Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 31,2018

Centerpieces bring exotic charm into your table tops and reception ornamentation. They create an illuminating and quixotic effect in the wedding reception celebrations. Centerpieces enhance the splendor of your wedding reception. These artistic decorations highlight the majestic significance of the reception. Centerpieces are a focal point of attraction and admiration. They are an elegant addition to a range of interiors of the wedding reception. Centerpieces ooze glamorous glitz and glee all around. They impart a voguish opulence in the wedding and beautifully amplify the sparkle of celebrations.

Most couples opt for floral centerpieces which they place on table tops but the options extend far beyond simple bundles of one kind of bloom. With so many varieties out there, plus a whole spectrum of shades, choosing wedding reception centerpieces can be overwhelming.  Get galvanize by these exceptional centerpieces before decorating & embellishing your reception and plan the perfect wedding tabletop decorations with our extremely exquisite wedding reception centerpieces.



Bring a bubbly, colorful, and exciting twist to your wedding reception tabletop decorations with these soft Orbeez ( Jelly Balls). These water pearls are popular to use in wedding centerpieces. These water crystals really add a wow factor that can transform ordinary centerpieces into vibrant masterpieces. These versatile water beads enhance the elegance of the table top by filling wedding theme color or mixed color beads inside.



Uniquely shaped and stylishly crafted mirrors will act as instant attention-grabbers. These mirrors are sure to add an artistic touch to your wedding reception. These mirrors provide a fascinating base for centerpieces. Pair these mirror with candles and other accessories to add an ethereal touch to your centrepieces. These mirror base centerpieces will impart a voguish influence to your wedding reception ambience, leaving your guests absolutely mesmerized.



Terrariums are perfect accessories to create an entirely one of its kind and an eye-catching centrepiece for your wedding reception. These admirable glass enclosed arrangements are a well-liked wedding rage and are an aesthetically beautiful way to bring nature and the outdoor freshness inside as an attractive & appealing part of your reception ornamentation. Fill Terrariums with succulents, seasonal florals, tiny human statuette, coral sand, colorful stones, whatever you think that compliments your wedding reception theme and look. Use satin or organza ribbons to make the centerpieces as pretty as picture.



Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal candelabras centerpieces that gave sparkle to brilliant wedding reception evenings. the timeless elegance of these centerpieces is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere its placed. These glam pieces make an awe-inspiring wedding reception centerpiece. Exuding pure exquisiteness and liquid lucidity, these lush luxury will bring a touch of regal radiance into the ornamentation of your weddings receptions. Truly a piece of art, these dazzling crystal candelabra centerpieces can hold your candles, votive, or tea lights in the most extravagant manner.



There is always a choice in your hands to create something new and exciting. These desert centrepieces will transform your tablescape into a divine banquet, exuding elegance and radiance all around. Top these desert centrepieces with seasonal florals and this desert beauty will be a focal point at your wedding reception. This dream-like darling spreads sophistication all around and gives an exotic ethereal look.



Floral centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to elevate your wedding reception. Clusters of flowers are the way to wow your guests. These floral centerpieces are a great choice for your wedding reception. Go for several different seasonal floral arrangements in a variety of different shapes and sizes or you can go monochromatic. Floral centerpieces always look fresh and new in the wedding reception ornamentation.



Vintage centerpieces always convey a feeling of elegance and romance. They are a true emblem of style and grace. These vintage details will only bring your wedding reception to a totally different high level. These timeless vintage beauties give you full liberty to create new and exciting looks every time they are placed on the table tops. For a truly glamorous wedding welcome these petite beauties in the wedding reception. The vintage centerpiece is a glorious reflection of your royal taste and class.  

Set your tables in style with our exquisite wedding reception centrepieces, But don’t overlook using them in other creative ways, Decorate the aisle, Use these centrepieces as buffet table feature or try them as a wonderful return gift for the guests.

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