Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media Platforms For Wedding Planning

Author: yashovardhan sharma on May 30,2018
BF Social Media Platforms For Wedding Planning


As we all are too addicted to these social media channels, we do share each and every moment of our lives on them. Although, it is an undeniable fact that these social media platforms are the best way to let the world know about you and your lovely moments that you want to share with your beloved ones. Likewise, through sharing, these social media help us a lot in our daily life and when it comes to wedding planning, you can’t beat the heat of their suggestions. However, not all social media helps you in guiding the approach towards wedding planning. Read on to find out what platform is perfect for you that will guide you to the right path of wedding planning.


Pros And Cons Of Social Media Platforms

With the medium of social media, couples have got an access to unlimited inspiration for every wedding detail and a bounty of choices. So here are some pros and cons of each social media platforms:



Pros of Facebook: Facebook has a huge presence in the world of wedding planning. It is one of the best and popular social media platform where most couples get information about engagement and wedding events. It also has a much wider reach than it once did as far as readership goes.

Cons of Facebook: It has made us to casual that we often send our wedding invites through this social media channel. Apart from this, Facebook has a long list of followers which make it little hard for couples to choose the best option for wedding planning.



Pros of Snapchat: Few apps are more fun on a wedding day than Snapchat. Snapchat helps couples engage with their closest friends and family by sharing the micro parts of wedding planning—the day-to-day experiences both good and bad, while having some fun, explains Sachs. “This type engagement creates a more frequent dialogue and is a fun way to give a behind-the-scenes look at your wedding planning journey.”

Cons of Snapchat: Snapchat is not necessarily the most ideal platform for the planning process. “The nature of Snapchat makes most discussions and photos temporary,” says Bennett. “So, if you want to do long-term planning, this might not be your best choice, as having to screenshot or save photos defeats the purpose of using Snapchat, to begin with.”



Pros: While considered less of a social media platform and more of a telephone app, Whatsapp is being increasingly used to help couples with family living in far-away countries plan their wedding. While there are many pros and cons to this social media platform, it makes it incredibly easy to keep in touch with vendors—through phone and video calling, as well as group text chats.

Cons: Certain aspects of this app can be very helpful, however, Erb warns that Whatsapp shouldn’t be used to replace in-person conversations. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, we recommend scheduling a trip to your wedding locale to meet with vendors in person before booking. Once you’ve fully vetted and booked your vendors, by all means, use.


Wrapping Up

This post has offered valuable information on the usage of social media for wedding planning. So, it is recommended to pick some best things out of it and include it while planning your wedding. Do not forget to share your valuable thoughts with us in below comment section.

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