How to: Elegant and Delicate Wedding Invitations

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Feb 28,2018

BF How to: Elegant and Delicate Wedding Invitations



DIYing is something that can be applied to almost anything, and wedding invitations are no exception. If you want your invitations to look elegant and intimate without spending too much from your pocket - go for DIY wedding invitations. If you are a beginner to DIYing, be with us in this article and learn how to make an elegant and delicate wedding invitation on your own.


Getting Started with DIY Wedding Invitations

Here are top 3 ways to DIY your wedding invitations. Have a look at them.

Handwrite all the wedding invitations

Writing all of the wedding invitations on your own may look tedious and illogical to some of you, but the fact is, it does work pretty well. Handwriting your own wedding invitations make them look more inviting and welcoming. You can try out different fonts, handwriting styles, or ask your friend, who is known for a stylish and unique handwriting, for help. This may look a bit time consuming but if you have already made your mind that you will DIY your wedding invitations, nothing is impossible. All you need to do is to start early so that you do not hurry while writing down wedding invitation essentials. While doing so, make sure you follow wedding invitation etiquette.


Accessorize it with laces

If your invitation looks plain and too simple for the wedding, try adding a bit of glin using a lace. Laces on wedding invites are nowadays, in trend and you can actually take advantage of this. There are so many beautiful designs and lace patterns that you can get from any general store. Using laces on wedding invitation actually enhances its beauty. You can either add single strips of laces on the edges or use a predesigned lace pattern for the entire wedding invitation. In either case, you will be adding a bit of glam to your wedding invitation. So, just go for it.


Add some flowers

Flowers stand for romance, love, and class, and the same can be delivered to your wedding invitations. Here, we are focusing on using some flower pictures in your wedding invitations. You can either paste it over your cards or staple it in a creative way. Want to add more value? Go for real pressed flowers - maybe pressed roses. You can easily get a bunch of presses flowers from any flower store but in case you do not want to waste time on finding out the right shade of pressed flowers from a million of flower petals, go online. There are a number of online stores that sell real pressed flowers online and deliver the same to your doorsteps. So, order them, buy them, and add them to your wedding invitation to make it look more elegant and delicate.


Wrapping Up

No matter what month of the year you are getting married, a DIY wedding invitation is something that you can actually make for any wedding ceremony. All you need is a passion for DIYing, some crazy yet helping friends, a couple of things to accessorize, and of course a plenty of time. If you have it all, go ahead with DIY wedding invitations and wow your wedding guests.

Hope this works for you.

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