Digital vs. Paper Wedding Invitations

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Feb 28,2018

bf Digital vs. Paper Wedding Invitations


There was a time when the only way to send a wedding invitation is to buy it either from a store, a printing company or a designer. Brides and groom had no other option to try out. All thanks to the evolving technology and the internet of course. Today, we have a whole new way to send a wedding invitation which is known as Digital Invites.

But, if you would have asked to choose any one form of wedding invitation out of these two, what would have you picked? Got confused? Let us help. Get along with us in this article and know about the highs and lows of two types of wedding invitations - Digital and the traditional wedding invites.


E-Wedding Invitations vs. Traditional Paper Wedding Invitation: Which One is Better?

Here’s an ultimate guide to tell you what to choose, a traditional wedding invitation or a digital wedding invitation. So, let’s get started.


Paper Invitations are Time Consuming, Expensive yet Come in a Number of Options

Paper invitations are traditional and this is the reason why they are available in a wide array of options. If your wedding will be surrounded by a couple of traditionalists, there’s nothing better than a formal and traditional paper wedding invitation that can wow them. They are subtle, classy, elegant, and the purest form of wedding invitations that can never date out. As we know that a coin has always two sides, similarly the paper wedding invitations do have a negative side. They are a bit time consuming and can drag a lot out of your pocket. So, if you are planning to go for these elegant and classy paper wedding invitations, simply start early. Doing so, you will get enough time for choosing the design, quality of paper, negotiating on cost, and sending out the wedding invitations of course.


E-Wedding Invitations are Trendy, Low Cost, and Eco-friendly

If you are a kind of person who believes to flow with the trend, digital invitations will perfectly match your style. The best part about such paperless invitations is that easier to design, create, and deliver. All you need to do is to find out a digital printing service provider and tell them about your wedding theme. On the basis of your wedding details, they will prepare a bunch of wedding invitations - in digital form of course - within a few days. This would be a great idea for those couples who have almost no time to spend on wedding invitations. Talking about its negative side, digital invitations are unpredictable. Your guests may or may not receive them on time. This is because of the incorrect email ids or the spam folder functionality of your wedding guests. Hence, you need to reconfirm about the delivery status on your own. Apart from this, everything is fine.


The Conclusion

At one side, paper invitations are time-consuming and expensive but they are the one that will never go out of date. While on the other side, digital invitations are trendy and classy but they do not guarantee that they will be delivered on time or not. So, if you can handle this last consequence of digital invitation, we would recommend going for eco-friendly digital wedding invitations. Add a bit of glam and a hint of charm with the paperless wedding invitations and simply wow your wedding guests.

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