Gone are the days when the bachelorette party was the time-honored tradition for the groom to have one last hurrah with his buddy brigade. It does not mean that the bride and her girl gang does not deserve a girls night out. The bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride last day with the suffix Ms. It is an informal and an intimate affair with bride’s close friends and siblings. Throwing a bachelorette party for the brides is to show her how much you love her and to make her feel special.


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Our bachelorette planning guide will surely help you to plan a super fun party for the bride to be –


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Anybody who knows the bride and loves her can initiate to host a bachelorette party for her. The idea is to treat the bride with a night of surprises and adventure. You don’t have to be her sibling to host the party. If the brides hold a special place in your life go forward and plan the party.


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The event is for the bride, and her big night out. Make sure you talk to her and discuss every aspect of the party with her. Take her suggestion and feedback to make the affair more interesting for her. If the bride is a formal person then taking her to a male strip club will make her feel uncomfortable. You can plan a wild night out with male dancer for a party freak bride. Make sure to include her in the planning of the party. It is, after all, her day to celebrate the singlehood.


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Do not throw the bachelorette party the night before the wedding day. A party before the wedding will make the bride feel tired and cranky. If the wedding is an out of town affair, try to plan the party for two to three weeks prior. One should consult the bride before setting the party date as you do not want to interrupt her wedding preparation. The thing which should be kept into consideration while setting the date is that the bride should be free from all her pre-wedding work.


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It is very important to keep the guest informed about the party earlier than required. Send e-invitation to the guests for a quick reply. You can even ask the guest to make a pecuniary contribution. The part of money may vary depending on the type of party. For a spa in her favorite saloon followed by the lavish dinner, you may ask for $20 to $ 25 from each guest. Figure out all the cost and have a little extra dollars for the last minute arrangements.


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Bachelorette celebration is more informal than the traditional bridal showers. It is the day to relax and let loose. Go for bar hopping, male strip club, dancing at the club, long drive whichever is the brides’ choice. Flavor the night with an exotic palatable cake. To make her blush a little go to a male strip club. Keep a low affair if she is a formal person. A romantic movie, simple homely dinner, game night will be a big treat for the formal lady. Remember you are catering to the brides’ wishes and not yours. All the focus and attention should be on the bride.


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Party props make the night more exciting and entertaining. Capturing moments with the props will make lifetime memories. Bra wall as a photography background is a great idea for the bachelorette party. Party props like colorful wigs, Name tags, caps, tiaras will add a vim element to the event. Favors are always appreciated and liked. Design a common outfit to commemorate the night. Make a goodie bag that includes items such as old photos, earrings, makeup, etc. You can also give music CDs to the guest of the latest music numbers.

When planning a bachelorette party, the possibilities are endless. We hope our bachelorette party guide will help you in planning a memorable night for the bride.