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Premarital Counseling

Are you and your partner getting ready to walk down the aisle? Congratulations! Before saying "I do," it's important to invest time and effort into preparing for your future together. One of the best ways to do this is by undergoing premarital counseling. And with the rise of online counseling services, you can now access top-notch guidance and support from the comfort of your own home. In this guide, we will explore the best online premarital counseling services that are available to help you build a stronger relationship and set a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and happiness.

What Is Online Premarital Counseling?

Online premarital counseling is a form of therapy designed to help engaged couples prepare for marriage and build a strong foundation for their relationship. Conducted virtually through video calls, phone calls, or messaging platforms, online premarital counseling offers couples the opportunity to explore and address various aspects of their relationship in a convenient and accessible format. This may include discussions about communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, financial management, family dynamics, and expectations for marriage.

Through guided sessions with a licensed therapist or counselor, couples can gain insight into their relationship dynamics, help to deal with premarital stress learn practical tools for navigating challenges, and strengthen their bond as they embark on their journey together.

Benefits Of Online Premarital Counseling

Online premarital counseling offers a convenient and flexible way for couples to access professional guidance and support from the comfort of their own home. With online counseling services, you can schedule sessions at a time that works for both you and your partner, eliminating the need to commute to a physical therapist's office. Additionally, online counseling services often provide a variety of resources, such as worksheets and exercises, that can be completed at your own pace to enhance the counseling experience.

5 Best Online Premarital Counseling Services

1. Ours Online Therapy

Ours' Online Therapy offers a unique hybrid approach to premarital counseling, blending live online therapy sessions with self-guided online modules. This makes it convenient and accessible for engaged couples to address relationship issues effectively before tying the knot.


  • Live video and online, self-guided lessons

Accepts Insurance?: No


  • Hybrid therapy model combining live sessions and self-guided modules.
  • Affordable single-session options at $50.
  • Option to gift sessions to someone else.


  • Lack of choice in selecting a therapist.
  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • Limited to two live therapy sessions.


  • $400 for the full program, including two live therapy sessions and online modules.
  • $200 for four content sessions.
  • $50 for a single content session.

2. Talkspace

Talkspace simplifies online counseling for couples by offering a range of communication options, including live video, audio, and chat. With a dedicated team of couples and marriage therapists, it provides a convenient platform to address relationship issues leading up to marriage.


  • Live video, audio, chat, unlimited messaging

Accepts Insurance?: Yes


  • Expert licensed therapists specializing in couples counseling.
  • Unlimited messaging for ongoing support.
  • Easy sign-up process.


  • Limited access to therapist bios before sign-up.
  • Restriction in choosing therapists from matched options.


  • Messaging Therapy: Starts at $69/week.
  • Live Therapy: Starts at $99/week.
  • Live + Messaging Therapy: Starts at $109/week.

3. Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy Inc. stands out with its intensive therapy retreat options designed to efficiently address communication issues and other concerns for couples planning to marry. With a focus on in-depth assessments and targeted sessions, it offers a clear treatment plan to strengthen relationships.


  • Live video, in-person

Accepts Insurance?: No


  • Freedom to choose your therapist.
  • Options for online therapy and private in-person or virtual retreats.
  • Expert focus on relationships.


  • Lack of payment plans or financial aid.
  • Higher cost for intensive retreats.
  • No subscription plans are available.


  • Couples counseling session: $159 to $250 per session.
  • Couples coaching session: $119 to $199 per session.
  • Weekend intensive retreat: $2,500 to $5,000+.

4. The Queer Couples Center

The Queer Couples Center is dedicated to providing online counseling specifically tailored to engaged LGBTQIA+ couples. With certified therapists trained in emotionally focused therapy, it offers a supportive environment to address unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ couples.


  • Video and phone

Accepts Insurance?: No


  • Specialized focus on LGBTQIA+ couples.
  • Completion of the course in 90 days.
  • Run by accredited therapists with expertise in the Gottman Method.


  • Limited availability of therapists.
  • Pricing not listed on the website.
  • Not covered by insurance.


  • Varies depending on the therapist matched with.

5. Grace Wellness Center

Grace Wellness Center specializes in offering premarital counseling with a Christian focus, helping couples navigate relationship challenges while incorporating faith-based principles. With a range of counseling options and flexible platforms, it caters to Christian couples seeking guidance before marriage.


  • Video, phone, in person

Accepts Insurance?: Depends on counselor


  • In-person and online counseling is available.
  • Option to choose your own therapist.
  • Specialization in premarital counseling.


  • May not be suitable for non-Christians.
  • In-person sessions limited to Pennsylvania.
  • Vague statement of faith.


  • $55 to $150 per session, depending on therapist tier:
    • Tier 1: $55/session
    • Tier 2: $125/session
    • Tier 3: $150/session

Is Online Premarital Counseling Right For You?

Two fingers are decorated as two person, Premarital Counseling concept

Here are some things to think about:

  • How serious are the issues in your relationship that need fixing?
  • Do both of you have enough time for regular counseling sessions, or would a self-guided program or weekend retreat be better?
  • Are you worried about what might happen to your relationship if you don't deal with these issues now?

Before you make any decisions, it's crucial to talk about all your questions and worries with your partner. This way, you can both agree on whether premarital counseling is the right step for you.

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How to Choose the Best Online Premarital Counseling Service

Here are several factors to consider when narrowing down your choices for online premarital counseling:


Online therapy programs for premarital counseling vary widely in price. Some programs, such as Couples Therapy Inc., offer options like regular talk therapy or a weekend intensive, which, despite their initial expense, may be more cost-effective in the long run compared to regular therapy sessions.


Determine if the service allows for entirely online therapy or if there is an in-person component. If in-person sessions are required, check if they are available in your state or if travel would be necessary. A fully online program, particularly one that includes self-guided lessons, may be more convenient for couples amidst the chaos of wedding planning.


Consider whether the service is accessible solely through a website or if features are also available on a mobile app. If there is an app, check if it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The availability of the platform may influence your ability to complete a premarital counseling program successfully.

Types of Therapy/Counseling

Premarital counseling programs offer various therapy modalities, including talk therapy (individual and couples), self-guided online lessons, weekend intensives, or a combination of these options. Assess which modalities best suit you and your partner, and ensure that the service you are considering offers them before enrolling.


Premarital counseling is an essential step for couples looking to strengthen their relationship before tying the knot. With the rise of online counseling services, accessing top-notch guidance and support has never been easier. By investing in premarital counseling, you and your partner can proactively work to address potential areas of conflict, improve communication, and build a strong foundation for your future together. With our top picks of online premarital counseling options you can be assured that you are taking a positive step toward a lifetime of love and happiness.


Which is more effective: online or offline Premarital counseling?

Determining the effectiveness of online versus offline premarital counseling depends on factors such as convenience, accessibility, personal preference, and the nature of the therapeutic relationship. Online counseling offers greater flexibility and accessibility, making it convenient for couples with busy schedules or geographical constraints. It also provides a sense of privacy and may be more cost-effective.

However, offline counseling allows for direct face-to-face interaction and observation of nonverbal cues and often fosters a deeper connection between the couple and the counselor. The effectiveness of either approach ultimately relies on the couple's willingness to engage in the process and the counselor's ability to address their specific needs and goals.

What is the difference between Premarital counceling and Couple's counseling?

Premarital counseling focuses on preparing couples for marriage by addressing specific issues related to impending marriage, such as communication, intimacy, family dynamics, finances, and future plans like having children. It helps couples build skills and navigate potential challenges before they arise.

Couples counseling may cover similar topics as premarital counseling but tends to address ongoing issues at a slower pace. Therapists work with couples to improve communication over time and address new relationship issues as they arise rather than solely focusing on preparation for marriage.

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