Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 20,2018


Once you are clear with your wedding guest list, it’s time to dispatch wedding invitation to them. Dispatching your wedding invitations is acutely distressing part of marriage invitation process. Sending your wedding invitations to your wedding guests by post seems pretty simple and easy, right? Not so fast…there are a few significantly important postage pointers to remember before mailing them out. Here are few postage pointers to show you how to mail your wedding invitations step-by-step thoroughly. Take your time and keep these postage pointers in mind to avoid any hassle in wedding invitation process.



You can always ask your wedding planner to foregather your wedding invitations by giving him some extra payment, but if you are doing it by yourself following pointers should be kept in mind-

  • The friendly and formal request to embrace the wedding i.e The Invite goes on the foot, then neatly stack your enclosures on the crown in ascending order (the smallest goes on the very top of the pile).

  • Tuck the RSVP card into the overhang (flap) of the reply envelope

  • Everything in the inner envelope should be placed facing outward so that your guests can read and look through the invitation as they take it out.

  • Put the unsealed inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the wedding guests' names facing outward.



To avoid your guests to pay for the postage stamp of the RSVP envelope stamp them. You can make it easy for them by pre-stamping the RSVP envelopes so that they do not drop it in the mailbox without the stamp. Even if they forget to stamp the RSVP envelopes you will get the replies without a hitch.



Before you send your wedding invitations to your wedding guests, ask the post officer to weigh and find out how heavy is the complete foregather envelope so that you know precisely how many stamps you'll need. This postage pointer may sound tiresome and slow, but if you fail to do this your wedding invitation might not reach your guests and could return because of insufficient stamps. Try to avoid too many enclosures ( maps, reception cards, token cards ) so that the wedding invitation is not too heavy.



Most of the machines at mail centers can only process envelope of certain sizes and shapes (Shape-Rectangle, size 3.5-5 inches to 6.125 - 11.5 inches). You have to pay extra if your envelope shape is not basic and is an odd one (even if it falls within above-mentioned dimension). When you go for hand-process invitations of larger sizes and shapes, like a big boxed invitation (even if it falls outside the above-mentioned dimension), you don’t have to pay a surcharge on them. Consider paying the extra charges to have your big invitations hand-processed, which have a guarantee that your mail will be sorted manually without bending and soiling envelopes. You can also go for the hand-canceling option that says your mail is processed with just a stamp. Hand-canceling in most of the cases is free of charge but before opting it, have a check with the post office that they have the hand stamp.



Make your envelopes and invitations look special and interesting by putting a customized stamp on them. Customize stamps give a personal touch to your envelopes and invitations. To customize stamps, you can brag about your wedding theme to your guest indirectly. You can always ask your wedding planner or stationer to design a custom postage stamp that signifies your wedding theme and matches your wedding invitation design and color palette.



After you are done with foregathering the wedding invitations, stamping the RSVP envelopes, weighing & finding out how heavy is the invitation, selecting the hand-processed or hand-canceled invitations and customizing the stamps for your invitations, it’s time to mail the wedding invitations to your guests. You should mail the invitations six to eight week prior to the wedding and five to six months after save-the-dates. If you are going to a destination wedding send your invitations ten to twelve weeks in advance for your guests.

The above postage pointers are enough for you to know all about addressing, packaging and mailing of the wedding invitations. 

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