How to Prevent Breakouts On The Wedding Day

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Dec 20,2017

BF Tips to Prevent Breakouts Wedding Day


In today’s fast pacing world where pollution is at its peak, getting a clean and clear skin has become a dream. For brides-to-be, this has been the most challenging part of their pre-bridal wedding planning. The main aim is to stop breakouts ruining your special day. In this article, we will learn some Do’s and Don’ts every bride-to-be should follow to avoid having any breakouts. If you are planning to get married, be with us in this article and flaunt a clean and clear skin on your big celebration day.

Do not Sleep with Your Makeup On

You should never sleep with your make up on. No matter how hectic day you had and how tired you are feeling, sleeping without putting your makeup off is a clear invitation to breakouts that you would never want to have. The easiest way to avoid acne & breakouts is to wash your face several times a day. Ideally, you should wash your face at least twice times a day – at mornings and right before the bedtime. This is the best thing you can do to pull all the dirt and bacteria out that your skin has swallowed through the day. This will make your skin clean and fresh.

Let your Skin Breathe

Makeup, no doubt helps us get an even-toned, flawless, and more confident skin but aren’t we using it too much. Prolonged use of makeup products makes our skin harsh making it more prone to breakouts and blackheads. Prep your skin for the wedding day by allowing it to relax and revive without makeup products. Avoid using any foundation or concealer weeks before your wedding. This will help your skin get some breath a little bit before the big celebration day.


Do not Touch your Face

One of the common reasons why women face pigmentation and breakouts is that they touch their face many times a day. We eat, drink, work, and do a lot of things using our hands making them prone to bacteria and germs. Touching our face with the bacteria prone hands makes a way to many skin diseases that we often ignore. We cannot wash our hands all the time..agreed, but can’t we skip this habit of touching our face all the time. We know it’s not that easy but try to resist and if you can’t keep a hand sanitizer with you so at least your hands will remain clean.


Say Goodbye to Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliators or scrubs can be harsh on your skin and you should not take a risk using the same a few weeks before your wedding. Not all the exfoliators are harsh but once the countdown begins, there is no need to take any risk. Just adhere to basic skincare routines that include light face cleansing using a mild face wash and of course a moisturizer.


Quit Eating Fast Food

Oily food results in an oily face making a gateway to breakouts and acne. If you are planning to get married in a month or two, stop eating greasy food. No matter how badly you want to have those fried potato chips or cheesy pizza, if you want to look good on the wedding day, keep such foods at bay. Try to switch to healthy foods including veggies and fruits that will make your skin look effortlessly clear and fresh.


Get Some Exercise

if you want to have a clean and a clear skin on your wedding day, go for some basic exercises that are good for your skin as well as for the body. You can try some good Yoga poses for a radiant skin or can opt for cycling, and so on. The whole idea is to keep yourself engaged in lightweight exercise making your blood circulation system good. The better your body circulates blood, the clearer skin you will have. So ladies, go and get some moves.


The Conclusion

In this article, we have tried our level best to cover all the key factors that lead to acne and breakouts. In case, we missed any, do let us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you. We will revert back as soon as possible.

Hope this works for you. 

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