7 Simple Steps to Writing the Perfect Wedding Check

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When attending a wedding, it is customary to bring a gift for the newlyweds. While there are many options to choose from, a check can be a practical and thoughtful gift. However, knowing how to properly make a check out to newlyweds can sometimes be confusing. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to make a check out to newlyweds, ensuring that your gift is both convenient and meaningful. So, let's dive in and learn how to navigate this process smoothly!

7 Steps to Writing the Perfect Wedding Check For The Birde And Groom

1. Understanding the Basics of Writing a Check

Before we delve into making a check out to newlyweds, let's start with the basics of writing a check. Writing a check involves several important components, including the date, payee, amount in words, and amount in numbers. Familiarize yourself with these elements to ensure accuracy and avoid any confusion.

2. Including the Correct Names on the Check

When making a check out to newlyweds, it's crucial to include the correct names. Typically, the names of the couple are hyphenated with the surname of the bride coming first. For example, if the couple's names are Sarah Smith and John Johnson, the check should be made out to "Sarah Smith-Johnson" or "Sarah and John Smith-Johnson." It's essential to confirm the correct spelling and order of the names to avoid any errors.

3. Adding a Memo Line

While not mandatory, adding a memo line to the check can be helpful for the newlyweds. The memo line allows you to include a brief message or indication of the purpose of the gift. For example, you can write "Wedding Gift" or "Congratulations!" in the memo line. This slight touch adds a personal touch to your gift and makes it more memorable for the couple.

4. Using Proper Numerical Representation

When writing the amount on the check, it's crucial to use the correct numerical representation. Write the amount in numbers in the designated box on the right side of the check. Ensure that the decimal point is clear and accurate. For instance, if you intend to gift $500, write "500.00" in the box. This precision is necessary to prevent any confusion or discrepancies when the couple deposits the check.

5. Writing the Amount in Words

Apart from the numerical representation, you must also write the amount in words on the check. This is done in the line below the payee's name. To avoid any alterations or misunderstandings, it's best to begin by writing the dollar amount in words, followed by the word "and," and then the cents. For example, if the gift amount is $500, you would write "Five hundred and 00/100." This ensures that the amount is clear and unambiguous.

6. Double-check 

Double-check the spelling to avoid any mistakes. This step ensures clarity and accuracy when processing the check. Check if you have used the hyphenated form of the couple's names. Be sure to include the decimal point and cents, if applicable. 

7. Sign the check

Finally, sign the check in the lower-right corner. Your signature validates the check and confirms that the funds are authorized to be transferred to the couple. Make sure your signature matches the one on file with your bank.


Now that you have learned how to make a check out to newlyweds, you can confidently contribute a meaningful and convenient gift on their special day. Remember to double-check the names, use proper numerical representation, and consider adding a memo line to personalize your gift. By following these guidelines, you can show your thoughtfulness and make a positive impact on the couple's wedding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let's address some common questions related to making a check out to newlyweds:

Can I make the check out to only one person?

Yes, you can make the check out to only one person if you prefer. However, it's customary to include both names of the newlyweds, as it signifies your acknowledgment and celebration of their union.

What if I'm unsure about the correct spelling of the couple's names?

If you are unsure about the correct spelling of the couple's names, it's best to consult the wedding invitation or reach out to a close friend or family member who may have that information. Accuracy is important, so taking the time to confirm the spelling ensures that the check is properly addressed.

Should I include my address on the check?

Including your address on the check is not necessary, but it can be a thoughtful gesture. Some couples may want to send thank-you notes or acknowledgments, and having your address readily available can make that process easier for them. However, if you prefer to keep your address private, it is perfectly acceptable to omit it.

Can I write a personal message on the check?

While the memo line allows for a brief message, the check itself may not provide enough space for a more extensive personal message. If you wish to include a heartfelt note, it's best to write a separate card or letter to accompany the check. This way, you can express your well-wishes and sentiments without compromising the clarity and accuracy of the check.

Is it appropriate to give a check as a wedding gift?

Absolutely! Giving a check as a wedding gift is a common and practical choice. It allows the couple to use the funds as they see fit, whether it's for their honeymoon, future expenses, or saving toward their goals. Monetary gifts provide flexibility and give the newlyweds the freedom to choose what they need or desire most.

Can I make the check out to "Cash"?

While making the check out to "Cash" is technically possible, it is generally recommended to make it out to the couple's names instead. Making the check payable to the couple ensures that only they can deposit or use the funds. Writing "Cash" may pose a risk if the check gets lost or falls into the wrong hands. To prioritize security and ensure the gift reaches its intended recipients, it's best to use the couple's names on the check.

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