DIY Wedding Flower Ideas you can Actually Try

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Dec 15,2017

BF DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding flower bouquet is one of the important elements of the wedding. After your makeup and attire, your guests are going to daze over the wedding bouquet that you will be carrying in your hands. You can either buy it from the flower market store or create your own at home.

In this article, we will learn what strategy you need to follow when planning a DIY wedding flower bouquet and centerpieces.


Plan Earlier

If you have decided that you will create your own wedding bouquet, make sure to start early. This is one of the major reasons because of which many brides-to-be have dropped the idea of trying something new on the wedding day. Every new idea needs a planning and you should understand this well. If you are assuming that you would be able to create your own masterpiece in a day or two, without any preparations, you are actually on a wrong track. No matter how well you know about flowers and their types, it actually does not matter. If you have never made a flower bouquet, making one for your big day won’t be an easy task for you. To avoid last-minute hassles, take help from other sources.

Make a plan and search it on the internet. You can also try some video tutorial on “How to make a flower bouquet at home”. Once, you are satisfied with the tutorial, get some flowers from the grocery store and start practicing. Make sure you have enough time for this DIY bouquet making session.


Avoid Getting Too Technical

You may get mesmerized by the wedding bouquet flower pictures published on Pinterest and Instagram, but don’t just get carried away by the pictures only. What you are seeing is only the final product. The whole idea, tricks, efforts, and technicality involved cannot be replicated if you are just DIYing. For a beginner like you, we would recommend avoiding getting too deep into the technicalities. Try using fewer flowers with fewer materials, making it less complicated to create.


Buy Vases and Flower Supplies

Once you are done with the basic design idea and flower types, it’s time to buy the outer accessories. Here, we are talking about buying Flower Vases and Flower Supplies. Start with the vases followed by flower supplies. You can easily buy all this from any flower market or craft store. While buying the vases, make sure the vase fits well with your bouquet designs and flower type. Flower supplies like floral tapes, wires, ribbons etc. should also need to sync with the overall theme of the wedding flower bouquet.


Be Smart with the Flower Research

Since you are just DIYing and not buying a ready to showcase flower bouquet, make sure you choose the right type of flowers. Here, the focus is on choosing a flower type that lasts longer. There are flowers that demand special attention and care and do not sustain long, if not treated well. If you don’t want your flowers to die before reaching their destination, go for the one that is hardy. Once you get such flowers, put them immediately in water so that they remain hydrated for long.


Get Some Help

If you are planning to create so many centerpieces and not just the one, do not hesitate to ask for help. This is the time when you can take advantage of all the friends who are known for their creative hands. Make a team of three to four members, depending upon the numbers of bouquets you want to make, and start making your own centerpieces. This would actually be a fun.


Be Careful with the Storage

Once you are done with the flower bouquets, it’s time to store the flowers at a temperature that help them stay fresh and alive for a long time. Never store the flowers in a refrigerator. It would make them dry, rather, store them in a cool and shady place.


Wrapping it Up

Creating a wedding flower bouquet on your own is a unique idea and it can look awesome if planned in a right way. In this article, we have tried to cover the important aspects of DIYing wedding flower bouquet. Hope this works for you.

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