Fights All Brides Have During Wedding Planning

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Aug 01,2018
BF Fights All Brides Have During Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is not a piece of cake. Brides who experience this phase have admitted that they have seen a lot of arguments and fights during the wedding planning. Sometimes it’s about the lack of communication and sometimes it’s about lack of understanding. If you are a bride who is about to get married, keep reading this post and learn about the most common fights that brides experience during the wedding planning. Plus, learn how you can avoid them happening at your wedding.

3 Common Fights Brides Have During The Wedding Planning

When your bridesmaids do not respond on time

You have chosen your bridesmaids and informed them as well about their roles and duties. Do you think that’s enough? Not at all. You will have to keep them asking about their preferences for the dress, take them out for shopping( “n” number of times), remind them to give their measurements on time, and so on. A little careless behavior from one of the bridesmaids is sure to tickle your angry mind and you will burst out on her for sure. But can’t it be done smoothly. Yes, of course! Always remember they are going to play a crucial role at your wedding and you should deal with them softly. If they are delaying and not responding promptly, call them up and remind them how important their role is to you. Before you decide to fire one of them, try to know the reason of delay and get it sorted with diligence. Afterall, you don’t want your wedding to be a witness of broken friendships.

When your parents want to take over your wedding planning

Parents and their kids do have a generation gap and that can only be filled with love, not hatred. Being a parent, they do have some plans for your wedding and your stubborn behavior of doing things all alone might hurt them deeply. You can handle this smartly by actually talking to them. Do not tell them to stay out of your wedding planning but narrow your list and ask them to help you out in taking the final decision. This way, you are actually picking up your taste and style without making them feel like an ATM machine.

When your groom is not participating in the wedding planning

Choosing the right accessory and dress for you might not be a man thing but it does not mean he can not get involved in other things. You should ask him to come along when visiting a bakery for cake tasting, venue selection, finalizing the wedding theme, choosing a destination for honeymoon etc. If he doesn’t, explain to him what importance his thoughts hold for your wedding and how delighted you will feel to see him participating in the same. Being the love of your life, he will definitely get involved in some, if not all, of the wedding planning activities.

Final Words

While reasons to get irritated and annoyed during the wedding planning are many but most common of them have been covered in this post. Hope you find this information useful. Do share your thoughts on this. We would love to hear from you. 

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