Quirky Ways to Socialize Your Wedding

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 15,2018
BF Socialize Your Wedding

Status on WhatsApp, Stories on Instagram, Live on Facebook and much more, ways to update our loved ones about the grand wedding day are many. But be careful while doing so because the Internet has a limitless audience and a single mistake can affect your social image in a bad way. Is it making you feel nervous and worried? You shouldn’t. Be with us in this article and know about the wedding Etiquettes.


Include your parents in it

Your Family will love to see those precious expressions on your face than any other. So, instead of sharing it on your social accounts, share them with your parents. You have friends and family that will love to hear about your big day personally. Moreover, Your Granny, who is waiting for your wedding might not get to see the update as she doesn’t have a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So, do it for her.


Update Your Relationship Status- As you like

Though changing your relationship status on Facebook and Instagram is your personal choice but if your significant other has done that, you should go for it. Moreover, your friends and colleagues who are living far away from your residence would be very happy to see that finally you are engaged.


The Engagement Ring- Your Friends Must be waiting to see that

Past posting the relationship update, the next big update will be the ring photograph. Soon after you change your relationship status from Single to Engaged, all the eyes will be waiting to admire the engagement ring. Share a picture that beautifully captures the ring and your expressions.


Leave it all on Twitter of Honor

Well, it’s your wedding day and you don’t need to be on your mobile phone. Enjoy the moment you are in as it’s the most important day of your life. You can ask your beloved friend or hire someone who will post the beautiful moments of your wedding on your social accounts. You can create a “Tweeter of Honor”, schedule your tweets earlier and let others know without touching your mobile phone. As simple as that.


Wedding Card Invitation

Yes. Instead of sending e-cards or messaging through e-mail, it would be lovely if you send the wedding invitations personally. Your colleague, friends, and relatives would appreciate if you visit them personally and invite them with all your heart. In case they are residing too far from your residence, mail the invitation much before the wedding date. However, you should call them and invite them personally to the wedding. Talking about the wedding invitation, there is no need to create a magnificent out of the world card but make it good that meets your budget.


Post shared publicly should be positive

There might be situations when you don’t feel comfortable with something that concerns you and your family or spouse. Just take a few minutes and think sharing problems publicly would not give any solution it will only create tension, stress in both families. You can just call and discuss a certain issue you will definitely find a good way. The wedding is not only about the Bride and the Groom but it is a relation between two families.


Let everyone know about the Hashtag

If you do not want to miss out the best wedding pictures clicked by someone close to you, go for the Hashtag rule. Create a hashtag and let everyone know how to use it while posting pictures on their social media accounts. You can use the lamps, posters, wedding invitations for displaying hashtag. Ask your close friends to make sure everyone share the wedding event videos, photos with # hashtag.


The Conclusion

The wedding day is an essential moment for every bride and groom. Sharing it publicly on social media channels may look easy but actually, it too requires due attention and care. A single mistake and your loved ones can feel ignored and hurt. If you don’t want to do that, follow the basics of wedding etiquettes while updating on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Hope this works for you. Have any query? Do let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

Have a nice day!!

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