How to Write Beautiful Personalized Wedding Vows

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Dec 15,2017

BF Write Beautiful Personalized Wedding Vows


Want to ditch the traditional wedding vows wording? If yes, this article is worth your while. Be with us in this article and learn how to write a personalized wedding vows wording for your big day. No, you need not be a Shakespeare to make everyone fall in love with your writing. You can actually do that if follow a right approach. Get ideas from the content of this article and learn how to write a unique wedding vow wording that everyone would love to hear again and again.


Decide the type

Wedding vows can be traditional, romantic, quirkier, or even humorous. It all depends on your personality what you choose and present on the wedding day. Following the traditional methods to say your wedding vows is not outdated but, looking for something different would add a special element to the entire occasion. Who you are, what you feel, and what your post-wedding goals are meant for, is something that should be reflected in your wedding vows wording.


Writing vows together

Do you want your partner to sit with you when you are writing the wedding vows? If yes, just ask him about this in advance so that he can plan accordingly. Maybe he is also willing to write together but, did not get a chance to ask. There are couples who want to keep this a secret till the big day arrives. If you want to see your partner gaze at you while listening to the wedding vows, just go for the second option. Keep your wedding vows a secret and see how he reacts when you say that wording.


Ask the officiant in advance

If you are planning to write personal wedding vows, make sure you ask the wedding officiant about this in advance. There are officiants who strictly follow the traditions and do not allow non-religious wedding vows wording. If you do not want to face last-minute hurdles, meet your officiant a few days before the wedding and ask him whether he is ok with the non-religious wedding vows wording or not. He may want to read the wording in advance, so be ready with the same on that day.


Getting started with personal wedding vows

Once everything is sorted, it’s time to start writing the vows. You may find it difficult to start because it’s not easy to express your feelings in a line or two. To get started with this, take a look back at your relationship. Go to the time when you first saw your partner and the time when you met him, and the time when he proposed you, and every single moment that brings a smile on your face. The more you get deeper, the easier the writing part would be. Hence, start recalling your initial days of love and the writer inside you will automatically come out.


Do not exceed the length

When writing the wedding vows bear in mind that the wedding vows ceremony is supposed to run max 2-3 minutes. Hence, you need to write it short yet effective enough to grab the attention of your partner and the guests as well. After all, you won’t want to make your guests bore and the ceremony drag unnecessarily.


Read it loud

No matter how good your wedding vows wording is, if you are not saying it loud it won’t be as effective as it deserves. Try to be clear and loud when reading your wedding on the big day. For better results, you can practice reading wedding vows in advance. Practicing in front of a large mirror is a good idea.


Be yourself

Experts say, there is nothing wrong or right in the wedding vows wording. It’s all about what you feel about your partner. Just be true to yourself and write down your feeling on a piece of paper. It will come out as a masterpiece, for sure.


The Takeaway

These were a few ideas that you can try when writing your wedding vows wording. There is no trick that can help you write like a poet, but, true feelings are expressed into words create a magic which is no less than a masterpiece. So, just be true to yourself, think about your love and write it down.

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