Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide For Your Nuptials During Covid-19

Author: Saumya Published on : Jan 28,2022

bf Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Currently, whether you are planning an intimate wedding at home or an exotic, destination wedding, there are innumerable problems surrounding Covid-19. What it means for your special day, specifically, depends on your wedding date. It also depends on your guest count, the location of your wedding, and the extent of traveling involved. 


At this point, it is safe to say that any weddings in the near future are going to look different, whether they are allowed to happen just the way you dreamed or happening on a smaller scale. 


This wedding planning guide is meant to help you prepare for your special day during Covid-19. The guide is also meant to help you in the event of cancellations. 


Things To Remember


Try to prioritize yourself. Take care of yourself. Experts for this wedding planning guide suggest that taking care of yourself in the middle of a pandemic is not a selfish act. It is okay and perfectly normal. Wedding planning will only be possible if you are okay. Secondly, it is okay to cry if you want to. It is okay to be angry at several things if you want to. It is perfectly okay to feel multiple emotions at the same time. 


Planning a wedding is not easy. And planning a wedding during a global pandemic is definitely not a cakewalk. So, it is okay! Things could go wrong, and you do not have to blame yourself or be hard on yourself. 


Your day will come! And trust us as we say this, it is going to be the most amazing day of your entire life. There will be truly nothing else like it. Everyone will come together and celebrate! 


The Challenges of Planning a Wedding During Covid-19 


As per experts, the primary things to consider when planning a wedding during Covid-19 are the health risks, following Covid-19 protocols and guidelines, and ensuring the safety of your guests. 


Unfortunately, what we are witnessing today in wedding planning is that these three things never seem to align. Some laws are always being too lax when risks are higher. They are sometimes extremely strict, even when the risks are low. 


With wedding planning during Covid-19, there is a lot of unpredictability involved, along with capriciousness against what local Government officials seem to think. So, as per this wedding planning guide, you should be following all Covid-19 rules carefully when planning your special day. You need to stay hopeful and cautious at the same time until all of this is truly behind us. 


Rules and regulations can vary from state to state. Sometimes they also vary from county to county. Therefore, you must stay informed of the latest updates and guidelines in your wedding location. 


You also need to be aware of the restrictions that your potential wedding venue is going to pose. For example, in states like Florida, there are specific requirements set out by the Government. So venues are free to create their own set of rules and regulations. The rules are pretty different, and there is no consistency or uniformity. 


One venue in Florida could ask you only to bring in 50% of your guest list and fully masked people. The neighboring venue could have over 200 people, fully maskless. At some venues, there are curbs on cocktail hours and dancing as well (bye-bye father-daughter dance!). 


You need to be aware of all kinds of rules, restrictions, and guidelines around you on a local level, venue level, state, and country level as well. 


How Testing and Vaccines Will Affect Wedding Planning 


bf How Testing and Vaccines Will Affect Wedding Planning


Today, there is a great emphasis on getting tested for Covid-19 before attending any wedding. This wedding planning guide requests couples to be extra aware since simply getting tested is not the most viable option. It is not a flawless system. 


Testing is a great idea, but only a partial defense. It can offer relief, but in reality, it only gives you a false sense of security. It is helpful to determine who in your wedding party has had the virus for over four days. But what about the ones who are not testing positive but are still contagious? 


Vaccines can add another layer of protection to your wedding. Now that most Americans are fully vaccinated, it is a great sign to host a wedding that is going to be safe. Just make sure you get to view their vaccination certificates or restrict your wedding to the ones who are fully vaccinated. 


People will gladly love being a part of your wedding, too, since fully vaccinated people are not afraid of traveling. Just make sure that you and your fully-vaccinated guests are taking all the necessary precautions to make your wedding a safe experience overall. 


What to Expect When Planning a 2022 Wedding 


For 2022, primary challenges concerning wedding planning would be finding the right venue and the right vendors. There is a lot of chaos out there, as per wedding planning guide experts. There has never been so much excitement in the past. A lot of interest is being generated for weddings in 2022. While it might seem exciting, it is actually extremely tough since we know that all of us today are in a position to have a headstart on certain decisions far sooner than one would normally expect. And this is simply out of fear that their preferred venues and vendors might not be available. 


So, what does our wedding planning guide say about planning your nuptials in 2022? Plan everything as soon as you can. Book the places and vendors you love. Whether you are doing this on your own or taking the help of wedding planners, you should be booking most of your vendors simultaneously to get your venue guaranteed! 


What to Expect When Planning a Destination Wedding  


When will a destination wedding in Hawaii or any exotic location of your choice be possible? Well, it depends on the destination you are aiming for. It is always a great idea to have a headstart on things by planning ahead. Start by researching the guidelines in the country you are planning to hold your ceremony. 


Is the country great with regulations? Is it a country that will close for tourists in just under 24 hours? Is it a country not too stringent with its Covid-19 protocols and regulations? 


Ultimately you will need to choose a destination that will keep you and your guests comfortable even in the toughest of times. Most countries are excelling at offering great hospitality services, while others are not. If the situation goes well, you could actually look forward to a spring-summer wedding in Europe. But anything before that, just stay indoors and book a venue in the US, Caribbean, or Mexico! 


Planning your destination wedding also requires good research on travel restrictions. It is one of the biggest factors that contribute to wisely-made plans. It is especially important if you and your immediate family live in different parts of the world. 


Some weddings might have to wait until everyone can freely cross borders and be reunited again. As sad as this might sound right now, it will make up for those extra special, sweet moments when the wedding actually happens later. 


How to Navigate Planning Now 


Most things are still uncertain. It is perfectly natural to have millions of views on just one aspect of wedding planning. All the “what if” questions you have are completely fine. However, don’t let this take away the excitement and charm of your wedding planning. Try to be as much excited as you can, even when you have to shift your plans according to outside circumstances. 


Even when the landscape of the world might look bleak right now, remember that this is that moment of your life that you would not want to compromise on. So staying positive, patient, and excited is the key to navigating wedding planning during Covid-19. 


Our wedding planning guide experts suggest staying positive in your thinking and being open to changes in the wake of the pandemic. 


Hire a Planner 


After experiencing 2020-2021, the best advice for couples looking to get married next year is to hire a wedding planner. 


It’s high time that we understand their significance in all these plans. You cannot do this alone, especially in the circumstances like these. If you try to do it, it would be like trying to go on a hike without any practice, with just the knowledge of some internet-based articles. 


Like any organization, couples must learn to outsource certain parts of their wedding planning to people who specialize in making them happen. Wedding planning guide experts take out the tension and stress of planning everything in a flexible and affordable manner. You can even opt for hourly basis wedding planners if you need help with any of the aspects. This is especially important if you are still looking for a venue. There are plenty of Covid-19 protocols that need to be navigated. Your wedding planner’s relationship with wedding vendors will help you overcome all the stress. Their experience is what you would really need right now! 


Do Not Wait 


People are almost quarreling over getting a venue for their desired dates. This trend is very well going to continue in 2022 as well. 


Find a good venue that can accommodate at least 100 people, which might grow to 200. Ensure you get an outdoorsy area with your venue since fitting 200 people inside is a big no-no. If you find something like this aligning with your goals and plans, book it immediately. Do not wait! 


You would also want to budget some extra Covid-19 testing protocols since it could be a requirement. But above and beyond all the “what ifs,” be happy with all kinds of scenarios. Accept that this virus is here to stay, and laws are not going to be any different two or even six months from now. Be willing to accept that things could go in any direction. 


Just do it as soon as you can, though! 


Be Flexible 

With the Omicron variant wreaking havoc on our lives, the struggle to plan your wedding worsens every day. So be flexible with every aspect of your wedding planning. 


However, being flexible does not just mean being flexible with dates; but being flexible about locations and even guest counts in some cases. 


Currently, we are looking at combining the total number of weddings worth two seasons into just one! So it is going to be tough out there. Ensure you understand this point and are flexible enough with your options. Give yourself as many options as you can. 


Consult Your Vendor Team 


Your wedding planning guide experts and your team of vendors might be itching to create your dream scenario and celebrate you! 


So, don’t delay the process. Choose the right date, hire the vendors that you absolutely love, consult with them for all the little details. Ensure everything turns out beautifully, just the way you would have imagined. Listen to all the music for your playlist, dream up some really fun cocktails matching your personality and your SO. 


Sit down with your team of wedding planning guide professionals and do it the right way! Don’t hassle over the minute details alone. We already have a lot of stress around us otherwise. 


Budget Accordingly 


You would have already budgeted everything for your wedding. But did you add masks, sanitizers, and other Covid-19 safety gear to your budget? Well, wedding planning guide professionals around the globe predict that weddings will be even more expensive in 2022. 


No matter at what stage you are in your wedding planning process, couples need to seriously consider one piece of advice in these uncertain times. The goal of your wedding is to celebrate you as a couple, your love story, with the ones you love. So, considering this, our wedding planning guide experts encourage couples to plan ahead in full steam and continue to be inspired by everything. You should also try to seek out more and more inspiration, as much as you can, and share everything with the closest members of your family. 


The Takeaway


As soon as you can gather together, your wedding will be feted and celebrated with so much enthusiasm! So, our wedding planning guide experts suggest that you be ready to face that moment and have your plans in place to celebrate your love with your family and friends in the best ceremony ever! 


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