Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 101: Styles & Price

Author: Nidhi Sood on Jun 07,2022
BF Vera Wang Wedding Dresses


If you haven't seen Vera Wang's unique and trend-forward bridal designs, you must have heard of at least one of her multiple fashion lines—and you've undoubtedly listened to her name. A New Yorker who established her bridal collection in 1990 and has become one of the industry's most acclaimed designers. Vera Wang's intricately made dresses thrill us season after season. She is known for her distinctive, sophisticated, and sumptuous creations. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about Vera Wang's wedding gowns.


Who is Vera Wang?

She was born in New York City on 27 June 1949. Her parents were wealthy Chinese immigrants. Her father was a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, but her mother, a United Nations translator, was the one who introduced her to the fashion world.

Wang and her mother went to the Yves Saint Laurent couture presentation, her first introduction to the fabulous fashion world. She attributes her early exposure and fashion instruction entirely to her mother.


bf vera wang wedding dresses price

How did it all begin?

Wang had a strong interest in figure skating and competed for many years from an early age. She tried to get into the United States Olympic team in 1968 but did not make the cut when she became interested in fashion. Wang spent her summer after her junior year of college working at the Yves Saint Laurent shop on Madison Avenue. While working, she met Frances Patiky Stein, one of Vogue's fashion directors. She instructed Wang to contact her after graduation, and two years later, she secured an interview with Vogue.

Wang began to work as a temp assistant at Vogue in 1971 and swiftly rose through the ranks. She grew to become one of Time magazine's youngest fashion editors. It was not until 16 years later, after being passed over for the editor-in-chief job, that she left Vogue for Ralph Lauren to become the design director. And that's when her passion for design blossomed.


Which Wang style is our favorite?

One of the most admirable aspects of Wang's collections is that her designs are appropriate for a wide range of brides (and budgets). From the cost-conscious bride shopping for a dress for David's Bridal to the celebrity seeking one (or three) show-stopping, Wang's dresses are adventurous, theatrical, full of attitude, regal, contemporary, and whimsical. She also appreciates colors! One of her most recent collections had a black and white color scheme, while many of her bridal gowns are red. Her most recent White by Vera Wang line has delicate grays and ombre pink dresses.


What is the price of Vera Wang wedding dresses?

All Vera Wang dresses sold in her store are manufactured to order based on the bride's pattern size closest to her dimensions and any design alterations. Vera Wang Collection and Luxe Collection, two of her wedding categories, release new designs twice a year. Her Vera Wang bridal collection begins at $2,900, while her Luxe Collection begins at $6,900.


BF Vera wang Wedding dress black


Vera Wang Wedding Dresses: New Trends

Wang realized early on that she wanted to do more than create bridal gowns. Under her bridal umbrella, Wang has three more collections: Black by Vera Wang (her tuxedo line in Men's wear), Vera Wang Love (her jewelry brand with Zales), and Vera Wang Wish (her jewelry line Jared).

• In April, she announced a rebranding of her namesake line, Vera Wang Bride, in cooperation with wedding powerhouse Pronovias.

• Given Wang's in-house wedding line was formerly known as Vera Wang Bride, the new collaboration with Pronovias will bring in modifications for the collection she develops periodically in her New York City studio.

Moving ahead, her twelve-to-fifteen gown designs made every season will defy the fashion calendar. With that handiwork in mind, she intends to relaunch the upper end of her line as Vera Wang Haut. "It will be 'higher.' It's something we're always aiming for," she says.

• That trust is built by not avoiding the work required to innovate; each collection begins with sources of inspiration, and the transparency and sex appeal of Vera Wang's black wedding dress, or nude lingerie, is more than simply what a sales team considers passable for the bride, a client the industry all too often regards as unwilling to take style risks.

This collection drew inspiration from the brand's past, employing wedding-specific methods established over three decades. Layering, transparency, exaggerated proportions, and a focus on fit are all expected.

Wang's new venture, dubbed "a new bridal company," will allow her to broaden her reach, providing a more comprehensive range of designs and distributing worldwide on a bigger scale than ever before. Starting this month, the line will be available at Pronovias shops and select wholesalers globally, with prices ranging from $1,600 to $4,000.

• When addressing post-lockdown weddings and the contemporary fashion customer, Wang believes there is a new demand and enthusiasm among brides globally for something a little more fashion-forward as ladies emerge from staying at home and looking forward to getting dressed up again. "There is a new reality in which people look for more intricate, edgy, and intellectual work," she explains." "Bridal is not only an extension of formal wearing; it is an aspect of fashion."

• As Vera Wang Bride gains traction, expect Vera Wang Haute to become even more daring and seductive, reserved for brides looking to invest in gowns that are much more conceptual for the aisle—concepts that will appear in nuanced, smaller doses in this new range with Pronovias in the future. 



Despite the pandemic, she has dressed several celebrity brides, including Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, and Issa Rae. Wang appears to have no plans to slow down after more than thirty years in the industry. We can't talk about Vera Wang's incredible creativity without mentioning some pieces from her newest fashion line. We adore the models' solid and stylish looks in the Fall 2022 collection. We can't seem to get over the black wool coat and the daring chiffon top! Overall, adores Vera's sense of style and her whimsical originality in all creations, for to be brides - it's indeed exciting to think about what the future holds.

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