3 Reasons You Should Not Design a Custom Engagement Ring


In our previous article, we discussed custom engagement rings and their advantages. We gave you a few reasons to opt for quirky, attractive, and highly intimate custom engagement rings. But, as we know the grass is always greener on the other side, buying a custom engagement ring has some disadvantages too. So, in today’s article, we will learn about 3 factors that tell when and why to say a No to custom engagement rings.


Disadvantages of Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Here are top 3 disadvantages of designing a custom engagement ring:


You will need to spend more time

The first and the foremost thing you will need to spend is the time. In today’s time, where brides and grooms prefer to same as much time as they can, giving a significant portion of time on designing custom rings would be tough for you. It is because of the quintessential elements, designs, and the jeweler. Your hunt will start from a custom engagement ring jeweler near you. After that, you will be spending a lot of time on discussing and planning about the ring shape and designs. What are the elements that are in trend and are they on your wishlist too? This kind of questions will take a significant time of yours. So, get ready for a comparatively larger time investment when planning to design your own custom engagement ring.


Custom engagement rings cost more

If designing and wearing a custom engagement ring is not your desire, you better avoid spending on it. No matter the look and feel of such custom designed engagement rings are unique but so as the money involved. It will cost pretty more as compared to a pre-ready engagement ring. Hence, if you are planning a small wedding budget or want to put a limit on your wedding expenses, try not to go for custom engagement rings. You can invest that extra cost on your dream home, car, or maybe on your honeymoon.


They are non-refundable

Let us suppose you got the best jeweler around your residence and he made exactly what you’ve told him to do. Now what? Do the sparkle and quirky factor involved in the ring guarantees that your fiance would love to wear it? He may or may not like it. In the second case, you will be facing huge money losses as the ring which you have designed on your own would not be refunded. The jeweler is not going to replace or refund your money for that. So, make sure the ring matches the style and taste of your fiance. It would be better if you take him out of the engagement ring shopping. This will, no doubt, break the surprise factor but would definitely help you stay on the positive side of wedding expenses.



So, if money is not an important factor for you and you have enough time for custom engagement ring designing, go ahead with these quirky engagement rings. But, as we have already mentioned, do not forget to consider your fiance’s taste and style while customizing the ring. Else would be fine!

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