5 Quirky Wedding Reception Ideas For A Unique Celebration

BF Wedding Reception Ideas


Many couples choose to have a unity ceremony during their wedding to underscore the significance of their union of becoming one. To honor their union as one, couples might go outside the box in a number of creative ways. The perfect wedding flavor is right here, waiting for you if you ask us. Your wedding party does not have to stop at the end of the final dance! You can do much more to make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable for guests as variety in wedding reception activities, and entertainment has gained quite a momentum post the pandemic.

From lawn games to professional entertainment to putting your face on a sparkling glass of wine, here are some of the most imaginative reception ideas to surprise you!


1. Live performances

Live performances can add a "wow" factor to your D-day. From mermaids swimming in pools to aerialists serving Prosecco. When planning the event, think about what makes the most sense. Are there going to be disco-ball-inspired attire for the dancers? Moveable sculptures are the perfect option if you want a memorable entrance. DJ Joe Bunn states, "I love it when people enter a room after cocktail hour and find something that produces immediate enthusiasm." A dress made from champagne flutes and filled with bubbles is how he greets guests when working with companies. Hiring a business that just deals with clothes, set construction, and performances is a bit of more practical advice. All the arrangements or the orchestration of the event will be made for you while you relax and enjoy yourself.

Pro Tip: Some live performances may include belly dancers, traditional dancing, or stand-up comedy. The latter is a good way of filling the wedding venue with loads of giggles and laughs. There is nothing more gratifying to see the guests cracking up on jokes unheard before and smiling ear to ear creating their special memories, making your Big Day even more memorable. 

2. Have a Karaoke

Organize live band karaoke. You can take what you enjoy about karaoke and leave out what you don't, as Jeremy Davis of Equinox Orchestra says. The band works ahead of time with the couple to develop a playlist based on the songs that their guests will appreciate. When the karaoke begins, which is usually in the last hour of the reception, guests can jump on stage and sing along with lyrics displayed on an iPad or their mobiles. "Our ringleaders are there to help those who are good or not so talented at singing get through the songs with the band," he explains.

Pro Tip: You can sing a surprise song for your better half and make a musical entrance while performing a Karaoke. If you worry about your singing skills, you can always count on professional help. 

3. Give your Guests a Fine-Wine Tasting Experience

You can turn your bar into an interactive entertainment venue by holding a live tasting of your favorite wines or spirits at any time. Organize a sample of local brews or a whiskey flight of your favorite American and Scotch tipples as a theme for your party. It's also a terrific way to mark your first significant vacation together to Chile or your engagement in Paris with a collection of champagnes. In the reception, have a bartender or sommelier lead groups of visitors through the sampling. 

Pro Tip: Make a game plan and tell your guests about it. You may start with mild wines and work your way up to heavier ones by wandering the aisles. In order to work your way up to more rich and tannic wines, begin with sparkling wines.


4. Create A Live Painting Moment

Since the pandemic, many couples have made significant changes to maintain social distancing at their weddings. How can it even be done? When it comes to entertaining guests, new and unique entertainment choices have emerged, such as live painting, where artists produce a piece of art on the spot to commemorate a special occasion. Live painting has the added benefit of creating a lovely keepsake for you (while supporting a local artist), but it also provides entertainment for your guests to observe and take pleasure at the moment. The picture has also been copied and given to guests as an eternal wedding favor by some couples.

Pro Tip: You can also hire sketch artists who make instant sketches of you in different poses. It will neither keep you too occupied nor be a hectic affair. 

5. Go for Contemporary Settings & Arrangements

It's essential to think about seating arrangements when you're preparing an event, but the days of having everyone seated in the same way are over. Couples today provide innovative seating options such as lounge chairs and even covered hay bales to create an authentic rustic vibe at their events by mixing tables of different sizes and shapes.

Pro Tip: If you want to make your event stand out, you must be willing to think outside the box while thinking of reasonable seating arrangements. Tables may be used to create a variety of seating arrangements, from long tables to a combination of square and round tables. If you'd want to experiment with alternative seating configurations, you may incorporate benches, old chairs, couches, and even a lounge area.



Eventually, above all, make sure that the entire process is exciting and enjoyable for you as a couple and that the elements of your wedding reception reflect your style and personality as a newlywed couple. Remember that huge wedding reception ideas may also be scaled down for smaller parties, so consider when planning. You can also view ideas that should be simple to manage and pleasurable, whether you opt to hire help or do-it-yourself. To preserve the memories of this unique occasion, consider having wedding picture albums printed for your family and guests.

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