Top Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Nov 13,2017

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Instead of so many preparations and planning, every bride feels nervous and less confident about her wedding day. If you too are counting days for your wedding day to come, take help from common mistakes listed in this article that you must avoid for a perfect wedding.

Here’s a list of common wedding planning mistakes that a bride-to-be should avoid.


You are skipping meals

We agree that getting married is stealing your sleep but it is affecting your skin too. Taking less sleep as required can actually obstruct your inner glow that you are expecting on the wedding day. To avoid this, try to have meals on time, especially in the morning.

On your wedding day, make sure you take a bite or two for breakfast and lunch. This will help you look as awesome as you are on your special day.


You are spending too much on photo shoots

This is another mistake that comes on the list of common wedding fails that brides should avoid. We know how important it is to have a perfect couple portrait that you can admire again and again. But, spending your most of the time on photo shoot can make your guest staring into space. Also, the lengthy photo shoots often end up with redundant pictures that you won’t be using at all.

So, try not to follow every single instruction by your photographer so that you can give time to other things also.


Uncovered gap between ceremony and dinner

If you are getting married in the early evening, make sure you cover the gap between the ceremony and reception dinner, appropriately. You can include some entertaining activities like Live Music, games, or even a magic show. The whole idea behind this is that your guest should not feel bored due to this large gap that can reflect on your marriage occasion.


You are not wishing the guests

This is one of the most common mistakes that brides make while addressing their guests. So, make sure you do not repeat this mistake. Saying a hello or merely giving a smile can make your guests feel warmed and welcomed. And you can do that, right?


You are putting dress alteration on hold

Are you assuming that your dress will not require any alteration and you can send someone to pick it up for you?

This is the most common wedding planning mistakes that you are making. The dress may have some alteration issues that can put you in big troubles. So, always try it at least 7 days before your wedding to check the size issues. Also, make sure you try the dress a day before wedding to check small fixing and touch ups.


You are sending Thank You cards late

You can thank your guests for coming and being the part of your special day, through Thank You Cards. This is the formal way to wish wedding guests and can work for your case too. To give a personal touch to the wedding cards, you can try some DIY tips and tricks. Adding a personal note can also be done.

According to the wedding etiquettes, Thank You cards should be sent anywhere between two weeks to two months after the wedding. Doing it after a gap of 6 months doesn’t work at all. So, make sure you follow the wedding etiquettes, properly.


You are not carrying the Backup kit

Every bride tries her best to look good on her D-day but sometimes things go wrong. So, be prepared for some worse situations by carrying a back-up kit with you. The kit must contain all the make-up essentials like safety pins, touch-up products, perfume, and more.


Overdosing hair a night before the wedding

In a bid to have a perfect hairstyle on the wedding day, most of the brides overdose their hair on the night before the wedding. As you know overdoing of anything is harmful, they end up with unmanageable and greasy hair.

If you don’t want this to happen with your hair, go easy with your roots, especially a night before the wedding. Just go for mild shampoo and conditioning and leave other things for your hair stylists.


The Bottom Line

So, these were the few mistakes that a bride-to-be should avoid. We have tried our level best to cover most of the wedding fails that are done by the bride side. In case, you have something new to share that we have missed, do let us know.

We would love to add it to our list.

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