Rustic Wedding Centrepieces That Will Take Your Breath Away

Author: Srishti Published on : Jul 15,2018


Rustic weddings are for those couples who want something different than usual wedding themes. The rustic wedding holds infinite options for breathtaking wedding ornamentation from beautiful bridal bouquets to charming groom lapel pins and charismatic centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces are the heart of table decoration and add volume to the overall wedding vibe.



Wedding centerpieces give you the opportunity to exhibit your distinctive taste and style and to impress your family and friends. Rustic wedding centerpieces are nature inspired, the whole idea is to incorporate as many as natural stuff in the centerpiece. Rustic wedding centerpieces will surely arrest the attention of your guests. Aww struck your guest with these spectacular rustic wedding centerpiece ideas-



Wooden planter boxes with its simple design inspire rustic chic style in the wedding venue. These versatile wooden boxes are the substitute for traditional wedding centerpiece vases. Made from natural reusable and reclaimed wood they complement woodland, barn, country, garden, and boho chic style weddings. Your wedding guests will love the wooden box holding a floral assortment.  Place these barn ornaments on the tables with sprigs of wheat and wildflower to complement the rustic wedding theme and the overall floral decoration.



A quirky hardwood log slice centerpiece complements a rustic wedding. Hardwood log slices add character to the wedding centerpiece. It is an out of the ordinary add-on to the table decoration. Use the natural splitting and pattern of log slice along with lanterns, candles, flowers to design a magnificent rustic wedding centerpiece. Create a work of art with the natural state of the hardwood log and leave your guests speechless.



Lantern wedding centerpieces are appealing and suits to any barn or countryside rustic wedding. Beautiful lantern centerpieces will help define your aesthetics and bring a natural gleam and glimmer to the table. Add other embellishments like satin ribbons, twigs, metallic studs, flowers, candles to give it a festive look. They add a romantic vibe to the wedding ambiance.



Wedding Centerpieces don’t have to be complex and unnecessarily haphazard every time. Assort old wine bottles, mason jars or even milk bottles to create a statement table display pieces. Spray them with metallic colors to give them a rustic look. Wrap the wine bottles with twine and a tag is all you need to complete the rustic look. Dress up the mason jars with twines ribbon and pair them with candles and flowers to get a lovely centerpiece.



Use jute twines to enhance the rustic look in the wedding centerpieces. Jute twine adds the countryside charm in the overall wedding atmosphere. It is affordable and easily available at the same time. Wrap mason jars, wine bottles, candles stands, milk bottles, whichever you are using as a rustic wedding centerpiece with twine to get a rustic look. It would be a pleasing addition to the centerpiece. Jute twines give an understated glamour to the table decoration.



Turn the burlap bag into a wedding centerpiece vase. Just slide the flowers into it and pull draw strings to get a majestic rustic display piece. The burlap is a sturdy and fresh alternative to the dainty glass vases. Give your table decoration a different look with the burlap bags centerpieces.



The preserved flowers give an ultimate rustic touch to the centerpiece. Incorporate dried flowers in the display floral arrangement to give the centerpiece a rustic look. The eclectic mix of dried flowers and real flowers will be the talk of the wedding ceremony. Use of dried flower is centerpieces is one of the rustic wedding centerpiece trends for the wedding season 2018.



Metallic colors give depth and a rusty touch to the wedding centerpieces. They add a shine to the overall color tone of the wedding. Metallic elements have always been loved. Whatever is the bloom combo the metallic color will definitely look worth a million in the centerpiece.

Weddings give you the lifelong memories, so is the wedding day ornamentation. Create some attractive wedding centerpieces with our rustic wedding centerpiece ideas and make millions of memories to cherish lifelong.

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