Things Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 11,2018
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Have you recently got engaged and can’t stop flaunting that shiny and adorable engagement ring right there in your hand? Hold on!! Your ring can drop a hint of what kind of person you are. Yes, you heard it right. The style and shape of the engagement ring can actually speak a lot about you. No matter who you are - a person who tends to look for classy things or a tomboy who never care of what other say - the engagement ring has a superpower to reflect your choices and desire, though in a favorable way.


Didn’t get it? No worries. Be with us in this article and get to know about different ring styles and their hidden meanings. Look down to your ring and know what does it reflects.


You are lovey-dovey women

That heart-shaped ring in your ring finger reflects that you are so romantic. You love to express and get attention. You are a person who understands the importance of differences and appreciates the same without being judgemental. You are a true researcher who knows well how to impress your partner and keep him happy all the time. You always try to relate to his thoughts but can’t stop yourself being carried away with little emotions. Girls, this heart-shaped engagement ring says that you are a romantic person who enjoys attention and love.


You are a Paleophlile

You are a vintage lover. You love things reflecting traditionalism and ancient imprints in their elements. Antique jewelry always attracts you more than those sparkly diamonds. If you are wearing a kind of antique and vintage ring, people are surely going to get a hint about your interest and preferences.


You believe in fairy-tales

A bride wearing a princess-cut engagement ring reflects her affection to fairy tales. Such brides are glamours and show their affection with a bit of PDA( Public Displays of Affection). You may believe in a dreamy world and expect your partner to treat you like a princess. With this ring in your hand, people can expect that your wedding might be one of those inspired by a fairy-tale.


You are ingenious

A colorful engagement ring shows that the bride or bride-to-be loves to stand out from the crowd. She is a woman of her own kind and never mind to showcase her amazing energy in front of others. Based on her choice of ring, one can predict the style of the wedding dress she will be wearing on her D-day. She might be wearing a kind of unconventional wedding dress with some quirky embellishments.


You are a slacker

You are an effortlessly chic and believes in “less is more”. Based on this minimal design ring pattern, we can predict that you won’t be carrying a fascinating flower bouquet on your wedding day. Instead, a simple yet elegant bouquet of lilies would go best for your case. You always follow a practical approach and cannot see things getting wasted. At your wedding, you probably would not be asking for any gift registry. Instead, you might ask your guests to contribute to your favorite cause keeping things as simple as you can.


Wrapping Up

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. The way your partner appease you and ask you to accept the ring and say yes to become his better half creates a lifelong memory. Amid by such feelings, you might get excited wear a ring that may not suit your style. No worries. Through the content of this article, we have tried our level best to cover the top-most ring styles that brides choose. The hidden meanings behind such engagement ring styles have also been covered.

Hope this works for you.

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