Vintage Engagement Ring Guide for One-of-a-kind Couple

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 13,2018
BF Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings are ideal for the couples those who are particular about wearing something with a touch of history or they are looking for something particularly one-of-a-kind and that nobody already has. Delicate and romantic vintage style engagement ring designs reminiscent of past, History has always influenced the evolution of engagement ring designs. There are many attributes and elements that defines vintage engagement rings, Nevertheless, the distinctive appearance of the rings remain timeless with graceful & elegant lines, audacious & bold shapes and ornamental details. With sinuous & anfractuous details and filigree designs, vintage engagement rings are an ideal choice for one-of-a-kind couple seeking a one-of-a-kind ring. If you are new to buying vintage engagement ring then it’s worth getting to know, how to buy a vintage engagement ring, This guide will acquaint you with vintage eras, patterns and the cuts which will help you to choose one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring.



VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- GEORGIAN ERA- During the Georgian era natural, curlicued floral, and ancient Greco-motifs were well-liked, while settings were mostly made out of gold or silver. Georgian vintage rings are very delicate and fragile, so the couple should take special care in choosing the engagement rings from the Georgian era.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- Victorian-era- Engagement rings from the Victorian era are typically ornate and have engraved gold settings. This era is defined by the regnant of Queen Victoria. Victorian engagement rings often exhibit cluster agglomeration and larger colored stones surrounded by diamonds.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- EDWARDIAN ERA- This era is defined by the reign of Queen Victoria’s son, EdwardVII. Metal Platinum was the choice for fine and superlative ornaments in the Edwardian era. The platinum band rings were intricately engraved and they were exquisite and graceful.     


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- ART DECO ERA- In Art deco era emerald cut and diamond baguettes ushered in a new geometric look that was much more minimalist and austere than previous eras but Platinum continued to be the most popular metal to use in engagement rings. An Art Deco engagement ring would be perfect for the couple, who are attracted to symmetry, straight lines, and fine detailing.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- RETRO ERA- In Retro times, new cuts of diamonds including the pear shape and marquise-cut were introduced and remained well liked. rings in a Retro era were bold and oversized.


Each era has a different style of engagement rings.

VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RINGS- CHARACTERISTICS  There are many different characteristics that define vintage engagement rings


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING -naturesque PATTERNS- Naturesque Patterns are found in Georgian era vintage engagement rings. These patterns are inspired by nature which can be seen in the metal work. Common Naturesque Patterns illustrates blossoms, leaves & petals and butterflies.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING-MILGRAIN / BEADING- Milgrain is a flashy characteristic of vintage engagement rings. Milgrains are the border of beads typically set around edges creating a sophisticated look.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- FILIGREE- Filigree patterns are found in Edwardian era vintage engagement rings. These patterns are very delicate and dainty. Filigree is an elaborate design that is glamorous and ostentatious. They commonly resemble ribbons and flowers.

VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- GEOMETRIC SHAPES- Geometric shapes are typically found in Art Deco era vintage engagement rings. These vintage engagement rings are crafted with parallel and symmetrical lines and length. Some of the popular geometrical shapes are squares, rectangles, octagons, and triangles.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RINGS- DIAMOND CUTS  Vintage diamond cuts & shapes are an excellent option for those couples who are obsessed with vintage style. These vintage diamond cuts & shapes are a throwback to as early as the vintage eras when diamond cutting was a new phenomenon.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING -POINT CUT DIAMONDS- Point cut diamond is for those couples who are looking for the natural shape of a diamond. Pointcut diamond shape is close to that commonly found in many naturally occurring diamonds. It is octahedral in shape.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- FRENCH CUTS- Back in 1700s french cut diamonds gained popularity. Couples those who are looking for rings that are crafted with parallel and symmetrical lines and length can blindly go for french cut rings. Some of the french cut shapes are squares, rectangles, octagons, and triangles.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING-OLD EUROPEAN CUTS- The old European shape is often delineated as the most “advanced” vintage diamond cut. Old European cuts are circular in shapes. They are great for the couples who are looking for statement diamond rings. Their circular shape depicts beauty and grace.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING - SINGLE CUTS/EIGHT CUT- Single cut diamonds enhance the sparkle of larger brilliant cut diamonds. Single cut diamond is used in a band setting to frame any center set diamond.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING- ROSE CUT DIAMONDS- Rose cut diamonds resembles a rosebud in bloom. Rose cut diamond rings are very elite and classy to wear. These are for ultra sophisticated brides those who are looking for something vintage yet modern.


VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING-CUSHION CUT DIAMONDS-  Cushion cut diamonds are also known as old mine. These old mines resemble modern age cushion cut diamonds. They are for those contemporary couples who believe in old is gold. They are elite and have a classic vintage look.

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