Wedding Florals: Emerging Trends

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : May 02,2018

BF Wedding Florals: Emerging Trends


When it comes to discovering the trends in wedding flowers, the search can get a little overwhelming. And remember, you don't have to be a flower expert to know which blooms you like, and which you don't. There are myriad beautiful blooming flowers that help you make a wise decision while choosing the right florals for your wedding.

Today, the choice of brides is no more of those long-established roses and lilies. They are hand-picking more audacious bridal bouquets instead. The use of valiant colors and accessories, as well as more atypical blossoms such as dyed orchids, can make a fashionable substitute and really stand out against the traditional nude. Using lifelike colors is well liked in wedding floral marshaling as well as in the bridal bouquet. Fashionable odds include reds, pinks, blues, and purples.

Regardless of your style and the vibe of your wedding, we've got some floral inspiration for you! 



The Pantone Colour of the calendar is always a substantial guideline of what’s to come in wedding trends. Violet and its shades are the color for the wedding season and foremost choice of brides today. This alluring shade transcends the seasons and lends itself to a mixed bag of ravishing and dazzling flowers including roses, orchids, and hydrangeas.



Say goodbye to those traditional static flower displays, wedding florists are more and more designing orchestration with natural trickle and movement of blooms. A smashing and impactful floral panel provide a dazzling background not just for snaps but to gateau and gift buffet too. 



No more those old rose gold tones are in trend, Copper and Bronze are in vogue & rage and look magnificent. Bronze eminence added to your wedding blossoms bring affection and warmth and a feeling of opulence to designs. Once combined with crisp white copper and bronze for sure gives a marvelous look. 



Brides won’t just be wearing those flower crowns in their hair instead floral necklaces. Tiaras and cuffs are the accessories of the moment for fashion-forward brides.



Dahlia is at the top of the wishlist of brides to be. Dahlias are the new wedding blossoms in the town. Once freed from the tag of an outworn flower, it will enjoy something of a renaissance. This awfully showy bloom comes in a huge range of colors. Dahlia comes round the year from April to December making it one of the most versatile and all-purpose wedding flowers around.



Instead of using different shades of colors, a single color for floral arrangements can also be used in weddings. Solo color creates intensity and impact while emphasizing the beauty of the individual blossoms. Some solo color palette for the year is an ocean of blue, eiderdown of pure white or an array of violet tones.



Orchids symbolize charm and beauty. They are more than just a wedding staple. Making use of orchids is exceptionally trendy, peculiarly when it comes to solo bloom buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen. Orchids have a contemporary silhouette, come in a variety of shades and colors, and manage to add a touch of poise and sophistication to your big day line of action, all at the same time. Orchids can be strikingly gorgeous in minimalist-style single stems or in full arrangements. They add a contemporary look to your wedding.



Succulents are just divine and seraphic. They are a great way of adding texture to designs and arrangements in the wedding. This desert flora now makes appearances in classy centerpieces of just about every big day idea and theme. Succulents are symbols of extravagance. There are infinite ways to style succulents for your big day. The thought of gifting mini succulents as favors to the wedding guests will create memories and they will have a lasting token of the love of your wedding.



The use of accessories to dress up floral arrangements and bouquets is all the rage. You can use jewels or beads to make your wedding flowers glitter, glint, glisten. Adding a period piece to your bridal bouquet can be the perfect way to incorporate grace and grandeur on your big day.

As you are open to latest wedding florals trends, pick the right flowers to uplift the aura of your D-day. Do share thoughts with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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