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Reciting your vows is the most tear-jerking moment of the wedding day. They make a special part of your big day, therefore, reading them off your phone does not have the same impact as having them read out from the right vow books. They can help you convey your emotions more effectively and enhance the sentimental value of your ceremony.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and help you find vow books that perfectly reflect your love and commitment. Here are 5 wedding vow books that will turn your special day into a fairytale. 

#1: The Wedding Vow Book of Common Prayer

The Wedding Vow Book of Common Prayer is a classic and timeless vow book that has been used for centuries. It includes prayers and scriptures to be used as part of the wedding ceremony. This book is a great choice for couples who want to honor their faith and traditions while still creating a unique and meaningful ceremony. 

The best wedding book in this category is, "The Bride's Book of Wedding Vows and Etiquette" by Diane Warner. This book not only provides sample wedding vows but also offers guidance on wedding etiquette. It covers traditional vows, religious and non-religious options, and provides insight into the dos and don'ts of vow-writing. The emphasis is on maintaining a sense of tradition and adhering to proper wedding etiquette.

#2: The Romantic Vow Book

The Romantic Vow Book is perfect for couples who want to incorporate a romantic touch into their wedding vows. This book includes a variety of romantic poems, quotes, and stories that can be used as part of the wedding ceremony. "Wedding Vows: Finding the Perfect Words" by Beverly Clark and Elizabeth Lawrence is the best romantic vows book that offers a collection of poetic and heartfelt vows designed to express deep emotions and love. The emphasis is on creating vows that evoke strong emotional connections and leave a lasting impression.

#3: The Personal Vow Book

The Personal Vow Book is perfect for couples who want to create a truly personalized ceremony. "The Knot Book of Wedding Vows and Readings" by Carley Roney. This book provides a wide range of wedding vow options, including traditional, contemporary, and personalized vows. It offers suggestions for incorporating readings, quotes, and personal anecdotes into the vows. The emphasis is on allowing couples to create vows that reflect their unique personalities and relationship.

You can also add a variety of personal stories, incidents, jokes, or references to your personal lives and quotes that can be used as part of the wedding ceremony. The Personal Vow Book is a great way to add a personal touch to your ceremony and share your unique story with your guests.

#4: The Classic Vow Book

The Classic Vow Book is for couples who want to incorporate traditional wedding vows into their ceremony. "The Wedding Vow Handbook" by Sharon Naylor is a classic vow book that provides a comprehensive guide to crafting personalized wedding vows. It offers practical advice, examples, and templates to help couples create meaningful vows. The focus is on inspiring and heartfelt expressions of love and commitment.

#5: The Fun & Funny Vow Book

The Fun & Funny Vow Book is perfect for couples who want to add a lighthearted and fun touch to their ceremony.  In this category, "Wedding Vows: Beyond Love, Honor, and Cherish" by Susan Lee Smith is the best book you can grab to encourage you and your partner to move beyond traditional wedding vows and explore creative and non-traditional options. It offers ideas for incorporating humor, personal stories, and unique promises into the vows. The emphasis is on creating vows that are unexpected, personalized, and reflect the couple's individuality.

How to Write Meaningful Wedding Vows

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Writing your wedding vows is an opportunity to express your deepest feelings and promises to your partner. Here are some tips to help you craft meaningful and heartfelt vows:

Reflect on Your Relationship: Take time to think about your journey as a couple and the moments that have brought you closer. Recall the qualities you admire in your partner and the reasons why you love them.

Be Authentic: Write from the heart and use your own words. Avoid clichs or generic phrases. Your vows should be a genuine expression of your love and commitment.

Make Promises: Vows are about the promises you make to each other. Think about the specific commitments you want to make and the values you want to uphold in your marriage.

Use Examples and Stories: Share anecdotes and stories that highlight the special moments you've shared as a couple. These personal touches will make your vows more memorable and emotional.

Practice and Edit: Once you have written your vows, practice reading them aloud. Make edits as necessary to ensure they flow smoothly and resonate with your emotions.


Choosing the perfect vow books is an important decision that can enhance the sentimental value of your wedding ceremony. Remember, your wedding vows are an opportunity to express your love and promise to your partner, so take the time to craft meaningful and heartfelt words that will make your ceremony truly unforgettable.

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