Stunning Diamonds To Consider For Wedding Rings

Author: yashovardhan sharma on May 22,2018
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While you look for your dream wedding ring, the shape of diamonds is often overlooked by most of the people as we focus more on the design of the ring rather than its cut. Although, it is the foremost thing that you should look for as you proceed further with your wedding ring shopping. Whether you know it or are not aware of the thing associated with the cut of diamond that every shape has its own quality and twinkle which one can’t understand at first glance.

At the time of buying a ring, it becomes quite difficult for you to pick the right shape for you. There are some couples who pick a certain shape on the basis of their personality. On the other hand, there are people who choose style over uniqueness.


Stunning Shapes of Wedding Rings

In this article, we have rounded up a list of dramatically dazzling diamond shapes for your wedding rings. Let’s spill the beans!

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The most popular shape is “the fancy cut”, which is popular as princess-cut diamonds. The classic shape was first made in the 80s and over the period of time, it has been modified by the designers. The sharp square shape reflects the light back due to its too flat and smooth surface of the gem. This shape gives your ring a completely different look which enforces brides-to-be to select it as their wedding ring.


Cushion-Cut Diamonds

These diamonds are fancy square-shaped with rounded corners diamonds, exhibiting a softer outline over the above kind (princess cut gems). A lot of people have referred it as a pillow due to its unique shape and which is why it is named as “cushion” cut. There have been many rumors about this particular shape regarding the sustainability and quality, although none of them is correct. Nowadays, the designers have modified the design and pattern of the ring as it comes more with a vintage appeal.


Oval Diamonds

Mostly consider it as a modified version of round shape with similar characteristics. When you look at this kind, you will find similar brilliance, gleam, and fire. The oval shape is technically old-fashion shape which suits more on long and sleek fingers.


Marquise Diamonds

When it comes to elongated shapes, marquise diamonds top the list. This football-shaped cut creates the illusion of much larger diamond. The shape looks best on the hands with small and tiny fingers so that its elongated shape complements your hand.


Round-Shaped Diamonds

Round-shaped diamonds are topping the list and the popularity of this shape will be continued in the coming years. Approximately 75% of round diamonds are used in engagement or wedding rings. A round shape enhances the brightness and beauty of overall look of the ring. This one is the most elegant, simple and subtle among the shapes of the diamond.


Last Words

As of now, you must have got an idea of the right diamond shape for your fingers. Just in case, you want to some more oomph to your wedding look, you can simply comment below.

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