Gorgeous Wedding Backdrops To Pick This Year

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 18,2018
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Every soon to be couple wants their special day to be magnificent and imposing, exactly what they had dreamed all their lives. They are ready to pay every coin of their nest egg to organize a glorious and a magical wedding. They make sure that the wedding ornamentation is ace, food is delectable and the attires are pretty and perfect, but very often they ignore the wedding backdrop. The wedding backdrop is the most clicked on the wedding day, so ignoring it could be a big blunder.


Wedding backdrops make a masterpiece of cosmic proportions in weddings, therefore planning of them is always worth it. It’s always hard to beat the wedding backdrop when it comes to big and impactful wedding décor items. This versatile piece of art makes a huge impact in the wedding pictures, you can use the wedding backdrop for both the ceremony and the reception as a photo booth or a display behind the cake table. Here are some of the wedding backdrop ideas that are worth considering.


An umbrella wedding backdrop is a unique way of promising to protect each other and to be together in all the thick and thins of life. It is perfect for a destination wedding or and a spring weddings. Once framed together the umbrellas look splendidly exquisite. After the wedding is over you can give them as favors to your guest for their time and blessings.


If you are tight on a budget still want something different to awe-struck your guest with the wedding backdrop, count on burlap curtains. They are the most inexpensive way to dress up your wedding backdrop. Burlap curtains are ideal for a rustic wedding and it also adds depth to the photographs. Your guest will love the unique wedding backdrop idea of incorporating burlap in the wedding decoration.


Rose wedding backdrop looks ultra-feminine and visually appealing. The smell of the roses will surely fascinate the guests.  It is matchless with any other photography wedding background idea. If you don’t want the flowers to wilt, experimenting with paper rosettes is not a bad idea at all. Use any color combination that reflects your taste and style in the paper rose wedding backdrop. It adds texture to the wedding decoration.


There is no better way to tell the significant half, that he/she owes all the time in your life, therefore create a timeless wall clock wedding backdrop to express this feeling of yours. It will also remind of all the promises you made to one another and to savor every moment you both spend together. If you want you can gratitude your guests with the wall clocks after the wedding is over.


If you are dreaming of a fairytale wedding, moon & sky wedding backdrops are absolutely dreamy and adorable. The moon signifies eternal love and the idea of incorporating it in wedding backdrop is the sign of love between the couple. Your guest will be wonderstruck with the whole idea of moon & sky and the entire arrangement of the wedding backdrop. It provides an other-worldly look to the overall wedding setting.


Party props make the most vim and whimsical wedding backdrops. Stick pinwheels, buntings, and pompoms to give a fun twist to the wedding backdrops. Add as much pastel colors you wish to design and decorate the backdrop with. When the ceremony is over you can use the party props to decorate the cake table or the photo booth or even the reception entrance.


You & Me wedding backdrop is endlessly romantic and intimate. You can add candles to the aisle to for a bit of romantic ambiance in the wedding.  Create a statement with you and me wedding backdrop and store the wooden pieces of calligraphy as memories for a lifetime. Give candles as favors to the family and friend for their enormous love and good wishes. 

We help you to capture moments and create memories, Hope with our wedding backdrop ideas you will create a box full of memories to cherish years after the wedding. 

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