How to Wear Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Nov 13,2017


Wedding rings hold a special place in one’s heart. Apart from emotions and love, wedding ring also witnesses the years-long traditions that people still follow with due respect. Wearing ring on two important moments of life, Engagement and Wedding is a way to show unconditional commitment and purity that one has for their partner.

This beautiful tradition of exchanging rings sometimes creates confusions among the would-be couple. Here we are talking about wearing the two rings; Engagement ring and Wedding band together. As per traditions, the wedding ring has to be worn on the ring finger, adjacent to pinky. But, what if you are already wearing the engagement ring on your ring finger?

Well, this creates confusion which has to be resolved.

If wearing the wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, seems a daunting task, you have landed on the right platform. Here we will talk about what are the possible ways to wear both the rings, without hurting traditional sentiments.


Method-1: Wear Your Wedding Band Alone

In this case, simply wear the wedding band on the ring finger of your left-hand side. Make sure, you wear it on the right finger as vein running through the ring finger connect to the heart. This tradition originated in ancient Rome and people are still following it.  So, go with the flow and wear it on your ring finger alone.


Wondering about the engagement ring?

Well, you can wear that occasionally. You can wear that on your engagement anniversary, on a special date and more.


Method-2: Wear Wedding Band and Engagement Ring on Separate Hands

Sometimes wearing the wedding and engagement rings on the same makes you uncomfortable. If you want to escape from such situations, try wearing them on separate hands. This is the best way of wearing both the rings without losing comfort. You can wear the engagement ring on the ring finger and wedding ring on the other hand. 


Method-3: Traditional Way of Wearing Both the Rings

In this method, you can wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together on the same finger. In this case, make sure you wear the engagement ring first and wedding ring at number two.



Well, this is because the traditions say the bride has to wear the rings in the order she received them. This means while wearing the two rings, the engagement ring should go down first followed by the wedding band.


Method-4: Alternating between Wedding & Engagement Rings

This is another method of wearing the two rings in the same hand. In this case, you can wear the rings on alternate fingers of left hand. The best positions are index finger and ring finger. You can wear rings on any of these fingers.

So, wear the engagement ring on the index finger and wedding band on the ring finger and when you feel bored, simply alternate the positions of the two rings. The same can be done to the right hand. As simple as that!


Method-5: Choosing Your Own Way of Wearing Rings

If nothing seems exciting, choose your own unique way of wearing the two rings. Rings are a symbol of love and commitment and the method to show the same can be different. Instead of wearing it as a ring, you can wear it as a pendant, bracelet, or something else that no one has tried.

You love your partner without any conditions, and you need not to prove that by following any traditions. Wear them the way you want, it’s your choice.


The Takeaway

These were some common methods that brides use to wear engagement and wedding rings. If you are planning something different, do let us know. We would love to share that with our would-be-brides.

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