Do's and Don'ts: Hiring a Wedding Photographer

BF  Hiring a Wedding Photographer


Planning to visit your wedding photographer for the first time, but wondering what to ask and what not? No worries! Be with us in this article and know about Dos and Donts of hiring a wedding photographer.

Tips to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Here are the tips and tricks to choose a wedding photographer. Have a look at them.

Do ask him about the costing in advance

Every photographer is different and so as his terms to pay the fees. If you are visiting a photographer's studio for your wedding album, make sure you ask about his payment plan in advance. What would be the percentage of the first installment, is he agreed to accept a cheque or not, what are the hidden costs that can slip your mind on the wedding day are some of the questions that you should ask him right in the first meet.

Do ask him to show his latest samples

Every wedding is special and so as its memories. You may see a wedding as a one day function, but your memories and wedding album makes it a lifelong moment that you can cherish throughout your life. But, what if your wedding pictures come out to be a bit outdated or below average? This can be devastating. To avoid this, always ask your wedding photographer to show some of the latest samples. Doing so, you will be assured of the picture quality and ideas that he will be using for your wedding.

Do contact his latest customers

While scanning his latest wedding samples, you might become suspicious about their authenticity. For this, you can ask him to provide contact numbers of some of his clients so that you can get to know about their personal experiences. This is essential because the photographer might have attained a reputed degree in photography, but how he behaves and handles your wedding nuptials depends on his inner personality. What if he misbehaves with your wedding guests or does not reach on time? This all can be asked from his previous clients. So, do ask him about this in detail and stay assured.

Do not pay him in full before the wedding day

There are some photographers who may ask you to pay in full much before the wedding day. It is advised not to pay them in full but make sure you do not. Paying in full means you are trusting him that he will be on time, click every single picture with due quality, and will be there till you are done with your last wedding picture. However, this may or may not happen in reality. Payment is the only thing that all wedding vendors rely upon. Once you are done with that, they will hardly entertain you, and even if they do so, it would surely not be the same as they did before the wedding. Hence, always pay him in installments so that he is forced to serve you better throughout the wedding day.

Do not hesitate to ask for a break

Posing and smiling for a whole day long can be too lethargic for both bride and groom. It may reflect on your face, posture, and ultimately on your wedding photographs. To avoid this, do ask your photographer for a break so that you can regain that smile on your face. For that moment, just close your eyes, look into the sky, and pose again for that picture-perfect shot. And you are good to shine in your wedding pictures.

Hope this works for you.

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