Modern brides aren’t bound by meaningless traditions, today’s brides don’t abide by the conventional, they want their wedding to be as unique as their relationships with the grooms are. Whether you are allergic to flowers, nature conscious, on a budget, or simply not a flower fan, it's completely your choice to forgo traditional flowers bouquets on your The-Day. These amazing alternatives to traditional bridal bouquets for modern brides will do the trick and give your guests something to talk.



Music sheet bridal bouquets are recently gaining popularity and are an ideal for rustic themed weddings. These music sheet bridal bouquets are apt for DIY ( Do it yourself ) savvy brides. These one of a kind music sheet bridal bouquets are a huge trend in the wedding business. Brides should take their time out to make these wonderful non-traditional music sheet bridal bouquets as they are affordable and pocket-friendly than those traditional flower bridal bouquets. The wedding guest will love the creative style and pattern. All you lovely brides can flaunt this artistic music sheet bridal bouquets on your The-Day.



Brooch Bridal Bouquets are charismatic and will enchant you and your guests. Brooch Bridal bouquets are simply stunning. They are absolutely gorgeous and add a touch of opulence to your wedding. They are a rare luxury which all the brides can ostentatiously exhibit at their wedding. Brooch bouquets are handcrafted with quality materials to ensure it can be enjoyed by many generations to come. Sparkly brooches, endless crystal jewels make the brooch bridal bouquets exquisite. You can also incorporate your family brooches into your brooch bridal bouquet to give a personal touch. Brooch bridal bouquets are super fabulous and truly can last a lifetime. These brooch bouquets are for every kind of wedding from Vintage to backyard. The appeal to have a bouquet full of unique treasure trove is contagious.



Seashell bridal bouquets are a new trend in nontraditional bridal bouquets and are gaining popularity due there durability and unique, natural look. They are an ideal choice for a marine-themed wedding. You can use pearls, satin ribbons, and other embellishments to enhance the beauty of these seashell bridal bouquets. A fantastic cascade of pearls makes this seashell bridal bouquet a captivating detail of your wedding image. Seashell bridal bouquets will surely surprise your guests. They are a complement to your big day and a special memory for life.



Origami bridal bouquets are a hot new alternative for those traditional floral bouquets and are a unique way to personalize your wedding. Celebrate your special day with these truly unique origami bridal bouquets. These are considerably easier to make, all you will need are sheets of your chosen paper. Origami bridal bouquets can be customized, with any combination of flowers. They can be folded in a range of colors to perfectly match your wedding's color palette. Origami bridal bouquets are pop and fruity and sure to get a lot of attention. They photograph very well and will look great at any time of the year.



Felt floral bridal bouquets will brighten and lighten up your wedding day. Felt is the ideal material if you want flowers that last forever and they look fantastic on your special day. These felt floral bridal bouquets will bloom forever and looks absolutely stunning. You can have any combination of florals, including unseasonal florals and you can have any color palette, including unusual hues like blue, black or grey to suit your wedding theme perfectly. This fresh felt floral bridal bouquets will liven up any space. They are a perfect alternative for the modern day bride.



Hand fan bridal bouquets look very pretty and dainty. They make a great choice as an alternative to the traditional flower bouquet and will keep you cool when you need it. Hand fan bridal bouquets are the perfect choice for an art-deco wedding. It is a stunning prop for your wedding photos and timeless look to include in your big day. Hand fan bridal bouquets can be created in your choice of colors. These hand fan bridal bouquets can be made an extravagant piece with a cameo or other jeweled brooches, tassels and satin bows, and beautiful lace backings.

Feel special with these fantastic amazing alternatives to traditional bridal bouquets, and make your The-day memorable.

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