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Author: Saumya Published on : Jul 14,2021

The International Gem and Jewelry Show, the longest-running jewelry show, is back again with a bang. The special exhibition is all set to bring manufacturers, wholesalers, and designers under one roof again, so you can skip the middlemen and shop the diverse collection directly from the vendors. The exhibitors are ready to display their unique collection at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year.


No matter what kind of jewelry you are looking for, minimalistic, bridal jewelry, or just a pair of casual brunch earrings, the Intergem exhibition has everything set for you!  


InterGem, the organization behind the show, is known for producing over 60 shows in different US cities. InterGem, in the past, has successfully exhibited gems, jewelry, and minerals around the globe at various conventions. 


The InterGem Jewelry Show was initially planned for March 26 to March 28. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the show was postponed and will now be held between July 16 and July 18. 




1967 saw the birth of the InterGem Jewelry show by Herbert A. Duke, Sr., who carefully built America’s first-ever direct-to-customers jewelry trade show. Herbert, an avid jewelry artist and gemologist, brought his love of handcrafted jewelry, minerals, and gemstones to the masses. With the InterGem Jewelry Show, people can directly buy from wholesalers, designers, and manufacturers in an exhibition-like marketplace setting. InterGem today is over 50 years old and has stood the test of time to become the longest-running jewelry show, not just in the USA but in the world. 


Ticket Prices:




Online tickets for the show can be purchased here. 


The price for the online tickets is $6.00.


There is also a 25% discount on every ticket you buy online. 




Standard tickets can be purchased directly from the show entrance at a dedicated counter. 


The price for standard tickets is $8.00. 


Military tickets 


For military members, the tickets can be availed by showing identification. 


The price of the tickets for military members: Free. 


The InterGem jewelry show allows all military members, both active or veterans, and their immediate family members free admission to the exhibition. The only requirement is to produce their Military ID at the ticketing counter at the show entrance. 


Wholesale buyers 


For wholesale buyers, there is a requirement for pre-registrations before the deadline to enter. 


The price of the tickets for wholesale buyers: Free


Admission and access for wholesale buyers to the show are free but restricted to the wholesale-only section. For tickets and entries, necessary credentials for the wholesale buyers at the show entrance are essential. 


How to register?


For registrations for wholesale buyers


InterGem offers wholesale buyers the opportunity to pre-register before the show begins. Pre-registrations ensure wholesale buyers a pass with complimentary entry and no hassle of getting in queues to manually register yourself. 


You can pre-register as a buyer and receive a buyer’s pass for yourself and your assistants. This feature will only be available to licensed wholesale buyers who qualify for the same. 


No free entry to any buyer is allowed without a valid registration before the deadline. 


The prerequisites for the qualification are: 


1. Valid copy of your state business license and business tax IDs 

2. Business card with the name of the store and buyer’s name 

3. Copy of the wholesale house permanent pass with the name of the store and name of the buyer 

4. Letterhead of the company 

5. Purchase order or any invoice signed by the buyer 

6. Payroll check stubs, vouchers, or lists bearing the store and buyer’s name.


Teachers and schools


For teachers and schools, pre-registration is required to enter the exhibition premises.


The price of tickets for teachers and schools: Free.


Teachers and schools are granted free admission and access to the wholesale section only.


How to register?


For registrations for teachers, students, and members of the qualifying educational programs 


Teachers, students, and members of the qualifying educational programs are offered complimentary admission registrations. To register, they are required to submit a valid school email address. 


Every qualifying school and educational institution will have an email address with the school’s domain in the email URL. This will verify the educational program and its connection to the program.



Show Timings:


The show timing information is as follows:






12 PM to 6 PM


10 AM to 6 PM


11 AM to 5 PM


Exhibitors listing:

The following is a list of vendors participating in the show:




A B Gems & Jewels

Bakari Design

A B Gems Co.

Bead Resources Corp.

Absolute Jewelry Mfg.

Beads After Beads

Ajit Roy Designs [Formerly Natural Jewelry]

Bendor Jewelry, Inc.

Alfredo Klaus

Berj Kouyoumjian Jewelry

Anil Kumar

Best In Gems, Inc.

Arat Jewelry

Blanc de Noir & Co.


Bonita Pearl, Inc.

Ay Design/ Rita's Sterling


B & B Pearl, Inc.

Boys Silver, The

Cabochon, Inc.

Bravo Handbags

California Collection

C. K. Gems

Chadha Bros., Inc.


Chenli Trading Company

Earthstone Company

Christine Jewelry, Inc.

Elle of California Erica Harris Collection

Compositions fine jewelry

Emountain Gems

Creative Brazil

Et-Cetera Shop

Curl Dynasty

Ethio star international LLC

Curtis J. Lewis Fine Jewelry

Excel Jewelry, Inc.

Cutco Cutlery


D & C International Co.

Exquisite Gems & Jewelry

D.K. Fashion Trading Inc.

Fine Beads Inc

D'Amati Fine Jewelry

Forever Gems and Jewels DBA Terun Trading

Danelle Christie, Inc.


David R. Freeland, Jr. Designs

Forever Silvers

Davinci Collections

Forty-Seventh & Fifth, Inc.

Designs by Ehmar

Frank Lau Jewelry, Inc.

Discover Designs

Freedom Valley Gems

Diva Jewels LLC

G&TG Gems

Dorjee Design inc

Garden of Beadin

Infinity Gems & Diamonds

Gem House USA, Inc.


Gemini Gems

Jennifer Gems and Stone

Gems International, Inc.


Gemstone Material Interior, LLC

Jewelry By Tony

Glitters Import, LLC

Jewelry Kingdom, Inc.

Global Gems Supplier, Inc.

Jewelry Repair


JoJo Jewelry LLC


Jola Designs, Inc.

Golden Highway Jewelry

JP Pearl & Jewelry Inc

Golden Treasure


Hawaiian Design Jewelry Co.

JS Noor

Himalayan Essentials


Ho's Mandarin Imp. & Exp., Inc.

JVW Enterprise LLC.

Kilim Company

K D Gems and Beads, Inc.

La Source Gems, Inc.

Kanchan Impex, Inc.

Lam's Jade Center, Inc.

Kathmandu Design

Leader Wholesalers, Inc.

Katy Desmond Jewelry LLC

liliana international

Kiara Purse

Ling Ling Company

M.A.K. Beads

Lo Rador Gem House

Maharaja Jewels, Inc.

Lucky Handicrafts Co.

Majul & Co

OHCK Natural Hawaiian Jewelry, LLC

Mansion USA, Inc.

Opex Opal

MGR Diamonds

P.F. Jewelry, Ltd.

Mia Mia Jewelry

Pan Lovely Jewelry

Midtown Jewelry Closeout LLC.

Petri Gems

Min Ngai Arts & Crafts

PMI Estate Jewelers


Precious Treasures

Regal Gems Inc

Pretios, LLC

Rosny & Company, Inc.

Silver International

Royal Int'l Enterprise

Silver Planet

S & S Gems, Inc.


S and N Jewelry

Sue's Creations

S. Georgios Inc.

Sunrise USA Trading, Inc.

Sam Davis Designs

Supreme Gems Corporation

Sam's Creation

Ta Pearls

Sayed Creations

Taj Mahal Gems

Shafi Imports, Inc.

Tandon Gems & Jewelry Inc.

Shell la Vie

The Studio

Tibetan Arts and Handicrafts

Tibetan Arts and Handicrafts

Trans Pacific USA, Inc.

Trans Pacific USA, Inc.

Treasure Connection

Treasure Connection


Location of the event


The InterGem Jewelry Show will be held at the following location: 


San Mateo County Event Center

1346 Saratoga Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403


For directions, please click here. 


Restrictions you need to know about


At the event, you should know about the two following restrictions:


The event premises is a no-photography zone.

No children under the age of 9 are permitted at the event.



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