Golden Tips to Keep your Engagement Ring Clean for Long

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 08,2018


Congratulations on the shiny and stunning ring that your sweetheart has presented you. But what next? He bent down and proposed you with the gorgeous ring and did best on his part. What about you? How would you keep it as shiny and sparkling as it is for the rest of your life? What if it gets stolen or damaged? How would you take care of the most expensive ring that you will be wearing for years?

Well, if all this has been bothering you, get a sigh of relief because you have landed on the right platform. From taking care of engagement rings to getting it insured against wear and tear, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to clean and take care of your engagement ring like a pro.


Ring insurance is mandatory

The engagement ring has its own importance not just because of the emotions attached but for the money that your fiance splurged on it. Rings made up of Diamonds, Solitaire, or high-quality gemstones are quite expensive and hence deserve to be insured. Yes, you heard it right. Rings too get insured against damage or stolen conditions. Though this would not bring your ring back you do get a decent compensation for that. The exact amount of ring insurance compensation varies from insurance to insurance. So, if you are surprised by a stunning, sparkling, and one of the most expensive ring, get it insured against any damage/stolen situations. He chooses the best ring for you and now it’s your turn to keep it safe and insured for the rest of your life.


Be careful while cleaning your ring

Cleaning your engagement ring at home is good but not at the cost of any damage, especially when the ring is too expensive to bear damage. Hence, you should be careful while cleaning your engagement ring at home. Use of any chemical, including detergent and soap water should be avoided. It would be better if you get some advice from a professional jeweler about cleaning and caring for the ring. Visit your nearest jewelry store with your ring, show it to the jeweler and he will tell you what would go best in your ring. If he says, you can clean it gently with detergent and warm water, go ahead. Else, ask him to clean it on his own to avoid any potential damage to the ring.


Youtube video tutorial does not work for every ring type

DIY is in trend these days. Everyone with a little bit of knowledge is now available with his own channel on youtube and gives advice for almost everything. There is video that says put your ring into a glass full of beer and it will regain shine and luster. Well, this may or may not work for your ring type but can cause severe damage to the ring, if do not work accordingly. Exposing your ring to harsh chemicals is never advised.


Take it off when needed

If you are a kind of person who loves doing gardening, home repairs, or any other hand-centric activities, do remember to take off your ring at the right time. Any particular strenuous activities can actually wear down, scratch, dent, or bend the band of your engagement ring. And, if it’s the diamonds or the gemstones, the risk of getting your ring damaged, becomes even bigger. What if the stone of the ring fall out or get an irreplaceable dent/mark? To avoid this, always take off your ring while doing any kind of strenuous activity. Keep it safe until you are done with your work.


Get it professionally checked

Rings do need a checkup for the potential wear and tear they might get with time. A yearly checkup by a professional jeweler ensures a longer life to the ring. Plus it adds more charm and shines to the ring keeping your happy memories fresher for long. Hence, it is advised to bring your ring to a professional jewelry store and get it checked for wear and tear. This should be done at least once a year but doing it twice a year would be a great idea.


Wrapping Up

In our heart, we all have a special place for our rings - be it an engagement ring or a wedding band. The feelings and emotions attached to are priceless and this gives us a reason to keep it clean and shining for years. Taking care of the rings is not easy but it’s neither a rocket science. All you need is to have some basic knowledge about ring cleaning, dedication to get it checked yearly, and careful mind to keep it safe and secure against wear and tear. Through the content of this article, we tried to put some points that can help you clean your ring regularly. Hope this works for you.

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