5 Winter Worthy Wedding Attire For Your Special Day

Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 21,2021
bf 5 Winter Worthy Wedding Attire

There is something special about winter weddings - with guests bundled up together in glamorous, berry-rich makeup and art-deco, cozy romantic warmth. The coldest seasons are what bring out our winter-friendly wedding attire requirements for the special day. This includes the perfect flair, fabrics, length, the right style, and matching bridal accessories for that perfect winter bridal look. At BridalFusion, we have sourced our favorite wedding looks and wedding attire to bring forward the top 5 stunning looks for all kinds of bridal tastes and budgets. 


Winter Wedding Attire - Style and Suggestions 


What exactly makes wedding attire and bridal accessories winter-worthy? 


Well, it is partly because of its practicality and its aesthetic appeal. Winter wedding attire should ideally have enough layers to comfortably cover the bride wearing it and should keep her warm at the same time. The last thing we all want is to shiver, right on the aisle of our wedding day! 


Your wedding attire will set the tone of your entire wedding ceremony. Of course, it will be pretty jarring if the tone of your bridal dress will not fit that of the season. Therefore, a bride-to-be must consider the following factors at all times before choosing that perfect wedding dress for their winter wedding:


1. Decent Coverage 


The perfect winter wedding dress should sufficiently cover your body, must have long sleeves and a fuller skirt. These are the top three most crucial elements for that perfect winter wedding dress. To achieve the look, sheer mesh and lace come in handy. They provide better coverage while offering the right texture and the right whisper of skin! 


2. Fabric Choice 


Thick lace is yet another perfect choice for that perfect winter wedding dress. It offers you an extra layer of warm coverage. While, at the same time, it also offers you the opportunity to embrace some texture with a little peep of your skin. Just the right amount! You can go for thick, smooth, lined satin or silk, like the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. 


3. Colors 


Blue-based whites, cool-toned silvers, and pure ivory will go perfect for your winter wedding. They incredibly suit the backdrop of the iciest months. 


4. Bridal Accessories 


Shrugs, shawls, gloves, and crystal belts are integral aspects of your winter wedding attire! They are fabulous, fashion-forward, and stylish, especially when trying to go for that simply-phenomenal look. 


5. Embellishments 


Winters can be dramatic and glamorous at the same time. So, to justify the elegance of the winter season in your wedding attire, go all-out with that “scattered pearls” look or that “ice-like crystal applique” look. 


Staying Warm in Winter Wedding Attire 


The easiest way to stay warm with your wedding attire is to have a shawl or a shrug nearby at all times during the ceremony. Get your hands on some gorgeous patterns and options of the best shawls and shrugs for your trusted bridal party members while they wait for you to walk down the aisle. 


Pop these options on once your ceremony is over. Or just dawn it for as long as you need to, throughout the ceremony and the after-party. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, angora bolero, is the perfect example of this. You can choose bridal capes, fitted bridal jackets, knitted shawls, cardigans, fur stoles, or coats. 


You can also choose some warm underwear for the day. However, don’t feel as though you should wear something delicate under your wedding dress. You can go ahead and choose insulated underwear that will lock the heat in during the entire event. Merino is an amazing fabric to choose from for your wedding day since it keeps you extremely warm and cozy. 


You can also opt for gloves as a part of your wedding attire. Gloves are not only warm but also elegant and practical, especially for a winter wedding ceremony. Just picture those long, silky, and satin gloves studded with pearls and crystals. They will match your icy-white elegant wedding aesthetics. 


Our Favorite 5 Winter Wedding Attire Options 



1. Winter Wedding Dress with Lace Bodice and Sleeves 


At Bridalfusion, while compiling this article, we all gasped when we saw this dress. This is obviously a great sign! As far as winter wedding attire goes, this is one of the best wedding dresses that we have seen with sleeves. This one takes all the credits. 


The full-length lace sleeves with a high neck and back showing that slightest peep of skin is truly mesmerizing. At the same time, the dress’ sweetheart neckline frames the fitted bodice perfectly. 


This is the ideal winter wedding dress for brides seeking a modest outfit that offers full coverage, a light and floaty full skirt, and a relaxed silhouette. It is neither full nor completely fitted; it is just the right mix of both. You can wear this dress with insulated underwear, and nobody will know! 


If you are also planning on doing a romantic up-do along with hazy makeup with this dress, you are going forward with the perfect look, especially the one that will frame your face beautifully. The skirt will pool towards the bottom, oh so delicately, and will move with you as you glide down the aisle and twirl with you as you are in the middle of your first dance! 


2. Off-shoulder Crepe Winter Wedding Dress 


This dress will encompass the elegance and charm of simple wedding attire. Gently hugging the body at the right angles and the no-frills add that perfect touch of sophistication. This dress truly celebrates the best of femininity, with its slimming seams, gentle trumpet skirt, hugged hips, and bare shoulders. 


Oh! And did we mention how affordable this dress is?


For extremely chilly, December or January weddings, you can team this dress with a cape, a shrug, or a bolero to wear after the ceremony since the shoulders in this one are exposed. If your ceremony is indoors, in a heated venue, you will be just fine with this wedding dress. 


At BridalFusion, we think that this wedding dress is just perfect for a simple and small budget. It will suit brides with that classic touch and taste, looking forward to crispy, white simplicity, with plenty of room to accessorize your look. You can also go ahead and add more personal flairs, as per your taste. 


3. Princess Court Train Tulle Winter Wedding Dress


Now that we have seen a couple of elegant winter bridal options, we will now move on to a romantic glamor look! As soon as we saw this outfit, we thought of a few slightly older brides looking forward to wearing something modest and sophisticated, which, at the same time, offers a sense of fun and a touch of flirtation. 


Wedding gowns for older brides usually come with high necklines, a modest back patter, with longer sleeves. This dress manages to fit the bill!


What we absolutely love about this particular gown is the peek-a-boo back pattern, paired with vintage-looking lace ribbons, offering you a sense of modesty without falling prey to a boring and matronly dress. 


This full, princess wedding gown will not only be the ultimate show-stopper during your ceremony but will also manage to keep you warm and concealed at the same time. You can layer up your winter undergarments underneath this dress.


4. Chapel Train Stretch Crepe Winter Wedding Dress 


If you are looking for that perfect winter wedding outfit that combines modernity with fresh, classic elegance and feminine fun, this is the perfect dress for that! This extremely affordable, incredible winter wedding attire is by Azazie. The dress features a chapel train along with a stylish halter body, all of which are phenomenal and simply to die for. 


The boned bodice of the dress helps shape the upper body in a way that will flatter all body types and shapes. The back of this dress shows a keyhole of skin that adds to the femininity in this show-stopper. The bow just adds to its classic elegance and sophistication. At just $179, this dress is the best option on this list. 


You can layer up a bolero, shrug, shawl, or anything with this dress. It will look spectacular! 


5. A-Line Sweep Brush, Train Winter Wedding Dress 


Last but not least is this beautiful A-Line Sweep Brush wedding dress by Cocomelody. Casual winter wedding outfits like these can be a little sophisticated, statement-making, and dresses like these prove the same. 


This old and classic line of buttons with Hollywood-style ruched shoulders, with lined sleeves, paired with a modern, open back, make this dress a timeless fashion statement that will be adored by everyone, from your bridesmaids to the grannies! 


The dress is so simple, which is what makes it so elegant. 


The bottom line 


A wedding during the winter months is truly unique. This weather definitely calls for alluring wedding attire, celebrating the fascination of the occasion. At BridalFusion, we hope that these dresses will inspire your wedding planning inspiration boards just the right way. 

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