Planning a Wedding While Still in School

Author: admin Published on : Feb 25,2015

BF Planning a Wedding While Still in School


Time Crunch or Crunch Time?

While browsing around the internet to wedding websites, there seems to be lots of brides to be that are college students, working on their masters degrees or doing studying of some sort. Planning a wedding can be rough, studying at any kind of school can be rough, but put the two together and you get insanity! Don’t panic. Here are some tips on how to keep your wedding plans under control while still studying for finals.


Wedding Planning Time Table

Although you would love to work on wedding stuff everyday instead of being in class learning psychology, try to concentrate on your school work first. Don’t let your grades go because you are in the middle of searching for flowers with the florist. Think about spending time working on school first and then reward yourself with wedding plans if you have time. Try to only take one day a week, (maybe on the weekend) to work on your wedding plans. This way, you will structure your time better and won’t get your wedding planning confused with your school assignments.


Use Holiday Vacations or School Breaks For Wedding Plans

Use times when school is out to gain opportunities to work on your wedding plans and get a lot done. Even though many students take summer classes, summer is an prime time for wedding planning because most students are on vacation and most wedding vendors are in the height of their wedding season. Suggest you make appointments and reservations to avoid problems.


Get Wedding Planning Ideas

You might start to notice other girls who are sporting rings on their left hands. Get to talk to these girls and learn about their weddings and their plans. You might share tips with each other, maybe even have a wedding shopping buddy that will give you someone to talk to about your wedding plans.


Take A Family or Marriage Class

A lot of colleges offer classes from their sociology departments that deal with marriage or family. Most church’s offer marriage counseling and some consider it a “must” months prior to marriage ceremony. A class on marriage lets you learn more about how to make a marriage work and also helps you learn about weddings and marriages. (Which is what you are thinking about most of the time during your engagement, and you get a grade for it!) A family or marriage class also helps prepare you for the life after the wedding, and may even help give your mind a break from the stress of planning.


Tighten Your Budget

College brides to be are not only paying for their tuitions but for parts of their wedding also. College and weddings can be expensive, so start saving now. Set aside money for school and for your wedding. Check into scholarships so that you do not bury yourself in debt with school loans and then a wedding. Saving money does not mean you can’t go out and have fun with friends and enjoy your self every once in a while, set a budget and a savings plan for the two and adhere to it.


Don’t Let The Wedding Plans Overwhelm You

Just because you are balancing school and wedding plans doesn’t mean you have to have wedding on the brain all the time. Spend time with your fiancé, he’s the reason you are getting married. Taking a break from the wedding plans helps you plan better once the wedding gets closer, and also keeps you from overloading from stress. Sometimes taking a break can also help you remember the reason why you are getting married in the first place: that special guy whom you love and cherish.

Planning a wedding and going to school is tough, but it can be done. Good luck you college brides to be!

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