Wedding Superstitions You Can Simply Ignore

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 12,2018
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Unluckiest day, jealousy, and bad luck forewarnings? Know about the most common wedding superstitions that you can simply ignore or put your own twist on.


The bride and the groom should not meet and see each other before the wedding day

The Superstition: According to folklore, the bride and the groom were not supposed to see each other until the last minute. This was done to assure that the groom does not change his mind even at the last minute. We know this sounds crazy but our ancestors used to think like this. As time passes, things changed and so as this custom. A general idea was made about this tradition that seeing his bride face before the wedding day may bring bad luck for the groom.

In Reality: Today’s we all live in a world where couples not only see each other but plan and discuss their wedding before their D-day. They meet, shop, and pose for pre-wedding photoshoots minutes before the ceremony. But, yes there are couples who want to stick to this tradition because of the excitement and anticipation involved. After All, there’s nothing that can beat an emotional first look photograph.


Soon-to-be-married couples should stay away from yellow roses

The Superstition: Back in the days of the Victorian era, flowers were used to symbolize for different words and meanings. Wherein the pretty tulips were associated with unconditional love and passion, yellow roses were known as a symbol of jealousy. Due to this reason, the bride and the groom were not allowed to carry yellow roses in any form.

In Reality: Flowers should always be linked to love and beauty. If you love yellow roses or have any special feelings for them, feel free to include them in your wedding. Believe us - there are many couples who have actually incorporated seriously gorgeous yellow floral arrangements at their wedding. So, just go for it.


Dropping ring during the ceremony points to something really bad

The Superstition: During the wedding ceremony, if the bride or the groom mistakenly drops the wedding ring, there’s something uncertain which is going to happen with the couple. This is another wedding superstition that all soon-to-be married couples get to hear.

In Reality: Life loves giving surprises and we have to accept it in any case. There is nothing that we can predict. If dropping a ring really hints to your doomed future( We know it won’t), let it be. You cannot do anything about it. So, just pick up the ring, clean it up, and place it where it is meant to be. This would be far better than stressing about what will happen.


Don’t get married on a Saturday

The Superstition: Of all the wedding superstitions, avoiding getting married on Saturdays is the most common. According to Folklores, Saturday is the unluckiest day to get married. Not only this, the bride and the groom were actually said to avoid getting married in the month of May and 13th of any month. For Romans, this is the time to celebrate the festival for the dead. Hence, couples were not allowed to get married in this month. However, 13th is still the unluckiest date to start something new in your life.

In Reality: If you cannot decide whether to avoid or choose one of the above-mentioned dates, just look down to your busy work schedule and you will get an answer. If you do not see any other day as promising than these dates, just go for that. Else, move on to the new dates and a new season.


Groom should carry the bride over the threshold

The Superstition: According to Ancient Romans, the groom has to carry the bride over the threshold of the couple's home. This was supposed to protect her from evil spirits.

In Reality: You can do it for fun. Once you are done from your honeymoon and arriving at groom’s parent's house, just do it. You can also give it a contemporary twist. Just walk hand in hand into your new home together instead. That would look too romantic.


The Conclusion

Wedding superstitions do have an importance and we totally agree with that but, there’s no harm in modifying them a bit as per your comfort. In this article, we read about 5 superstitions that are associated with every wedding. Hope you have enjoyed this.


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