6 Tips to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Photos

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 23,2018
BF Fabulous Wedding Photos


Looking good in wedding picture is every bride’s right. Your wedding dress, your veil, the heels, and that smile deserves to be captured on camera in a most beautiful way. Those who are photogenic and know how to face the camera, have always ruled in their wedding album but the case is different for non-photogenic persons. In this article, we will learn what tricks one can use to look awesome on their wedding album. From the right pose to right technique to smile, this article will tell you everything about good postures for wedding photoshoots.


Roll your tongue to avoid double chin

Double chins can plague even the slimmest of women in pictures. If you do not want to become one of them, use the magic rule - Tongue up and chin in. All you need to do is roll your tongue so that it touches the roof of your mouth and then give a nice smile. It might feel strange but believe us it really works. Doing this, you will be able to avoid dreaded double chin as it elongates your neck and jawline. Make sure not to tense up too much else it will reflect on your face.


Do master the celeb pose

Have you ever tried the flattering red carpet pose? If not, it's time to practice it to look the best in your wedding photographs. You will be surprised to know that this pose can actually make you look up to 10 pounds lighter and slimmer. The trick is to stand in the right position and place your hands at the right place. Hence, while posing for the picture-perfect shot always remember to stand with your hips rotated 45 degrees away from the camera. To balance properly, put your weight on the back foot, bend the knee a bit, and put one hand on your hip.


Relax your face

Wedding photoshoots do take time and this can make you tired as well. To get a clear idea about this, just recall a wedding where you saw a bride smiling and posing for the wedding photoshoot. Did you notice how long had she been doing this? That is the point. At your wedding, you will be doing the same. Those long-hours photoshoots, frequent flashlights, grinning and smiling, and forcing your body to stay in shape for the picture-perfect shots, can actually leave you exhausted. To avoid this, push the reset button whenever you get time. Close your eyes, let your lips fall back and relax your face for another shot. You can also ask your photographer to count out loud when your eyes are closed. At the count of 3, open up your eyes, put a smile, and pose for the best shot.


Lift your arms to the sides

Most of the wedding dresses are sleeveless and this may tempt you to put your arms close to your dress. Well, this can make your arms look bigger and shoulder broader. Instead of this, try lifting your arms to the sides making enough breathing space for your biceps and triceps.


Try to stay calm when shutter snaps

We know it’s very hard to keep your eyes relaxed against flashlights but this can be done in a smooth way as well. If you are afraid of blinking in pictures, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer to take one more shot. In the world of digital cameras, it costs nothing to shoot another frame or more. Also, if you try too hard to keep your eyes wide open against flashlights, they'll get drier. So, take care of this.


Don't forget to smile

A smile is the best yet minimal expression that you can make while posing for a wedding photoshoot. The brides who have witnessed one of the best wedding photoshoots have one thing in common. They smiled - not only with their lips but with their eyes. Hence, stop thinking about will you or will you not look good, just smile and be true to yourself.


The Takeaway

The wedding is the most important day for every bride and the groom. For your guests, it may be another wedding function but for you, it is a life-long memory that stays fresh and alive in your mind, heart, and of course the wedding album. Hence, try your best to look as good as you can in your wedding pictures. If you are not a photogenic person, practice some tricks and poses with your significant other much before the wedding day.

Hope this works for you.


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