Trends from Bridal Fashion Week 2023 To Fall In Love With

Author: Nidhi Published on : Nov 02,2022

bf Bridal Dress Trends From Bridal Fashion Week


Bridal Fashion Week has given us so many fantastic wedding dresses looks this season that it's almost impossible to choose a favorite. From soft, flowing gowns with dramatic sleeves and floor-length hemlines to sleek and sophisticated cut-outs that make you stand out in a crowd. If you love wedding dresses as much as we do, you might find it hard not to fall in love with these gowns. This is why we've narrowed them down for you!

Keep scrolling to see our top picks from Bridal Fashion Week. And when you're done here, be sure to fall in love with them.


Christian Dior: Bridal perfection

If there's one brand that's synonymous with bridal fashion, it's Christian Dior. And its latest collection of wedding dresses is as romantic and lovely as we've come to expect from the French fashion house. When it comes to wedding gowns, it's all about fit, fabric, and details. And Dior's latest dresses have them all in spades. From the beautiful lace detail to the perfectly structured fit, these gowns are bridal perfection. 

We love the high-low hem of the dress is an excellent way of adding movement to a classic silhouette. And the sheer neckline is a bold (but beautiful) choice for Dior. You can expect this look to go down a treat at the next wedding you attend.


Zac Posen: Romantic, lacy gowns

Zac Posen's collection of wedding gowns is as romantic as they come. There are so many beautiful lacy gowns in this collection; selecting just one is hard! We love how Posen has played around with textures in this collection, using delicate fabrics like lace and tulle to create a flowing and feminine silhouette. And we love the one-shoulder cut-out that adds a dramatic element to your look without going all-out.


Galvan London: Heirloom Separates

Brides are abandoning traditional ballgowns in favor of more modern styles, as seen in recent years, with separates becoming a bridalwear mainstay. Galvan London (among many more lines!) produced two-piece outfits for Spring 2023 that may easily be worn long after a bride says, "I do."


Oscar de la Renta: Flowing gowns with dramatic sleeves

There's no denying that Oscar de la Renta knows how to create a wedding gown for a princess. And the latest collection from the designer is no exception. The long and flowing dresses mainly take us with dramatic sleeves.

Oscar has mixed romance and drama in his latest collection. While many of the gowns are made with luxurious fabrics and feature long layers, there's also a stark and modern edge to the designs.


Vera Wang: Sophisticated cut-outs and luxurious fabrics

We're always excited to see what Vera Wang has in store for Bridal Fashion Week, and her latest collection didn't disappoint. Once again, the designer has created a line-up of sophisticated and elegant wedding gowns. Wang has played with cut-outs in this collection, creating unique and eye-catching designs without going overboard.

There are so many beautiful gowns to choose from; it's hard to select just one! We also love how the designer has used luxurious fabrics like silks and chiffons to create flowing and beautiful gowns that fit any bride.


Rebeca Ingram: Chiffon fashion

One of the most highly anticipated shows at Bridal Fashion Week was that of designer Rebeca Ingram. And with good reason! Her collection is full of edgy, avant-garde styles with just a hint of glamor. The designer has mixed textures in this collection, creating gowns with dramatic and intricate cut-outs alongside others that feature sheer fabrics and chiffon.

How the designer has played with volume, creating long and flowing dresses and shorter styles, is commendable and a feature that adds a more structured fit.


Martina Lazzarini: column gowns and more

If you're looking for a dress that's a little bit out of the ordinary, designer Martina Lazzarini's Bridal collection is the place to be. We love how Lazzarini has played with various silhouettes in this collection, creating everything from a classic sheath dress to a statement-making column gown.

But we love how the designer has used sheer fabrics to create edgy and unique designs. We also love how Lazzarini has developed various silhouettes in this collection, making it ideal for brides after something a bit different.


JVL Studio: Edgy gowns

If you're looking for bold and beautiful, JVL Studio's Bridal collection is where you'll find it. The designer has created edgy and modern gowns that are the perfect choice for the bride who's after something a little bit different. The designer has played with volume in this collection, creating long and short styles full of volume and movement. JVL Studio has used dramatic fabrics like lace and chiffon to create eye-catching and unique designs.


Neil Lane: Timeless pieces 

If you're looking for a collection that's a little bit more traditional, you'll find it in the Bridal gowns from Neil Lane. The designer has created dresses reminiscent of the styles we've come to know and love at weddings, with just a bit of a modern twist. Neil Lane's range of silhouettes in this Spring 2023 Bridal Week collection makes it ideal for brides after something classic and timeless.


Anna Barge: Mock Necklines

Mock necks were a second neckline style on the runway this season. This royally inspired silhouette has been seen on celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Ellie Goulding, and Lady Kitty Spencer. It has gained in popularity in recent years. Anne Barge is one of the few designers offering this style for Spring 2023.


Elie Saab: Period gowns

And finally, we have the Bridal collection from Elie Saab. The designer has created a line-up of gowns that are as luxurious as they come. The Fall 2023 collection of this Lebanese fashion designer draws inspiration from the grandeur of Ancient Greece to produce an exquisite and legendary range of garments. The regal designs strive for symmetry, balance, and harmony through streamlined silhouettes and careful details.

Embellished foliage mimics the Olympian crowns adorned the historical period on strapless bodices and tulle fabrics. Glistening sequins and rich pearls are strewn across fitting bodices reminiscent of Greek colonnades.

We love how the designer has played with textures in this collection, creating gowns that feature everything from intricate floral appliqués to sheer fabrics that flow beautifully. We also love the way Saab has used color in this collection, creating dresses that are perfect for brides who are after a unique color scheme.



Bridal Fashion Week is a great time to browse wedding dress designs and find inspiration for your big day. It's a chance to see what's trending and what designs designers use worldwide. We hope you've enjoyed browsing our top picks from Bridal Fashion Week, and we hope you've found some inspiration for your wedding dress. With so many beautiful gowns, the hardest part is deciding which one to go for! 

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