5 Mistakes to Avoid When Addressing Wedding Invitations

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 17,2018
BF Addressing Wedding Invitations


Addressing the wedding invitation itself is a mind-boggling task. A single mistake while addressing the name and address of your guest is enough to make them feel ignored and neglected. It takes hardly a few seconds for people to become judgmental just by looking at the font and style of your wedding card. If you are about to get married and looking for the right wedding invitation etiquette, this article will be of great help. Get to know about 5 common mistakes that couples do when addressing their wedding invitations.


Mistake 1: Going too creative with the font

No doubt, you have a creative mind and you simply cannot stop using it every little thing - be it choosing a different font or a unique style for your wedding invitation. We agree to this with all our heart but here you need to follow an approach which is more traditional and formal than creative and entertaining. The wedding invitations are an official gateway through which your guests of all ages - be it an old aged professor or your 8 years nephew - get to know about your big day. Creative fonts used in your wedding invitation may look awesome to your friends but not to upper middle age recipients. Hence, you need to think out of your comfort zone for this. After All, the main purpose of mailing the wedding invitations is to inform not to hurt/mislead someone.


Mistake 2: Using glittering ink or labels on wedding envelopes

At the post office, half of the wedding envelopes will end up routed to incorrect zip code if you label it with a Silver or Gold Glitter. This happens because the light illuminating such Zip Codes often causes strange reflections making codes like 4000 to read as 1000. Though this can be fixed by a human but such manual processing may cause significant delays. Hence, it would be better if you avoid using such shiny glittering labels on wedding envelopes.


Mistake 3: Overcrowding the outer side of envelope with too many designs

Always avoid using too many designs on the outer side of your wedding envelope. This may send a wrong signal to the computer processing the invitation for address and Zip codes. Hence, try to be as subtle as you can with the outer design. If you really want to make your invitation vibrant and lively, make it at the inner parts. Use Gold/Silver ink colors for the inner pages and leave the outer envelope sleek and subtle so that the machine processing your wedding invitations can process them accurately.


Mistake 4: Using troublesome ink colors

Do you know about the best colors that go well on wedding invitations? If not, let us help. Choosing Black will be a great idea but dark blue and dark purple will also look fine as the main ink color on the wedding invitation card. What if someone tries to choose a quirky font color like those of Red, Orange, or Gold? That’s actually the danger zone.


Mistake 5: Not using standard practices on your envelope

There are certain rules and regulations that are must to follow when addressing an envelope - be it a wedding invitation or any other formal letter. The right place to write the address of the recipient, where to paste the stamps, etc is predefined. Make sure you follow them properly to avoid unnecessary delays in sending the invitations. Do you want your best buddies to skip your big celebration day just because they did not receive the invitation on time? You won’t! Hence, use the standard practices on wedding invitation outer envelopes and say goodbye to unnecessary delays.


The Takeaway

Mistakes are a part of life and we totally agree with this but can’t we take some precautions while doing the most important things in our life like sending out the wedding invitations? Of course, we can and we should do that. In this article, we have tried to cover the most common mistakes that couples do when sending their wedding invitations. Read them and try to avoid them in your case.

If you have any doubt, drop a comment to us and we will revert at the earliest.

Have a nice day!!


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