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Author: Saumya Published on : Jan 18,2022

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Planning a wedding is a pretty stressful affair. You need to pick out your perfect wedding dress, choose the right flowers, go cake tasting, settle down on your favorite menu, and so much more! It is a grand roller coaster ride. 


Well, if you are also currently planning your wedding, the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event is right around the corner. While it was different the previous time (all thanks to Covid-19!), it is going to be a blast this time around for all soon-to-be brides and grooms. 


Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show event has always been a leader in the wedding expo and planning industry. It is simply because the event manages to bring together the best vendors catering to the needs of all kinds of clients across the country. 


The wedding expo is targeted towards the right vendors and customers in a fun yet professional manner. The significant reason for the popularity of the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show event is that it is extremely well-advertised. It is one of the wedding shows that people know almost everything about, or people have at least heard about it at least once. The show is truly the talk of the town that leads to the overwhelming buzz it receives every time a show is due to happen anywhere in the country. 


The Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show event has managed to help out multiple vendors as well as businesses to meet their desired clients in a better way and produce a great sales volume. This volume would not have been possible otherwise. Undoubtedly, everyone who is a part of the wedding industry can stay afloat, despite the problems we and the industry have faced due to the ongoing global pandemic since 2020. 


Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event - At A Glance 


1. Tri-State area's largest bridal show 

2. The American Bridal Show Company is known for hosting incredible events. 

3. The company has been hosting spectacular bridal expos since 1992 

4. Extremely popular events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York 

5. Connects more than 300,000 lives together to host the perfect weddings 

6. Grand Prize: At the tri-state area's best wedding planning event, the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event, you get a chance to win:


A. Honeymoon Accommodations Giveaway 

A spectacular, week-long resort stay at some of the most popular and beautiful destinations like the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, The Caribbean, and others. 


Details of the event


Day & Date

Saturday, January 29, 2022



1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST



Basking Ridge Country Club

185 Madisonville Road 

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

United States

You can reach the location of the event by following this Google Maps link. 



The admissions to the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event are free of cost. You can register to attend the expo on the event's official website. 


What to expect from the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event?


The Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event offers people an opportunity to witness the best of all wedding planning spheres in an all-inclusive, interactive manner. Hundreds of wedding planning guide experts and vendors will be coming together to put together a spellbinding show at an exquisite location as the Basking Ridge Country Club. 


At the event, you can expect: 


1. The latest trends in bridal wear and bridesmaid dresses

2. Entertainment options like DJs, wedding bands, and other wedding vendors set your mood for future nuptials. 

3. Delectable hors d'oeuvres and other snacks and cocktail options 

4. Taste different wedding cake samples 

5. All the latest options for distinctive and magnificent wedding decor and props for your special day


Tips For Brides and other attendees


If you are a soon-to-be bride or groom looking to plan your wedding, you have to attend the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event. All of your wedding planning needs will be fulfilled right here in the exquisite location. This bridal show is totally worth paying a visit since you will meet some of the best wedding vendors in the tri-state area face to face! 


The Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event is a one-stop wedding planning experience that will help you meet with exceptionally talented wedding professionals and vendors and get to know about their products and services. 


Here are a few tips for all soon-to-be-brides and grooms planning to attend the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show Event: 


1. You will come across different wedding professionals and vendors, all face-to-face, under one roof. You have a chance to make some amazing connections!  


a. You should bring along a list of your priorities. This will help you focus your energy on the things that you actually want to fulfill and need in order to maximize your time spent here. Planning your priorities ahead of time before attending the event helps reduce the stress of planning your wedding. 

b. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. You are going to be spending a long time inside the premises planning the most special event of your life. 

c. Be open to different and unique ideas. You will come across multiple colors, cake samples, and the latest trends in the wedding planning industry. Try to ask as many questions about everything before you finalize something to get the best value from the event. 

d. If possible, bring along your bridal party, bridesmaids, and family members to help you out and select the best ideas for your wedding. 


2. Visit every single aisle and expo stall so you do not miss out on anything important.


a. Have your calendar ready with you while you attend the event in case you need to make any appointments with any potential wedding vendors you come across at the event. 

b. Book your deposits with the vendors you like as soon as you can. The wedding industry is quite competitive and can sell out pretty quickly. Take advantage of the event and set up meetings as soon as you can for your special day. 


3. It is a wise decision to stay in touch with these wedding vendors even after your special day is all planned out. The connections you make at the event might come in handy for future events in your life. 


About the event venue 


Just imagine yourself standing in the midst of a beautiful wedding reception, perfectly planned out by you and your SO. All that china, incredible food, spectacular service, a mesmerizingly beautiful venue overlooking an enchanting and enormous golf course sounds perfect.


Open your eyes, and experience this luxurious event all by yourself at the extremely special wedding showcase event hosted by the Basking Ridge Country Club, in collaboration with the American Bridal Show Company. The organizers invite all soon-to-be brides and grooms and their bridal parties to sample the Country Club cuisines and explore the intricacies of its architecture. All event attendees will come across the Basking Ridge Country Club's finest wedding vendors, who will display their skills and ideas about floral wedding arrangements, wedding favors, entertainment, transportation, accommodations, makeup and beauty, and so much more! All this fun will double as soon as you hear about the cash prizes, giveaways, and the grand honeymoon prize for the lucky couple! 


The catering services by the Basking Ridge Country Club are open to the entire community and can be accessed by all kinds of guests across all events, be it an intimate dinner party or a lavish wedding reception. 


The Country Club overlooks 258 acres of a golf course, offering everyone a panoramic view of the manicured and beautiful fairways and Somerset Hills. The facility is extremely elegant, and features raised hearth fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, and huge mirrored french doors, all adding up for a traditionally-royal touch. 


The Basking Ridge Country Club's catering and other services are extremely poised, friendly, and professional. The event coordinators will guide you through the entire process of your function or party you are willing to host at the premises. Any event hosted here will be truly warm and superior in terms of quality. It will create a memory that will last a lifetime! 


About The American Bridal Show Company 


The American Bridal Show Company is a family-owned and operated business. 


The Company started its operations in 1992 by the lovely couple, Rich Drozd and Lisa Drozd. The first event hosted by the American Bridal Show Company was in Hillsborough, which is also the Drozd couple's hometown. The first of their events was a success, thanks to their immensely powerful network of marketing and advertising and Rich's sister's catering company. The aim of their event at the time was to really help out young couples clueless about planning a wedding, which still is the motto behind all their events like the Basking Ridge Country Club American Bridal Show event. The other aim of hosting such events was to help hard-working business owners and wedding vendors meet potential clients and prosper. It was all just a beautiful and growing American Dream! Today, this dream has blossomed into an enchanting and successful flower, further spreading the hand of help to millions of young American couples looking for help. 


Since 1992, the American Bridal Show Company has successfully put together over 2,000 shows with a footfall of over 500,000 people overall. 


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