsal dinners do not have to be a multi-course meal with an open bar. You do not need to book a location and provide place settings for each individual. If you wish to make it simple and cut money,'s suggestions are here to help. So, select what suits you and your guest list the best so that you and your visitors can enjoy your rehearsal dinner without stress.

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