The Wedding Corsage

Author: admin Published on : Aug 05,2015

BF The Wedding Corsage


Wedding corsage - shoulder or wrist

To a seamstress a corsage can refer to the bodice of a dress. In the 19th century, corsage was a common term for a woman’s bodice or jacket.

Originally, a bouquet of flowers, flower bud, or a bow was worn on the corsage between the breasts, hence the name corsage for a cluster of flowers worn on the breast, waist or wrist.

In todays more modern usage, corsage is often in thought for a bouquet of flowers worn on the wrist, waist or shoulder as a fashion accessory. In the United States, corsages are traditionally worn by females at prominent high school occasions, such as Homecoming or prom. They may also be worn to formal college dances, to church services on Christmas and Easter, and by the mothers of the bride and groom at a wedding.

Your interest for a corsage at present is in wedding ceremonies. You might already know the type of flowers you want at your wedding. Maybe you want to consider the options available to you - and there are a lot as you will find out when you begin your search for your florist.

Go with flowers that are in season, for freshness, the logic that flowers that are in season are more readily available, and cost savings. If you’re set on daisies for your wedding, plan your event during the six to eight weeks a year that daisies are available. Don’t forget to check the availability of other flowers with your florist that may have limited quantity or availability to narrow your optional wedding flowers selection. It’s true that in this day and age you can get almost anything you want, it’s also true that it will cost you.

Keep in mind that some in your wedding party could have allergic reactions to strongly scented flowers. In those cases, the lighter, more subtlety scented varieties will be a better choice. Better yet, inquire of all within your wedding party first to any specific flower allergies before florist visit.

When florists design a corsage with leaves and other treatments, they will often use a lot of wire, so you want the pin to be right near the base of the corsage head to avoid the wire. Pinning the corsage from behind the woman’s coat or suit jacket lapel and through the stem of the corsage so pin is not visible. Whether your preference for your wedding party is a shoulder corsage or wrist corsage your florist can assist you in the age appropriate to wear or be pinned with either selection.

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